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Midpoint 2013 AAU Creative Strategy

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  1. 1. Valentine Hélène Coget ID : 03439535 Academy of Art University School of Advertising Account Planning Midpoint Review 21 October 2013
  2. 2. As a little girl, I was very crafty and glue and scissors were my best friends. I was making DIY’s everyday and sharing them in class with pride. At this point of my life I didn’t have a plan yet of what I wanted to be, of course I was only five. I was already a little different from my peers, because of my mom. She was very ill and needed extra help and attention. I understood this at a very early age and tried to offer her a new vision on life when hers was just black and white. Hopefully now she has recovered but her condition has turned me into an eagle-eye observer and an ultrasound listener. My DIY career was over but I used this creative stream to solve every problem that I encountered. My memories weren’t all bad, but actually far from it! I remember one day my dad brought us to a circus which gave me this dream of becoming a lion tamer, so cool! We had a cat instead, and after a few scratches I changed my mind about the whole taming thing, although I still like the idea of leaving society, going to South Africa and taking care of lion cubs: Yes I’m a dreamer. Anyway, a few years later, I received a book on Greek mythology for Christmas. Even though I didn’t like reading then, I devoured it and started to research a lot on the subject. This book gave me my passion of History and storytelling. For that period of my life I wanted to become an archaeologist/anthropologist (this had nothing to do with Indiana Jones as I’m often told). My archaeologist aspiration ended with a very boring history teacher who made us consider escaping class through the windows at the break. During my last year of high school, I had an important decision to make I had to decide what to do next. But I wasn’t ready, and went to law school with no conviction, at least the parties were great. My first year wasn’t too hard since the majority of the classes were unrelated to law: classes like sociology, psychology and anthropology; I actually enjoyed those. The second year was dreadful but I had never dropped a class before and I wasn’t about to start. During that year a close friend committed suicide and his action shifted my perspective on life. I couldn’t continue like this and study something I hated with the hope of finding a good and steady job. I hated giving up on my dreams and muzzling my creativity with structure and reason. There had to be another way! From that day on, I lived for the moment and since then everything seemed to fall into place. I started a school of communication, and I liked it. I tried a major in advertising, and I loved it. The program was filling my need of structure and creativity making both my right and left side brain happy. It was like marriage between sciences and graphic design; and I could never know where one project would take me. This inebriated happiness led me to the path of becoming a creative strategist. That’s when I started a master at the Academy of Art University.
  3. 3. Anxious Curious Complicated Dreamy Ingenious Malicious Bossy Cheerful Open-minded Generous Naive Sniveler Hopeful Stubborn Creative
  4. 4. RESUME Education MASTER OF FINE ART IN ADVERTISING ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY San Francisco, CA 2012 - Present (expected date of graduation December 2014) Emphasis in Account Planning/ Creative Strategy BACHELOR OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATION HAUTE ECOLE GALILEE Brussels, Belgium 2009 - 2012 Emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations BACHELOR OF LAW FACULTES UNIVERSITAIRE SAINT LOUIS Brussels, Belgium 2006 - 2008 Dropped after the second year
  5. 5. Experience ACCOUNT ASSISTANT SO NICE Brussels, Belgium 20011 - 2012 Assisting an Account Planner senior in his everyday work ANIMATOR FOR CHILDREN ACTION SPORT Brussels, Belgium 2009 - 2010 Organizing and supervising activities for kids CASHIER GB QUICK Brussels, Belgium 2007 - 2008 Assisting customers with their order Qualification STRENGTH Curious Empathetic Meticulous Metaphoric Thinker Understands higher stakes Entrepreneurial Solution Finder Inspired SKILLS & INTERESTS Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash) Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Final Cut Pro Keynote Language (English, French, Dutch) Photography Cooking Travel
  6. 6. Altoids Alaska Cultural Map Lipton Make More Babies Habits Cultural Movement Segmentation Essie Time line -
  7. 7. Altoids Instructor: Marlin Neufeld Class: Perspective in Advertising Semester: Fall 2012 Assignment: Create a print campaign to promote the strength of Altoids mints Account Planner; Copywriter & Art Director: Valentine Coget
  8. 8. Strategy In a world cluttered by advertising, people are tired of hearing about the importance of a healthy oral hygiene; they already know all the benefits of having fresh breath. They don’t want to be harassed so these ads have to be light and funny. With that in mind, I just want to make them smile and share a good moment with the brand. Campaign solution The product comes to resolve a conflict between the graphics and the headlines, giving the ads an underlying sexual undertone. It works as a catharsis for the viewer, who barely even captures it conscientiously. To put it simply, use Altoids and you’ll get laid. This message is implied with humor; it permits the viewer to laugh about it and releases tension.
