D Of E Bronze Group 4 Final Expedition


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A Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition on foot across the Ochils

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  • I did an Expedition around the same area, looks like you had a good time and that's what's important. Your presentation gave me a few ideas about how to set mine out so thanks!
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D Of E Bronze Group 4 Final Expedition

  1. 1. D of E Bronze Expedition Final Group 4 Blackford to Castlehill Reservoir 01.06.07 – 02.06.07 Start Camp End Day 1 Day 2
  2. 2. Leaving Blackford – before the navigation error!!
  3. 3. Could you be going the wrong way, girls?!
  4. 4. First breather Back on the right track!
  5. 5. A misty Glen of Kinpauch Stylish, Amanda!
  6. 6. Heads down…. Second breather …. or perhaps it was the fourth!!
  7. 7. Packs on again……
  8. 8. Follow those sheep …. they seem to know where they are going Down Glen Bee … Glendevon reservoir in sight
  9. 9. Nearing the reservoir Watch those packs don’t get stuck! Elegantly done, Lindsey!
  10. 10. Upper Glendevon reservoir from the west It must be lunchtime soon….
  11. 11. Sun’s out at last and heading for the bridge to cross the River Devon Cotton grass for the flower collection
  12. 12. Where is that bridge? … .at last!
  13. 13. It’s amazing what a bit of lunch and sunshine does for the spirits…….
  14. 14. Louise making sure she knows where she’s going! … . and then takes the lead
  15. 15. Approaching Backhills farm …. The original farmhouse is under the reservoir! Is the campsite really beyond the skyline?!
  16. 16. Near Backhills farm The campsite’s beyond the horizon
  17. 17. Louise is still checking that map! Taking in the view towards Backhills farm and the reservoir Make the most of the rest…. There’s a long slog ahead!
  18. 18. The long haul up Skythorn Hill
  19. 19. Nearing the plateau at Maddy Moss…. tricky bit of navigation coming up!
  20. 20. Ho.. hum……. no path….. is this right? Is this the Burn of Sorrows or not? What did Mrs V say about following streams downhill?
  21. 21. Still going down… and it’s the only major valley
  22. 22. Success…… some of the other groups are there first. They must have had easier routes! Campsite at the Burn of Sorrows
  23. 23. Alicia samples the gourmet dinner Sundown at the campsite …. end of day 1
  24. 24. Early morning Day 2
  25. 25. ‘ Striking camp’ I’m sure all this gear went in yesterday Heading out ……
  26. 26. Louise is still checking that map!
  27. 27. A few ‘tricky’ bits this morning…. Did you stand in some mud by any chance, Amy?!
  28. 28. So did all the rest, apparently!
  29. 29. Approaching Castle Campbell, near Dollar
  30. 30. Heading up Hillfoot Hill… a walk in the park compared to yesterday! Mid morning break….
  31. 31. Glenquey reservoir in sight
  32. 32. Early lunch beside the reservoir
  33. 33. Some fantastic river terraces cut into glacial deposits …. well, Mrs V thought they were amazing! And could those be some pretty fine interlocking spurs as well?
  34. 34. Almost there…. First ‘real’ road in 2 days
  35. 35. Congratulations, Rebecca, Amanda, Lindsey, Alicia, Amy, Alex and Louise!