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Val dewitt2010pdf

  1. 1. With nearly 35 years of communication consulting experience in corporate, organizational, retail, service, entrepreneurial, non-profit, and start-up settings, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, one-personstart-ups, fledgling community-based organizations, and everything in between. I have learned that they all haveone thing in common: the need to create change. Whether the goal is to guide, teach, influence, entertain,explain, persuade, comfort, confront, or reinforce — strategic communication is central to achieving your goals.WRITING, EDITING & CONTENT DEVELOPMENTCONSULTING & CREATIVE SERVICESConsulting & Coaching • Project & Team Management • Writing, Editing & Publishing Creative Development •Training & Capacity Building • Video Production • Events Management • Script & Speech Writing • Speaker& Bureau Management • Web Development / SEO • Direct Marketing • Advertising • Resource DevelopmentRECENT CLIENTSJacobs Family FoundationJacobs Center for Neighborhood InnovationActing as the foundations director of communication for nearly 20 years, my consulting work includeddevelopment and management of all media, marketing, and communications efforts. Over time, the foundationgrew from a two-person grant-making organization to an innovative neighborhood-strengthening organizationemploying 200 people and spawning 18 related entities. I led all communication efforts for non-profit and for-profitentities, assisted in raising more than $350 million, and helped take the foundation from a small, local charity to aworldwide innovator and leader in its field.The Village at Market CreekThe Village at Market Creek is a place-based network of related non- and for-profit entities focused on socialenterprise and community ownership. I directed and developed media and materials in numerous languages forfestivals, talent contests, cultural events, and weekly entertainment. These activities helped increase foot trafficand revenues for community businesses and bolster resident involvement in reclaiming their neighborhoods. Asa consultant, I directed all network communication, built a supporting consulting team, helped develop 32businesses resulting in 716 new jobs, and contributed to economic activity of over $72.5 million.Market Creek PlazaBuilt by and for the community on a former brownfield, Market Creek Plaza is a destination providing criticalservices and catering to the unique needs of the multicultural community. I developed and implemented marketingand public relations plans, wrote and published a newsletter, led direct-mail campaigns, and produced TV andradio spots. Market Creek Plaza reclaimed $50 million in retail leakage, created 250 new jobs with 84% of themfilled by minorities, outperformed sales benchmarks by 55%, and awarded 79% of its contracts to communitybusinesses. A groundbreaking Community Development Public Offering was also developed to make allstakeholders eligible to buy ownership units in Market Creek Plaza. I developed the communication andrecognition plans, wrote and edited technical financial documents, developed campaign materials, managedmedia, produced DVDs, and handled campaign communication. The ownership goals were met, includingattracting 425 stakeholder investors and raising $1.7 million. Resident investors have benefited from a 10% returnon investment every year since.Market Creek Events & VenuesA for-profit social enterprise designed to bring a major conference and learning center to an underinvested area inSan Diego, MCEV serves as a training facility for careers in the fields of events and hospitality. I conducted andanalyzed market research, determined key audiences, helped build the business plan, developed the marketingplan, and created marketing and sales materials. The business broke even in its first year of operation and is
  2. 2. positioned to continue that trend, adding jobs and economic activity in the community.Hewlett Packard CompanyMy consulting work with HP grew from publishing a weekly employee newsletter to consulting on a worldwidecommunication initiative. In addition to the internal newsletter, I helped develop and communicate an employeesafety program, writing and producing all supporting materials. Working with the marketing department, Ideveloped tradeshow promotions, wrote and published customer and technical newsletters, developed salestraining programs and materials, and coordinated third-party vendor communications. The worldwidecommunication initiative involved research, surveys, focus groups, and analysis for use in developing strategy forreaching employees in all countries where HP does business. Working from the top down, the team helpedexecutives and managers understand how effective communication can motivate employees, inform marketing,and increase sales.Fairfield PropertiesAs Fairfield improved and remodeled rental properties in California and Nevada, I worked with the managementteam to develop promotions, advertising, and materials to attract tenants. My work included consulting on propertynames, brand, and image, writing and producing supporting materials, training sales agents, and measuringimpact of the marketing efforts.Elementary Institute of ScienceFounded as an after-school enrichment program more than 40 years ago, EIS asked for help in developing andimplementing program, capital, and endowment campaigns to build state-of-the-art facilities and serve childrenthroughout San Diego County. As their communication consultant, I partnered with the small staff and a team ofcampaign consultants on feasibility studies, visioning, strategic planning, communication strategy, major events,media and materials. We surpassed all campaign goals, partnering with the institute until it became a self-sustaining, nationally known hands-on science center.Child Abuse Prevention FoundationI worked with the board and staff to take the foundation from an unknown entity to a multi-million-dollarorganization serving abused children throughout San Diego County. I developed and implemented a multi-prongcommunication strategy that increased visibility and attracted thousands of new donors. The foundation took onthe challenge of leading a capitol campaign to replace the aging and overcrowded Hillcrest Receiving Home,bringing in the lead donors for the new Jessie Polinsky Childrens Center. My work included developing resourceand communication strategy, initiating proactive media relations, producing video and printed materials, andexpanding staff capacity.EDUCATIONBachelors Degree at San Diego State University with major in journalism and public relationsMasters Degree at University of San Francisco with major in Organizational DevelopmentNumerous certificates, continuing education units, and professional development programsCONTACTVal DeWitt3344 Rancho Miguel RoadJamul, CA 91935619-840-4899ValDeWitt@ aol.comWork samples at