  9. 9. Alaska Instructor: Marlin Neufeld Class: Perspective in Advertising Semester: Fall 2012 Assignment: Create a print campaign to promote the Alaskan road trip to young folks Account Planner; Copywriter & Art Director: Valentine Coget
  10. 10. Strategy This campaign, aiming eighteen-something’s, is promoting Alaskan road trip. The strategy here is to reject the traditional family vacation and show the fun you can have on the road with some friends. Things that could be boring with your family aren’t with your friends. If you add that to the sense of danger and adventure that Alaska offers, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome trip.
  11. 11. Campaign solution There is a little bit of reversed psychology in these ads, because they offer you to do things that your parents wouldn’t approve of and that is exactly why you want to do them.
  12. 12. Cultural Map Instructor: Cameron Maddux Class: Account Planning Semester: Fall 2012 Assignment: Create, using any medium, the cultural map of a neighborhood
  13. 13. I try to separate judgment from feeling, be aware of my biases, and provide an objective opinion. The exercise is impossible and now I’m apprehensive. Camera check, let’s go have a first impression! Wow I feel good around here. DAY ONE
  14. 14. DAY TWO I pull every detail together by taking notes, pictures, restaurant menus and everything else I can find. That’s how I find out that the festival of Potrero Hill is planned in a few days, nice!
  15. 15. Today’s the day of the Festival and it’s great. I love the atmosphere, everybody’s friendly and happy. Let’s relax and just enjoy being here. DAY THREE
  16. 16. I have some questions so let’s go talk to Potrero’s residents. Almost everyone agrees to answer my questions, very cool. Hmm, I wonder where Potrero comes from, let’s Google it! DAY FOUR
  17. 17. With this assignment I learned a lot about the characteristics of a neighborhood, but I also learned a great deal about myself and the way I like to interact with perfect strangers because I’ll always be surprised. My goal with this cultural map is to share the experience I had in Potrero Hill with people as if they were there with me.
  18. 18. LIPTON Instructor: Roger Muller Class: Campaign Semester: Spring 2013 Assignment: Create a campaign for Lipton by enhancing wellbeing Account planner & Art director: Valentine Coget Copywriter: Ian Barrera
  19. 19. The Big Picture Unilever committed to a ten-year journey towards sustainable growth, and want us to create a positive social impact utilizing their Lipton brand. aing, whether it is in the form of an experience, an event, or a community group.
  20. 20. Consideration • Unilever is looking for something that could easily be developed • Consider forming an interdisciplinary collaboration
  21. 21. The challenge? What are we advertising? How are we going to accomplish that? Who do we want to reach? What do they currently think? What state of mind do we want them to reach? Why should they believe us? What is the cultural tension? What is the cultural arena for the conversation? What will kindle their passion? What is the tone of this conversation?
  22. 22. People tend to completely ignore those sitting right next to them. A real-time, face-to-face, connection By setting social context as the norm Yuppies wired 24/7 Sitting alone in a coffee shop counts as socializing If I can befriend people at my fitness club, why wouldn’t I at my coffee shop Because people are more fun than machines Online versus real life Coffee shops and coffee breaks Making new friends Accommodating and inspiring
  23. 23. Step into a coffee shop today and you’ll likely find people sitting alone, squinting at their laptops, and ignoring one another. Lipton wants to bring these people together, to remind them how good it is enjoying the company of others. People in cities have countless opportunities to enjoy their communities, and Lipton aims to facilitate that. Using media from video to tea bags label, and event from amusing to inspiring, Lipton will make it fun and easy for people to make a real connection.
  24. 24. Lipton has created a website to help San Franciscans find cafes in their neighborhoods. Coffee shops show up as “Human Hotspot”, and people can click on them to learn about events where they can meet others from their area.
