Marketing on a Shoestring


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Presentation giving an overview of the marketing process for start up businesses or voluntary sector organisations. Covers key areas to look at and marketing techniques which cost very little to implement.

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Marketing on a Shoestring

  1. 1. Marketing on a Shoestring Val TobiassVal Tobiass0751 585
  2. 2. What is Marketing? “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” Chartered Institute of MarketingVal Tobiass0751 585
  3. 3. Ask yourself: – What is your product or service? – What price will you charge? – How will you deliver this? – How will you make people aware of your offering?Val Tobiass0751 585 4 “P”s of
  4. 4. Marketing “Audit” What marketing do you currently undertake? Is it working? How do you know?Val Tobiass0751 585
  5. 5. Marketing Goals What do you want to achieve from your marketing? – Contacts? – Reputation? – Sales?Val Tobiass – More Clients?0751 585
  6. 6. Target MarketVal Tobiass0751 585 Who is your target market?
  7. 7. Target Market Where are they located? • Local, national, overseas • Online How old are they? How often will they need toVal Tobiass buy?0751 585 Is the user also the buyer?
  8. 8. How to reach them What are the best methods to reach your target audience? Why? Consider their: • AgeVal Tobiass0751 585 5024 • •
  9. 9. Research Your competitors – what are they doing? Ask customers where they heard about you. Check which marketing isVal Tobiass0751 585 5024
  10. 10. Resources What, if any, experience have you in producing marketing materials or online content? Your resources: TIME? Money?Val Tobiass0751 585 5024 Do you need to outside expertise?
  11. 11. Your Brand Your brand can be seen as the image of your company: Clarify your offering: – Is it tailored to the individual or mass produced? – How is it different to others? Identify your brand values and ethos:Val Tobiass0751 585 5024 – What service do you promise clients? – Do you need a mission statement?
  12. 12. Your Logo • Your logo can be seen as the face of your company • A graphic that helps people recognise your companyVal Tobiass0751 585
  13. 13. Branding Throughout your marketing, be consistent in the use of your: – logo, – typography, – colours, – graphic style / images / illustrations used,Val Tobiass – tone of voice / language used.0751 585
  14. 14. Online marketing • Website • Social media • Blog • Email newslettersVal Tobiass0751 585
  15. 15. Your Website • Talk to website designers: DIY or paid for website? DIY sitebuilders: Moonfruit or WordPress • Make sure you can edit the website yourself (at least once a week) • Market your website at every opportunity, on and offlineVal Tobiass • Integrate your brand and keywords into0751 585 your website • Track traffic to your website with Google Analytics – free to use
  16. 16. Finding your website Use methods to increase your ranking in search engines like Google (SEO) • Use keywords that customers will search for throughout your site • Try to get links from other organisations to your site • Your social media sites should link back to your websiteVal Tobiass • All your offline marketing should0751 585 include your website
  17. 17. Social Media • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. • Top three social networking sites • Also three most used for marketing • Build up relationships with potential clients • They spread the word for you - go viral!Val Tobiass0751 585 It is free to
  18. 18. Blogs • Very good way to get publicity for your company • Will drive traffic to your website • Guest blog on other sites to start • Set up your own blogging site or integrate into your website • Need to enjoy writing, but it willVal Tobiass0751 585 5024 spread your
  19. 19. Email marketing • Create a database of your target audience and grow this list. • Email about promotions/special offers/events etc • Make the email subject line relevant • Keep email content short and to the point • Email should link back to your website • Send email newsletters if you have the timeVal Tobiass0751 585 • Always include an unsubscribe • Look at MailChimp – newsletter creator
  20. 20. Offline marketing • Printed materials: leaflets, posters, brochures, business cards, letterheads, labels / packaging • Networking, give presentations / talks • Attend exhibitions and trade shows • Join directories / networksVal Tobiass0751 585 5024 • Public relations (PR) • Run competitions / special All should include your website
  21. 21. Press releases • Send press releases with photos to your local paper or relevant magazines / newsletters • Be creative: try joint promotions with local school / charity • Use quotes to qualify any claims about your company • Always include your contact info and web address in the copy! This is free publicity !Val Tobiass0751 585 You don’t have control over what is
  22. 22. Marketing Plan • Devise a marketing plan. • Plan your monthly marketing programme and combine both online and offline methods: – Leaflets drop? – Website update (weekly)?Val Tobiass0751 585 5024 – Use one social media site? – Guest blogging?
  23. 23. To conclude: • Use a combination of communication techniques both on and offline to market your company. • Keep assessing whether the marketing is working. • Don’t forget about marketing – a consistent presence is whatVal Tobiass0751 585 you are aiming
  24. 24. Val Tobiass Tel: 0751 585 5024 Email: Tobiass A copy of this presentation is @0751 585