Don and Valerie Keeton Listing presentation 2013


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Our marketing plan is designed with several programs to get our sellers home sold.

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Don and Valerie Keeton Listing presentation 2013

  1. 1. Designed To Get Your Home SOLDPrepared and Managed by Don & Valerie Keeton
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe purpose of this Marketing Plan is to establish an approachwith specific programs designed to get your home SOLD for themost money while working to meet your time frame. Selling your home for the most money and preserving your equity is our mission. Don & Valerie Keeton We’ll Market, Sell, and Process The Paperwork. You Won’t Get Passed on To an Assistant
  3. 3. Quality Assurance for Accuracy ProgramTo insure that your home is presented as accurately as possible, we’ll measure andverify all pertinent facts about your home.Many agents don’t measure homes because they don’t know how or they don’twant to take the time to verify the information needed.The size of your home is just as important as the location when determining themarket value of your home, those special features are also just as important tomention. As The Saying Goes “It’s All In The Details”
  4. 4. Pricing ProgramEstablishing an accurate List Price is not only a science, it’s an art. The #1 reasonwhy homes don’t sell, is because they are over priced. In the Omaha area weestimate that nearly 50% of the homes listed, Don’t Sell.Many agents aren’t properly trained or have the experience to set an accurate listprice. Worse yet… Some agents will tell you what you want to hear, not what youneed to hear.Don was a former Registered Appraiser and is currently Certified as a Broker PriceOpinion Resource (BPOR) which is a highly sought after designation by banks andmortgage lenders for pricing foreclosures and short sales.A properly priced home should sell within 10 to 12 showings, if the list price isn’tmuch more than 3% above it’s likely sales price. Setting an Accurate List Price is the #1 Reason Your Home Will Sell.
  5. 5. Multiple Listing Service ProgramWe’ll maximize your homes exposure by submitting your home to our local MLS withthe maximum number of professionally taken photos (35).There are approximately 2,000 agents, and many of them may have a qualified buyerfor your home, so we need to make your home stand out with quality photos. Agent to Agent Marketing And Broker to Broker Marketing We all Work Together To Get Your Home SOLD
  6. 6. Signage ProgramRE/MAX For Sale Signs are the most recognized signs in the United Stateswhich is why the colors Red and White over Blue is a registered trademark.Many buyers realize that when they’re working with a RE/MAX agent, they’reworking with an experienced professional with high integrity.Don & Valerie personally respond to all calls concerning your home becausethey have specific knowledge about your home. Your “For Sale” sign Will Have a Unique Website URL Specifically For Your Homes Website
  7. 7. Website Marketing ProgramBelow are just a few of over 300 websites your home will be listed on. In addition to the sites below your home will be listed on nearly every local real estate company site in Omaha and surrounding areas.
  8. 8. Personal Website ProgramThe days of the old flyer box are gone due to the increasing use of Smart Phonesand QR codes & URLs.We will build a website with 35 photos and a Visual Tour for prospects to viewyour home from their Smart Phone or computer.Our on-line flyer will allow prospective buyers to ask questions and scheduleshowings at the click of a mouse, now lets see a flyer box do that! Or point your Smart Form and click
  9. 9. E-mail Marketing ProgramThis is one of our favorite and most creative programs we’ve developed to getthe word out that your home is for sale. How?• After we build a Visual Tour of your home, we’ll send you an email with the video.• Then we’ll ask you to forward the video to 10 of your friends or as many people as you can.• Then you’ll ask them to forward the video to 10 of their friends or as many people as they can.• And we’ll do the same.
  10. 10. Social Media ProgramAs professionals in real estate marketing we recognize the importance of Social MediaMarketing. Social Media marketing not only helps us promote your homes to ourSocial Network of friends, your home is also found on Google via organic searches byprospective buyers.We’ll submit a Visual Tour of your home to our Facebook friends, Place the video onYoutube, Blog about your home, and yes send out a Twitter. It all sounds kind of fluffyto us, but we know it works.Marketing real estate today is much more than putting a home in the MLS, placing asign in the yard and running a couple of ads in the paper.