  25. 25. The Video tab links to T-Crew webisodes: visitors can watch short funny videos about a group of friends at their coffee shop hangout. The what’s up tab tells the Human Hotspot story and describes events that bring people together in cafes, such as book clubs, meet-up groups, and game nights. The Past Events tab links to photos and posters that show visitors how strangers can come together in coffee shops, have a great time and become friends.
  26. 26. Campaign Solution In order to get people to make a real connection, Lipton is promoting events in coffee shop like Book club, Poetry slam, Meet up events, board game parties. The coffee shops taking part to those events will be showing it with the sign: Human Hotspot. The campaign goes further with tailored tea bags, functioning like fortune cookie, engaging people to talk to each other. The way Lipton is going to promote the ‘real connection’ is through the T-crew story.
  27. 27. Messages on Lipton labels give people permission to talk to strangers. Their confidence is boosted because they’re participating in a movement.
  28. 28. The story is about 7 people who seem to have nothing in common, yet they’re all friends because they hang out at the same coffee shop. The short film will be an introduction to all the characters, and the web series will show bits of their time in the coffee shop with a sitcom-type humor.
  29. 29. Make more babies Instructor: Roger Muller Class: Campaign Semester: Spring 2013 Assignment: Come up with a campaign that opens a dialogue on birthrate Account Planner & Copywriter: Valentine Coget Art Director: Niaz Ziabakhsh
  30. 30. The Big Picture Big cities in the US have been struggling with the issue of low birth rates, and coupled with the increase in the elderly population, they are now facing one of the biggest challenges to economic growth and sustainability. Even though we may not be able to do anything to prevent the rapidly aging population, what we could do is encourage the birth rate.
  31. 31. Analysis Today’s couples are not having kids for myriads of reasons such as furthering their career, higher costs of living, disenchantment on the world’s climate and resources, and the burden of supporting the elderly. What can we do to change their perception? This subject is very delicate and intimate because of the consequences of such a decision. Promoting a higher birth rate shouldn’t sound like a state order; we must imperatively avoid propaganda. The social pressure on childless couples already exists and we don’t want to be seen as the baby lobby. With this campaign it’s in our capacity to defuse tension with humor and understanding that will make a difference. We just want to open a conversation, under good omens.
  32. 32. The challenge? What are we advertising? Who do we want to reach? What do they currently think? What state of mind do we want them to reach? Why should they believe us? Who are the inciters who fan the flame? What is the cultural tension? What is the cultural arena for the conversation? What will kindle their passion? What is the tone of this conversation?
  33. 33. How do you make happy childless couples want to have kids? The unexpected fun of having a child Kid free couples Kids are a burden Kids enrich your life Don’t take our word for it, ask any parent Those who already took the big step Social pressure on childless married couples Places like baby showers and family reunions An inexplicable happy feeling Comprehensive, light and amusing
  34. 34. Give the movement an identity,
  35. 35. A Manifesto, “Get yourself a pair of porn star size boobs!” “Pregnancy horniness, it’s not a myth!” “Baby shower = load of presents” “Finally make your mother in law happy about something!” “Get yourself a mini me!” “Parenthood raises credit scores and lowers car insurance” “Unlike pets, kids eventually learn to take care of their own poop” “Do your job wearing pajamas” “Have someone to visit you when you’re old” “And if they don’t, have something to complain about in senior’s residence” “A kid believes what ever you say; become agent 007”
  36. 36. And a voice
  37. 37. Campaign Solution In order to set this movement in motion, we created a book called “100 reasons to have kids”, which sums up the best and funniest things about parenting. Along with the book there’s a website where parents and future parents can register and claim a tree upon the birth f their child. For each newborn child a tree is planted to help the environment. If this action is shared by an entire movement that will reinforce the bond between its members. As for the social part of the movement, an App. allows people to share their own experiences and create the content of the next book. As part of merchandising the design of the book is put on greeting cards and magazines.
  38. 38. The web site allows people to register and claim a tree upon the birth of their child; parents can also share their experience and it’s a great tool for childless couples to learn more about parenting life without raising questions and hysteria.
  39. 39. Habits Instructor: Cameron Maddux Class: Creative Thinking Semester: Summer 2013 Assignment: Observe and understand the routine phenomenon
  40. 40. Observation 1 Old habit Example of an old impregnated habit I go into an H&M store even though I’m broke, I don’t have enough time and it’s not my favorite store. Why? Because I walked in front of it. Why is that my cue? Because in Brussels all the stores I usually visit are in the same street a street. I go only for shopping, that makes me pass me passing in front of it which is a cue for shopping.
