Health on Mobiles - Reaching the Unreachable


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Presented at Health 2.0 in Delhi on 30th Jan, 2012

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Health on Mobiles - Reaching the Unreachable

  1. 1. Health On Mobiles Reaching the
  2. 2. Common Problems & Challenges Mobile Density in IndiaPopulation Growth Rising Healthcare Spend Patient CentricAgeing Population Integrated Care Connected Healthcare Standards & Interoperability © Religare Technologies Ltd. 2
  3. 3. The Workflow Call Initiation IVR Advice PrescriptionAn Airtel customer connects to The customer is guided by an The Health Officer collects the The Team lead evaluates the casethe service by dialing 5-44-45 IVR and informed of the prices, patient demographics, does a notes by the HO, and prescribes if the user consents, his DRABC assessment and then from a list of pre-approved cellphone account is debited proceeds as guided by CECC to medication. In case, more and the call is connected to the establish a differential Health Officer diagnosis and closes the call. information is needed, the team lead 5-44-45 The assessment is then calls the patient back for details. The forwarded to the team lead prescription is sent to the patient via Choose Language SMS/e-mail Terms & Conditions My son is unwell Accept Billing I’m here to help Rx Compliance & Feedback © HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 3
  4. 4. Mediphone is a 24X7 “Doctor on Phone” service backed by internationallyrenowned clinical decision support system from Medibank, Australia.MediPhone empowers people to get medical advice over the phone, at the time of theirchoice irrespective of location. The service offers: • Medical advice including self-care, doctor’s consultation and/or medication • Qualified medical professionals & MCI registered doctors, to assess & ensure right diagnosis • Prescription by SMS Mediphone has been introduced in India along with the country’s biggest telecom operator Airtel• 60 Healthcare Officers with a customer base of 175 million subscribers.• 1000 calls/day at peak Customers can dial out to the assigned short-code 5-44-45 – to avail the service per consultation. © HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 4
  5. 5. Pre-Connection Stage Call Initiation IVR Advice Prescription Choose Language Business Flow 5-44-45 Terms & Conditions Accept Billing Customer dials short Call lands at PRI code number 5-44-45 At IVR: Directed to IVR  Disclaimer  Consent  Language Selection Call directed to TWSS Call re-directed to for Billing Health Officer © HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 5
  6. 6. Post-Connection Stage Call Initiation IVR Advice Prescription Business Flow My son is unwell I’m here to help DRABCs assessed Welcome script Demographics to rule out any delivered collected emergent Rx symptoms Initial summary Symptomatic Clinical decision DEMOGRAPHICS captured and assessment done support system documented using CECC GUIDELINES QUESTIONS CLINICAL DISPOSITION Evidence based, Provisional Appropriate care time tested diagnosis reached. CARE ADVICE advice givenprotocol followed Disposition given CHOOSING MEDICATION SENDING SMS Team Lead reviews Closing script Patient encounter the presentingdelivered. End of transferred to the problem and the call. Team Lead case history Text message sentAppropriate drug to customer withprescribed from a care advice and/orStandard Drug list drug prescription © HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 6
  7. 7. Caller DeliverablesSMS Step 1 Thanks for using Mediphone from Airtel. You have been charged Rs. XX. Step 2 Thank you for calling Mediphone. Your advice is under review and will be sent to you shortly. Please call 121 if you do not receive your prescription within 1 hour Step 3 PATIENT NAME (Age:31 Yrs. Sex: Male). You have been recommended 1) Gel Voveran Thermagel (Diclofenac Sodium), 1 percent, (apply on affected area) 2-3 times daily. As and when required. 2) Tab Dolo 650 (Paracetamol), 650 mg, every 8 hours after meals, 3 days. Please consult an Orthopedic. In case the customer has an e-mail, Doctor’s advice is based on symptoms confirmed the prescription is mailed. by you. Dr. A (MCI No. 4999X) © HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 7
  8. 8. Visit MediPhone at Start-Up Corner outside the Hall Pankaj Vaish (m) +91 965 443 5656© HealthFore Technologies Ltd. 8