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Uwex facebook


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  • 1. Facing Facebook
  • 2. Marivic Valencia
      • Public Relations
        • Tech
        • Media
        • Broadcast
        • Nonprofit
  • 3. Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months If Facebook were a country, 4th largest Fastest-growing segment on FB is 55-65 y/o females YouTube 2nd largest search engine in the world More than 1.5 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared on Facebook. DAILY. Here's what we know: Courtesy
  • 4.  
  • 5.  
  • 6. What we don't know: Privacy Settings Open API Graph Direct correlation to business objectives
  • 7. First up, PRIVACY
      • From “Home”
      • Click “Account”
      • “ Privacy Settings”
  • 8. Explore all settings
    • Evaluate:
      • What you want to share with all, just friends, or friends of friends
      • What you want others to share about you
  • 9. Personal Info and Posts
  • 10. Contact Info
  • 11. Friends, Tags, Connections “ These settings only control the information people can see on your profile. This information, such as your Pages and list of friends, is still public, so it could appear elsewhere on the site and be accessed by applications you and your friends use.”
  • 12. Think about it: It takes just a few minutes to set up, and gives you peace of mind.
  • 13. Apps and websites When you visit a Facebook-enhanced application or website, it may access any information you have made visible to Everyone (Edit Profile Privacy) as well as your publicly available information. This includes your Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages. The application will request your permission to access any additional information it needs. What you share when visiting applications and websites: “ Applications you use will access your Facebook information in order for them to work. For example, a review application uses your location in order to surface restaurant recommendations.”
  • 14. Whoa.
  • 15. Know where it's all going
  • 16. Similar concerns with fan pages
      • From your home page, click on “Ads and Pages”
  • 17. Find the page to admin
      • Click on “Edit Page”
  • 18. Edit Fan Page Settings
      • Edit settings
      • Activate mobile updates
      • Establish filters, ie do you want people to post on the wall real-time, or have posts be moderated?
  • 19. Facebook metrics
      • Insights
      • Use to complement blog, website and social media analytics
  • 20. Reports
      • You can export reports by fans/interaction, as well as country and demographics
  • 21. Go, share!
      • Original content
      • Re-purposed content
      • Video
      • Info links
      • Blog posts
  • 22. Open API Graph The Open Graph API will allow any page on the Web to have all the features of a Facebook Page. Once implemented, developers can include a number of Facebook Widgets, like the Fan Box, or leverage any API, which enable the transformation of any Web page so it functions similar to a Facebook Page. For example, AwesomeTees might decide that strategically they would like to locate their brand identity at AwesomeTees will install the Fan Box widget, which will allow any Facebook user to "Become a Fan" of AwesomeTees, thereby establishing an official connection to AwesomeTees. The user will then have AwesomeTees listed in their list of connections on their profile as Pages are represented today. Additionally, any content that AwesomeTees publishes on will show up in the stream on Facebook like it normally would. And, any time the user searches on Facebook, AwesomeTees will show up in the typeaheads and prominently in search results. Via
  • 23. Next.
  • 24. Fun factor
      • People like:
        • Polls
        • Surveys
        • Contests
        • Giveaways
    • Work these content types into your marketing strategy
  • 25. Facebook as it correlates to business objectives
      • Monitor for where/when/platform of conversations
      • Assess resources (web, tech, design, copy, seo/sem)
      • Clear goals (“Success looks like _____”)
      • Be willing and able to adjust where needed
      • Agree on what to report on, and understand measuring social media is not the same as tracking impressions or click-thrus
  • 26. Marivic Valencia ValenciaPR tel/txt 608.228.6518 Twitter: @techpr linkedin/in/marivicvalencia [email_address]