  41. 41. Example of a new habit recently implemented Every morning, I bake eggs and ham in the oven, muffin style. Why did it become a habit? Because it’s easy to do (habit), it’s healthy, appealing and keeps you full the whole morning (reward) plus I haven’t put away the muffin pan since I first did it (cue).
  42. 42. Cue: Morning OR is it seeing the muffin pan? Habit: preparing the eggs Reward: it’s delicious!
  43. 43. Example of an old habit changed thanks to a new reward Every day I drink 3 liters of water, in Belgium I used to buy bottled water, but now I need to pay attention to my budget so I drink only tap water. Observation 3 Old habit, new reward
  44. 44. First try f or changin g a habit Cue : thir sty Habit : takin g a glass of tap wa Reward : d ter oesn’t fee l good The habit didn’t set in. W Because th e taste of hy? tap water isn’t good enough for my reward . Second try Cue : thirsty water bottle in Habit : putting tapinking it when fresh the fridge and dr Reward : feel good in. Why? Because The habit has set a bottle I accept when cold and in water better. the taste of tap
  45. 45. Example of an old habit modified by the cue In Belgium, we eat dinner at 7pm everyday; in San Francisco we eat at various schedules, sometime 8pm, sometimes 10:30, and it changes from day to day. Why? Because in Belgium my dad calls us at 7pm everyday, because he wants to watch the news on TV at 7:30. Now, nobody calls us for dinner so we eat at various schedules.
  46. 46. Previous Cue Cue : my dad cal s us for d inner Habit : we ea t dinner Reward : we are satiated New Cue Cue : it’s dark outside, I’m h ungry, it’s probably time to eat Habit : we ea t dinner Reward : we are satiated
  47. 47. Observation 5 Old habit, new habit Example of slipping a new habit into an old one I used to take pills to help me fall asleep and now I drink a relaxing tea and read a book, which helps me falling asleep. Why did I take pills? Because I was afraid I would not sleep. Why did I want to change my habit? Because I knew pills weren’t a good solution.
  48. 48. Previous habit Cue: bed time Habit: take pill Reward: comforting feeling ( I know I’ ll sleep) How did I change the habit? By understanding that my fear of not being able to fall asleep was the cause of my sleepless nights. I needed something that would distract me from those thoughts plus some sort of placebo. New habit Cue: bed time Habit: drink a relaxing tea and read a book Reward: comforting feeling ( I know I’ ll sleep)
  49. 49. Conclusion
  50. 50. Old habit can resurface after months, even years, when the cue is triggered. A habit as old as yourself can be modified if the cue changes. An old habit can be readjusted by changing the reward, if you want to change a habit you need to find an equivalent reward that works for you. New habit can appear when all the right ingredients are combined: a distinctive cue, a practical habit and a proper reward. If you leave the cues and rewards of an old habit unchanged, it’s possible to change the habit it self but you need to want it hard enough and believe you can change it.
  51. 51. Cultural Movement Instructor: Cameron Maddux Class: Creative Thinking Semester: Summer 2013 Assignment: Create a spark for a cultural movement
  52. 52. The Big Picture We live in a world where there is an abundance of products that pushes consumers to buy more, which makes it hard to stick to a shopping list. In addition, this overconsumption leads to a huge amount of waste. With this in mind I want to create a cultural movement about meal planning.
  53. 53. Analysis
  54. 54. The abundance and variety of food in grocery stores makes you buy more than what you need, resulting in a waste of food as well as money.
  55. 55. What i need What i get At first I searched for existing solutions and I found plenty of meal planning Apps. I tried several of them and realized that they are very useful for making a checklist but not so much for sticking to the weekly meal plan. I still ended up buying too much food, either because I was tempted by something new or because I wasn’t sure of the appropriate quantities.
  56. 56. My solution is a shop-by-recipe grocery store. The spark for this movement would come from our love for food photography. The way it relates with the shop-by-recipe store concept is that in today’s world, people get their recipes ideas mainly from Internet.
