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Thecooltv Press Kit Ppt Thecooltv Press Kit Ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to the country's first 24/7 Free Music Video Network
  • THECOOLTV multicast television network is all music, all the time - showcasing the world’s greatest music artists from the most popular music genres around the world THECOOLTV is a 24/7 customized multicast television and Internet channel that reflects the musical tastes of the broadcaster’s local market. Our unique blend of interactive music services, online community and on-location live events increase consumer awareness while promoting our TV Network partnerships.
  • Partnership with Cool Music Network and Broadcasters; how we deliver On Digital TV Multicast; broadcasting additional channels in the same spectrum as the primary broadcast. The Perfect Complementary Multi-Cast Channel THECOOLTV is the perfect channel to complement the primary broadcast channel as well as the Mobile Digital-TV spectrum. The compelling music and entertainment programming captures the attention of the viewer while keeping them within the same broadcast spectrum.
  • This partnership generates additional revenue for both the broadcasters and the Cool Music Network via advertising revenue during the 24 hours of programming per day, 7 days a week. THECOOLTV has established all the necessary licensing agreements with the record labels, artists and content providers which offer free play to broadcast "cleared tracks" of their music videos on THECOOLTV and via The music video programming includes the greatest recording artists of all time, including most of the major records labels: Universal Music Group, EMI Capitol,Warner Music Group, Sony BMG and many independent labels and content providers Eagle Rock Entertainment, Image Entertainment, Music Video Distributors, Shout Factory, etc. This has allowed the Cool Music Network to create a leading network of partners in capturing “Hyper-Local” entertainment content.
  • Our proprietary ability to deliver the content locally makes Cool Music Network an unique multi-cast partner for broadcast network affiliates. THECOOLTV will launch in eight of the top 30 Designated Markets Areas (DMA) by March 30, 2009 which will yield approximately 27 million viewers.
  • On Demand / On Location On-Demand audio and video recordings are the hottest trend in retail media products today. Consumers are able to purchase an audio recording or DVD of the event they just attended on the way out the door. Cool Music Network pioneered and perfected CD ON DEMAND™ and DVD ON DEMANDTM technology over the past ten years. Cool Music Network and the local broadcasters will be a major co-branded sponsor at many major music events; concerts, festivals and nightclub venues across the country. Together, we cross promote with radio stations, media and the venues well in advance of the event to drive up attendance. This resource not only generates more content for “Hyper-Local” programming, but also generates brand awareness and drives viewers to THECOOLTV multicast channel and the Mobile Digital-TV spectrum.
  • Online Each market broadcasting THECOOLTV has an unique Internet simultaneous stream of its local broadcast, giving Internet users the opportunity to watch THECOOLTV broadcast in any city, anywhere in the country. The eCommerce website was launched in July of 2008 and contains thousands of audio/video products fueled by CD/DVD ON DEMAND content. Unique programs are developed with each broadcaster to share in additional revenue streams. We create custom cross promotion affiliate relationships with each broadcaster tailored to their specific market demographics. As the network expands and more consumers are driven to and, we will compensate broadcasters who want to cross promote via our revenue sharing affiliate programs.
  • Additionally... The website will include 24/7 streaming of the network and positions web ads, display local, regional and national ads, and pre-roll video ads. Cool Music Network’s mega-store has over 2 million CD and DVD titles plus thousands of accessories for consumers to order via mail order. We provide our mutual customers the best options in mail order and download media purchases via our established fulfillment agreement with Alliance Entertainment facilitates. They provide seamless off-site warehousing, packaging and delivery of CDs and DVDs available for sale via or at 1-888-342-8761. Personalized Direct Response campaigns will be developed to drive additional revenue. In addition to CDs and DVDs, the company has plans to develop a digital storefront where consumers can purchase music-related products such as executive concert packages and autographed rock memorabilia. Customers can also purchase live music and videos, plus enjoy unlimited online streaming of digital content for a monthly subscription fee. They can also listen to and watch Internet radio and video broadcasts, while joining a progressive online social network passionate about music and watch a 24/7 all music television network.
  • TV Advertising, Marketing and Revenue Cool Music Network’s Go to Market plan is very appealing to advertisers seeking an uncluttered environment for their messages. The Cool Music Network and the broadcast partners offer category exclusive sponsorships, extended-length spots and embedded ad placement opportunities that enable brands to distinguish themselves while yielding sources of premium advertising revenue for all parties.
  • Launch Schedule With Cool Music Network’s “THECOOLTV” scheduled to launch in 8 markets in 2009, the three phases of Cool Music Network’s model will be complete: * a powerful social network * the ability to cross promote the television network through the e-commerce portal * on-location events Cool Music Network and broadcasters will mutually develop an airtime affiliate agreement. By market – we will establish an equitable share of the clock; for example, (6) minutes each hour advertising inventory for the broadcasters and six (6) six minutes each hour for advertising inventory for THECOOLTV. Cool Music Network will use creative methods for national advertising over the air to allow sponsors to reach specific demographic groups. Viewers will also be cultivated at their community level through marketing and co-branding opportunities with area vendors and artists along with signage and event sponsorships at local performance venues. Cool Music Network will also support charities focused on arts and music education.
  • Press Open Mobile Video Coalition The Cool Music Network was featured as the primary "Music Video Content Provider" for the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Jan 8-11th, 2009 and National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) January 26-29, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. [Digger insert link] The OMVC is a voluntary association of television broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile digital video in the United States. OMVC is composed of twenty members that own and operate over 450 commercial television stations, as well as the Association of Public Television Stations, which represents an additional 360 public television stations. Members are committed to fostering open competition in the development of products and services related to Mobile Digital-Television. Cool Music Network, LLC ©2009 2/26/2009