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  1. 1. HOLIAND ITS EFFECTS!! --Vaishnavi Inamdar
  2. 2. COLOURS• Glass powder in green color: Green color is made of copper sulphate, silver is made of aluminum bromide and black is made of lead oxide. Glass powder is added in these colors to make more bright. And if copper sulphate contacts with eyes then it may cause allergy in eyes and blindness.• Black color may affect kidney: Lead oxide in black color may cause renal failure means a reason of failing the kidneys and also stops the learning capacity of a person.• Purple color may cause Asthma:Purple color includes chromium iodide that causes Bronchial Asthma and allergy.• Silver and redSilver and red color include aluminum bromide that may cause cancer while red color has mercury sulphide that causes skin cancer
  3. 3. A renal failure patient, skin cancer, asthma and eye infections.
  4. 4. HOW TO OVERCOME THESE?• Eco- friendly colors: instead of using these chemical colors we should use home made Eco-friendly colors those are made with powder of flowers.• Those cheap colors that you use can help your pocket in the short span but can cause you 100’s of problems In the long run.• 
  5. 5. WATER WASTAGE• more than 60% of Maharashtra is fighting for there life without water. This year 15 districts and 100+talukas of Maharashtra are facing droughts.• There- are places in Maharashtra where people get water once in 10 days.• A individual wastes more than 200 ltrs of water per holi.• People are dying for water.
  6. 6. People trying to find water, person in a deserted area.
  7. 7. HOW TO HELP?• Limit the use of water: Ensure you do not waste water unnecessarily. Measure the quantity of water you want to use to play with and store it. Resist your temptations to use more water and stick to the limit or quantity of water you stored to play with.• Use natural colors: Herbal colors are safe and are easily washable. Apply oil on your hair before stepping out to play. Even if you do end up getting color in your tresses, a single wash can be enough to make your hair color-free.• Say No to water balloons: There has been some environmental concern as they don’t biodegrade or shred, they can cause harm to wildlife and the effect of litter on the environment.• While playing Holi, wear old dark colored clothes, so cleaning them does not need too much water and effort.
  8. 8. Other everyday waysa) Do not let taps running while brushing, shaving,bathing etc. Use the water when required.b) Try to wash your vehicles alternately or weekly –there are people who don’t even get water to drinkc) Use buckets of water instead of running pipes towater your plants, utensils and sensitise your maids aswell.d) Keep a small bowl of water in your balcony for thebirds and small animals. They don’t have taps in nestse) Last and not the least, try not to waste waterduring Holi this year. A celebration of nation cannot bedone over the bodies of citizens.
  9. 9. DEATHSThe five students went to the Sarikonda lake for a post-revelry swim and drowned while cavorting in deep water. Locals alerted the police who organised a frantic search but only found the bodies of Mohammed Imran, Mohammed Afroz, Ahmed, Mohammed Toseef and B Madhu.
  10. 10. • Holi revelry went awry and triggered a clash between two groups at Sadashivpet in Sangareddy. Four people were hospitalised with stab injuries in this incident. Police said a motorcyclist Prakash was intercepted on his vehicle and pulled into revelry against his wish.• Irritated, he called three of his friends -- Krishna, Saikumar and Sivakumar -- to his aid. The four men received stab injuries in the quarrel and were hospitalised in a serious condition.
  11. 11. • In Karimnagar, three young men drowned in separate incidents in a canal of the Sriramsagar project. Nalgonda native and veterinary college student Saikiran Reddy, 20, went to the canal near Yakinpura on the outskirts of Korutla to bathe along with his friends. He drowned while swimming but his body was not yet found. A sales officer Boina Tirupathi (25) drowned in the canal at Alugunoor in Thimmapur mandal. The third SRSP casualty was of Ajju, 23, who was swimming in the canal when he drowned.
  12. 12. • Two other Holi deaths were reported from Sircilla mandal in Karimnagar district: Amabadasu 30, and V Santosh, 28, both drowned in a well.• Holi fatalities were reported from Hyderabad. These included a nine-year-old boy Manoj, who slipped into a well at Janapriyanagar in Miyapur. In the other accident, Ameen was swimming in a lake in Kukatpally, when he drowned
  13. 13. • A 35-year-old man and his daughter were hospitalised with serious injures when their motorcycle ran into a vehicle head on. B Ramesh and Preethi were taken to the Gandhi General Hospital where their condition was stated to be serious.
  14. 14. • In Guntur district, a 25-year-old man celebrating Holi died on the spot when he he run over by a truck at Durgi.• In Medak district, three persons drowned while washing up after Holi. Nagaraju, 25, resident of Andole, ventured into deep waters of the Manjeera river. Two others, Raju, 30, and Srinivas, also drowned while swimming in the river.
  15. 15. • At least four youngsters died in guwahati in separate accidents during the Holi celebrations on Thursday and Friday. The Kamrup district topped the chart in the road accidents with 25 accidents on Thursday. The state registered a total 179 cases of road accidents in the last 48 hours.
  16. 16. • Drive safely.• Don’t drink bhang and drive.• Do not go into deep water just for a days fun.• Not just accidents, but the colors and other health problems can also kill you.• You don’t care about your life, fine. Don’t take someone elses life.
  17. 17. Animals• People put on colors on animals brutally.• You want to enjoy and hurt yourself, do it. Don’t force another innocent soul to.• Dogs and other animals get really affected by the colors. They go blind, and get many health problems.
  18. 18. What to do?• Leave the animals alone!!• If you see someone hurting them, ask them to stop…it is your duty.
  19. 19. Conclusion• As a citizen of India…as a human being living on the fast degrading earth…it is your prime duty to save the world..it is your prime duty to care. There are many people who are dying for a drop of water. Many who are suffering problems due to all types of pollutions. And many, yet to come who will have to pay for what we are doing.
  20. 20. • You cannot escape from your duty by saying that you enjoy only once a year or just you playing dry holi is not gonna change anything because all the other people are “already” wasting water.• These are the most rubbish excuses you are making. You doing is right, makes it right! If you don’t start taking responsibility, who will??
  21. 21. • I regret playing Holi this year. I tried to adjust with all your views. I am sorry that I got cranky and ruined at least a few minutes of your holi celebration. I learnt that I cannot force anyone, even if I think that I have the right to on some people I love.• I hope that you also learn something, and change. Even a little change, can be a life giver.• Somebody somewhere will be happy and alive if you change your perception.
  22. 22. • I care for you. I have not experienced any loss in my life and I don’t even want to. It hurts when I think of loosing you or just think of you in pain. But, I cant do anything for it. I want you to save yourself.
  23. 23. Health effects and our mother earth in danger
  24. 24. BIBLIOGRAPHY• http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-03- 24/pune/37980744_1_water-wastage-holi• http://www.smstroop.com/tag/holi-problems/-acute-water- shortage• http://www.commonfloor.com/guide/save-water-on-this-holi- festival-1176.html• http://www.sagmart.com/newsdetails/Harmful-effects-of- colors-used-in-Holi• http://www.facebook.com/worldforall?ref=ts&fref=ts• The conclusion is written by me, they are my personal views.
  25. 25. Take responsibility. thank you.