  57. 57. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ The Spark
  58. 58. The challenge? Who do we want to reach? Who are the inciters who fan the flame? What is the cultural tension? What is the cultural arena for the conversation? What will kindle their passion? What is the tone of this conversation?
  59. 59. Food abundance makes meal planning difficult and waste inevitable The home cook Culinary curious DIYers More is better Showing off places: Facebook, twitter, instagram, lunch break, and neighborhood gatherings When something looks good and tastes even better you want to share it. Tasty!
  60. 60. A Concept? I did my research, and found out that the concept of a shop-by-recipe store already exists in Berlin, it’s called Kochhaus. In this store every aisle is its own recipe, and a cook shows you how to nail them; you can even taste everything. Could we import this concept in San Francisco? Sure, but we need to be prepared.
  61. 61. San Francisco grocery store market is already saturated; the competition is the typical organic grocery store such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Food, Mollie Stone’s, and Farmer’s Market. In order to make Kochhaus a successful store in San Francisco we need customers to do the advertising for us. The way they’ll do that is by using food photography.
  62. 62. Food photography
  63. 63. Campaign Solution What if the shop-by-recipe store selects its recipes ideas through a food photography competition? Food lovers come up with delicious new recipes all the time, the one recipe that gets the most positive reactions is the one selected for a month in our store. This way, Kochhaus raises awareness without spending a dime and the reason this will work is because the campaign set is based on an already existing habit that people have and that is to photograph their food and this habit happens to incite envy.
  64. 64. Segmentation Instructor: Cameron Maddux Class: Creative Thinking Semester: Summer 2013 Assignment: Create a segmentation based on a product
  65. 65. When I arrived in San Francisco, I noticed that many people wore sneakers, and they weren’t all jogging, some wore them for fashion, some for comfort. The subject needed further investigation, that’s why I choose to do my segmentation on sneakers. I approached the task by defining all the features of sneakers, and based on those features I was able to determine 5 categories of people.
  66. 66. Purpose Look Brand/ Origin Price/ quality Comfort
  67. 67. The Collector For the collector, sneakers are a collection piece. The brand/ origin is what matters the most when selecting sneakers, it’s almost the only thing that matters. He couldn’t care less about the price because he’s madly in love with sneakers, to a pathological extend sometimes. He owns an entire collection of sneakers and takes extra good care of them!
  68. 68. The Outfitter For the outfitter, sneakers are fashion tools. The look is what matters the most; he wears sneakers when it fits with the rest of his outfit. When buying sneakers, he first considers the look, and then pays attention to the price/quality ratio and the brand/origin. He generally owns all sorts of shoes, not exclusively sneakers.
  69. 69. The Oblivious For the oblivious, sneakers are just regular shoes. The quality/ price ratio is what matters the most, when selecting sneakers; he also pays attention to the look and the comfort, which brand doesn’t really matter. He usually own one or two pairs and wear them until they wear out. He wears only sneakers because he doesn’t really like any other type of shoe. The oblivious doesn’t really care about shoes in general.
  70. 70. The low-profiler For the low-profiler, sneakers are like slippers he can wear outside. Comfort is what matters the most, he then pays attention to the price; the look doesn’t matter at all. He actually doesn’t like sneakers but wears them for comfort, only when he doesn’t need to pay attention to his outfit. He usually doesn’t own more than one pair.
  71. 71. The challenger For the challenger, sneakers are like gear. The purpose of the shoe is what matters the most for him when it comes to choosing a pair of sneakers. He wears them for running, and training. Each activity having its adapted pair of sneakers. The challenger needs good sneakers, quality and comfort are thus very important as well.
  72. 72. Essie Instructor: Jessica Mayer Class: Digital Motion Graphics Semester: Summer 2013 Assignment: Create an App for a brand that is missing one
  73. 73. The Big Picture Essie is a nail polish brand founded by the American Essie Weingarten in 1981. L’Oreal took over the company in 2010. The brand offers more than 300 colors, effect topcoats and nail care polishes among with other manicure products. Essie opened a Nail Salon in New York in 2012. While the brand doesn’t have it’s own retail store, you can find their products on their website and in any Walgreen, Macy’s, Sephora, etc. The only problem with those stores is the scarcity of Essie products in their stocks.
  74. 74. Why an App? In order to find a specific colors and topcoats, consumers best option is to visit Essie’s website, and Apps are the new website. Most people, especially our target group, access the web via Apps because they’re using their mobile device; mobile website’s experiences aren’t good enough. For Essie an App would be a good way to set up an online flagship store.
