Yoga Benefits And Good Health


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Learn the basic yoga postures.
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Yoga Benefits And Good Health

  1. 1. Yoga Benefits And Good Health
  2. 2. The Grupo Mayan Mexican resort is a favorite destination by visitors who would like to engage in activities to replenish their minds and bodies. Yoga is a mental and physical exercise which involves stretching of some parts of the body to improve circulation. It is both a physical and mental activity which allows one to have a calm and peaceful mind as well as a healthy body.
  3. 3. One particular advantage of yoga which makes it appealing is that it can be done literally anywhere. From your home to the gym or place of work, doing yoga is possible. Fitness trainers of the Grupo Mayan resort can provide valuable tips and are superb guides in the practice of yoga. If you happen to be visiting the Grupo Mayan resort, be sure to note down details of the routines and other information on yoga so that you will be able to continue doing it once you get home.
  4. 4. Here are some of the basic yoga movements you could learn and use:
  5. 5. The Mountain Pose
  6. 6. This yoga stance is a means which helps the whole  body n general to feel good at the same time improving one's physical posture. This pose is achieved by standing straight with the heels apart while the tips of the toes are touching. The arms should be let loose to hang and the shoulders should be spread. Try to lift the head as if a string is pulling it from the top but be careful that you don't feel pain in any part of your body. By staying relaxed in the yoga mountain pose for a few minutes and breathing calmly, you will find that you can feel a quick relief from stress.
  7. 7. Forward Bends
  8. 8. This is a yoga exercise which can either be done in the seated or standing position which can be done even when on the plane on your way to the Grupo Mayan resorts. When in doing a mountain pose, try to bend over so that your fingertips or hands touches the floor. Remember to breathe slowly exhaling going down remaining for a minute and inhale while you are getting up.
  9. 9. Downward Facing Dog
  10. 10. This is a pose which fitness trainers at the Grupo Mayan resort recommend for one to achieve a state of calmness and being more energized. This is an exercise which requires one to be down on hands and the knees with the hips elevated at a higher level and the hands positioned in front of the shoulders. The body may be lifted by lifting the knees to straighten the legs and should be done when exhaling. Try to elevate the hips as high as possible without locking the knees. Try to remain in the up position for about two minutes before going down again.
  11. 11. These are just some of the yoga poses which can be useful to anyone. According to the Grupo Mayan trainers, these basic poses are for the achievement of calmness of the body and mind. The Grupo Mayan resort also has a spa for further means of relaxation. Book a trip to the Grupo Maya resort today and indulge in the art of yoga.