IT License Management by DeskCenter USA Inc.


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DeskCenter USA provides one of the most comprehensive License Management Tools in the market. Join a free webcast and try a free trial at

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IT License Management by DeskCenter USA Inc.

  1. 1. IT License Management Reduce Costs & Reduce Risk _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Businesses should be aware of the importance of IT License Management Software and License Management is no longer a luxury but a necessity. No one is exempt from software compliance, not even the US Government. As much as 75% of companies are not properly licensed and are either over-spending or under-spending. Both are a considerable issue. Don’t leave yourself unprotected in the event of a software audit. In the very best of situations companies can be exposed to over spending on software, but in more extreme circumstances many companies are under licensed leaving them exposed to a software audit. Don’t think it can’t happen to you as the BSA (software alliance organization) is becoming more prevalent and fierce in cracking down on illegal software practices and enforcing strict penalties. The BSA is even proud to announce a reward plan up to $250,000 dollars for being notified by whistle blowers (many of whom actually work within the company). They provide a fast 3 minute form to report illegal use. Most Companies think that they are safe but do not realize that many of their employees are uploading illegal software on to their network making the company responsible for the illegal use. Article “Government using illegal software” *U.S. Government Caught Pirating Military Software, Settles For $50 Million DeskCenter provides the most comprehensive License Management Tool in this market. All their solutions are developed from the ground up to be immediately productive. Applications operate from a single data base, central dashboard and have a fast installation. Although many companies advertise they provide an IT License solution it is not complete and still requires human intervention. DeskCenter IT License Management requires no human intervention and is an extremely advanced but easy to use IT Management solution at affordable pricing. License Management Missing License Management can lead to legal claims from software manufacturers and stiff penalties, which could also have a lasting negative effect on the reputation of a company. On the one hand, all unused software licenses equal mismanaged funds which can be better served possibly elsewhere in the company and incorrect or incomplete licensing constitutes a significant legal risk. DeskCenter faces that challenge and offers a powerful and one of the most comprehensive License Management tools in this market. *Experience a Free Full Version 9.8 IT Management Suite (including License Management) visit ____________________________________ Free Online Webcasts Dates: April 23 at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST/May 7 at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST Register: call 516 442-1508 or visit to register & for details Register Now April 23 Register Now May 7 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Benefits reveal saving potential and save hidden costs avoid buying unnecessary licenses ensure legal compliance efficient control and supervision systematic preparation for audits automated reports low administration effort flexible analyzing possibilities and filtering control of updates, downgrades and basic licenses For all questions and a free consultation contact a representative, 516 442-1508. Valerie Pesce l Client Services Jacqueline Muratore l Client Services DeskCenter USA Inc. l Phone 516 442-1508 l 309 West Park Ave l Long Beach, NY 11561