  75. 75. The challenge? What are we advertising? Who do we want to reach? What do they currently think? What state of mind do we want them to reach? Why should they believe us? What is the cultural tension? What will kindle their passion? What is the tone of this conversation?
  76. 76. How can you make an Essie app more than just an online store? The extension of customer’ s individual style at their fingertips Fashionistas without label's Classic is good Nails are part of the fashion world, and there’ s infinite possibilities Because they should be setting the rules of their own style Classic versus original Expressing their own style Neat, well designed, original and colorful
  77. 77. The App Would you like to check out our menu?
  78. 78. Stop by our nail polish collection!! Look at all those colors!!
  79. 79. and match any color with a nail polish :) Take a picture...
  80. 80. If the color doesn’t exist, create your own ;) Ouh, I love this color! So sweet and sassy!
  81. 81. Get inspiration for your next manicure, .. with explanation step by step! :D
  82. 82. Where I had the most fun was the quest for original App ideas instead of the making of the App. I loved learning about new tools to come up with original ideas. Nothing is really original but by observing, comparing and associating, you can ignite creativity.
  83. 83. Oyster pearls, or the art of turning annoyances into worthy ideas
  84. 84. Not knowing what to wear App. that suggest an outfit type (color, clothes, material, etc.) for each nail polish in each situation (job interview, Christmas dinner, cocktail party, picnic, etc.) Flaking off nail polish App. with identification form for each nail polish with real lasting time, color and effect, etc. Not enough choice color, or not the one they are looking for App. that allows the user to take a picture of a color and get the exact color code for it and order that color which would be a unique edition. Basically you could create your own nail polish. Not knowing the true color of the nail polish App. with Id form where people can see the product, the color and a photo of polish nails, so that they can see the real effect on the nails, a plus would be to have the possibility to select a skin tone, in order to see the results on with their own skin tone. Long dry time App. with short animations to distract while waiting Difficult application App. giving tips for a better application and even showing how to fix a bad manicure. Boredom during long lines App. that allows the user to create his own art nail, by either selecting existing ones or creating from a picture or from pure imagination. Then selecting the tools needed, with the proper colors and top coats and order it to do it at home or save it as a picture and go to a beauty salon to get it done.
  85. 85. The Essie App. has to be downloaded uploaded : The App. should offer the possibility to upload a new polish design to the brand, and receive bonus points. The Essie App. has regular updates no update : The App. should provide the possibility of upgrading for a certain price for cooperative like Aids association (upgrade your App. and unlock a limited edition, receive a sample and pay for a good cause). Nail polish fortifies the nails makes the nails weaker : The App. could provide a health tap, showing how to care for your nails. A manicure necessitates multiple layers one layer : The App. could provide photos of the different stages, one layer, two layers, plus topcoat. Essie products are for the nails any makeup : The App. could be embedding links to make up brands (to match the nails with the make up). Essie offers multiple colors one color : The App. could allow the user to create it’s own color, which would be a limited and exclusive color. F ashion is multiple colors colorless : The App. could provide the option of uploading picture of clothes and find the color that matches these clothes.
  86. 86. Timeline FALL 2012 ADV 602 Art Direction Lance Anderson ADV 622 Perspective in Advertising Marlin Neufeld ADV 623 Account Planning Cameron Maddux Spring 2013 ADV 606 Campaign Roger Muller ADV 604 Copywriting Techniques Scott Storrs GLA 603 Anthropology : Experiencing Culture Julie Wulferdingen Summer Intersection 2013 Summer 2013 GLA 602 The Art and Ideology of the 20th Century Andrea Jost ADV 630 Digital Motion Graphics Jessica Mayer ADV 624 Creative Thinking Cameron Maddux
  87. 87. Fall 2013 ADV 600 Strategic Thinking Michael Brandt ADV 699 Visual Storytelling Jervis Lowell GR 616 Making Ideas Visible Scott Rankin Spring 2014 # GLA # Directed Study # Directed Study # Directed Study Summer 2014 # Directed Study # Directed Study Fall 2014 # Directed Study GLA ##Directed Study
  88. 88. I might not know where I’ m going, But I know I’ m on the right path!