  11. 11. Showings and Feedback ProgramThe #1 complaint sellers have with their real estate agent in Communication.We have developed a systematic approach to insure that you receive the feedbackand communication you deserve on each and every showing.For Example:1. An agent calls to schedule a showing, our showing service will contact you to schedule the showing.2. The showing service will email Don and provide him with all the contact information and the date and time of the showing you approved.3. Within 30 minutes after the showing agent opens the lockbox, Don will receive an email from the lockbox provider with the date, time, and all contact information about the agent who showed your home.4. The same day of the showing, Don will email the agent this message “ Thank You For Showing My Listing at 123 Main Street, Please Provide Me Some Feedback, or Better Yet a Contract, I’ll be Sure to Return The Favor”.5. If they don’t respond to the email, Valerie will make up to 3 phone calls, so please allow 3 days for feedback.
  12. 12. Advertising and Marketing Program According to the National Association of REALTOR study Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2011 the following information shows where buyers found the home they purchased: TheSweet 86% Spot As you can see from the recent study on shows that buyers found their home on the internet, their agent, or the sign in their yard and Open Houses.
  13. 13. Open House ProgramWe have one of the most extensive Open House Programs in the Omaha Area. Whilemany agents state that Open Houses don’t work, studies say differently.We have a very creative and active approach to advertising your scheduled OpenHouse. Below is our strategy:• In the remarks section of the MLS we state “Open House Every Sunday 1-4pm but Please Call To Confirm”.• Why there… We know that over 90% of home buyers begin their search on the internet, and the remarks section is pushed out to over 300 websites and to every local real estate company website over 100 sites. Consequently; Your Open House is advertised 24/7 where buyers shop.• Although we may not have an Open House Every Sunday, if the buyer calls to confirm the Open House… We tell them there isn’t an Open House, but we’d be happy to schedule a private showing.• Craigslist Open House Announcement is one of the best ways locally to announce your Open House. We’ve been told that Craigslist is the 2nd most viewed site for real estate. We’re not sure if that’s true, but we won’t miss the opportunity.
  14. 14. & and are the #1 websites in real estate. Each sitedrives approximately 2 million viewers per month each.We offer the “Showcase Package” on which only 10% of Omahaagents offer. We can track how many buyers viewed your home and send youa monthly report on is the #1 Real Estate company website, and is viewed across theUnited States. REMAX agents love this site because we get thousands of leadsper month. Our office receives approximately 80 leads per month.
  15. 15. Agent to Agent Referral & Relocation Program Here is what the power of 87,336 RE/MAX agents in 6,256 offices, 89 countries can do for you… Now That’s PowerOur Agent to Agent Referral Program is the best referral program in the real estatebusiness. If a RE/MAX Agent in Denver Colorado has a buyer moving to Omaha, allthey need to do is go to our Agent site ( and pick an agentof their choice in Omaha. The day I was putting this page together, I received areferral from a RE/MAX agent in Loveland Colorado.
  16. 16. Professional Photos and Staging Program.Prior to taking photos Don & Valerie will tour your home room by room and make staging suggestions, so that your home will show it’s best. We are professional’s at Staging and Photo taking, and we realize that 1 Picture is worth a thousand words which is why we’ll take upto 35 professional photos of your home.
  17. 17. Certified Pre-Owned Home ProgramOur “Certified Pre-Owned Program is an optional program offered to sellers, so thattheir home is placed in a Special Light.The goal of the program is to bring down any walls the buyer may have aboutsubmitting an offer or purchasing your home.Should you choose this program we would place our unique rider on the top of ourFor Sale Sign, and use the logo below on all marketing material.To qualify for a Certified Pre-Owned Home, your home must have the following: 1 Year Home Warranty. (Estimated Cost at closing $425.00) Home Inspection Report. (Estimated Cost $350.00) Broker Price Opinion, Included at our expense (Estimated Cost $350.00) Professional Staging and Photos at our expense. Certified Pre-Owned Home
  18. 18. Your Checklist for Assurance  Showing & Feedback Program. Quality Assurance and Accuracy.  Open House Program. Pricing Program.  & Multiple Listing Service. Program Signage Program.  Agent to Agent Referral & Website Program. Relocation Program. Personal Website & QR Code  Professional Photos & Staging Program. E-Mail Program.  Optional Certified Pre-Owned Social Media Program. Home Program. Because We Want You To Know, We’ll Do What We Say We’ll Do. Services listed above may be performed by Don & Valerie Keeton or outsourced.
  19. 19. Performance GuaranteeSelling your home takes Teamwork…We need your support and you need ours. We need to maintain upfront opencommunication, so that we can reach our common goal to get your homeSOLD!Valerie and I are committed to providing the best real estate services available.You can be assured that we will work hard to get your home sold for the mostmoney while working to meet your time frame.We will always provide you with our honest opinion so you can make aninformed decision.
  20. 20. Professionally Marketed By Don & Valerie Keeton 402-496-3700