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VFL Sustainable Library 'ibrary'

  1. 1. the library we want capital campaign and legacy project the Valatie Free Library 3203 Church St. box 336 valatie, ny 12184 The Valatie Free Library’s Evergreen Project for the Library We Want.The future Valatie Free Library on Kinderhook Street (Rt 9) will be a near Net-Zero building.Considering the exponentially rising costs of energy, a plan to relocate to a much larger spacewould prohibitively deplete the operating budget. The librarys goal is to reduce both the needand the expense of energy for the library.Architecture has provided a unique solution: our building designer has specified energy-efficientmaterials and construction techniques. The planned green building project will align ourresource-use with ever-green practices, including the installation of skylights and photovoltaicsolar panel technology, with the goal of attaining Net-Zero energy usage.The innovative building materials and techniques include energy-efficient thermal SteelStructural Insulated Galvalume Panels (SSIPs), combined with an expanded polystyrene core.The shell for the new addition will be composed of SSIPs for the external, load-bearing wallsand form an integral part of the roof system. This building envelope will protect against fire,hurricanes, and other disasters, saving on fire insurance and drastically reducing resourcedepletion of the librarys operating budget. The specified materials and construction techniquesare resistant to fire, pestilence and storms developed in the rebuilding of New Orleans and theGulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Valatie is one of the very first to employ these newmaterials outside of the Gulf Coast.With the ability to generate power from the sun during an emergency, such as an ice storm orother incident, the librarys solar power has an additional opportunity for net metering: thelibrary produces power when the sun shines-sending it into the grid-only purchasing power backfrom the grid when needed, all serving to lower costs and leave the librarys operating budgetintact.With costs matched by the State of New Yorks "Public Library Construction Grant Program",and additional installation costs funded through rebates by the NYS Energy Research andDevelopment Authority (NYSERDA), the building and installation cost of these improvementsshould pay for themselves within a few years. Utility savings will yield funds for the purchase ofbooks and materials for the librarys collections, as well as for operating budget and programs.The hybrid building is iconic for an online innovative hub, serving the entire community, and willalso foster communication and cooperation between many library and community patrons andgroups. The success of this project will include an energized landscape of learning and access toinformation for all age groups as well as provide a centralized location and facility that meetsmultiple community needs, i.e. community hub.As the library barn building is prominently visible from Kinderhook Street, these greeninitiatives will publicly demonstrate the VFLs environmental stewardship.Please see the United Nations’ Sustainability Initiative for their Rio+20 Summit which featuresour library project: http://futurewewant.org/portfolio/sustainable-library-ibrary/ Capit alCampaign@Valat ieLibrary.net
  2. 2. http://futurewewant.org/about/
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  4. 4. 3http://futurewewant.org/portfolio/sustainable-library-ibrary/
  5. 5. 4http://futurewewant.org/portfolio/sustainable-library-ibrary/