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I have made significant changes to my previous version of my music magazine. This slide show will show you why I made the changes and how I made them.

I have made significant changes to my previous version of my music magazine. This slide show will show you why I made the changes and how I made them.

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  • 1. This screen shot shows my final and complete front cover version of mymusic magazine. The following screenshots will show how I created thefront cover and why I used/customised various layers in order to createthe front cover, content page and double page spread.
  • 2. I used this medium close up image which I had collected from a directphoto-shoot. This image was the best from a wide choice of selectionsbecause it’s a close / medium shot which shows the strong facialexpression this person portrays. The straight look and the pouted lipsmakes this person look confident which works well with the genre of mymusic magazine; Hip Hop.
  • 3. I then inserted my master head, Epic. The lettering style I used was largewith an embossed effect, which made the word stand out in a boldmanner amongst the maroon/reddish background. The word Epic canhave many positive associating words such as grand and larger-than-life, which is why I chose this style of font with this size and effect.
  • 4. I inserted a small gold star to replace the dot on the “i” of Epic, a littleidea to make the magazine seem more distinctive.
  • 5. On the side of the master head, I wrote a another caption with the issuenumber, I formatted the letterings in a way similar to the golden star tokeep a grand and sophisticated feel, as this issue of my magazine will bethe 100th edition making it special.
  • 6. Next I typed the main story title that is to be included inside themagazine, “The Fresh Queen Of Hip Hop”, the word “fresh” is a keycomponent in this sentence as it widely used in the world of Hip Hopand urban slang terms as new and modern. The letterings whereformatted in such a way to stand out from the background colour of mymain image, with shadow affects that create a 3D feel to the words.
  • 7. I then typed the other featuring stories, sub stories, in a bold red colourand in a normal red colour to distinguish each story for each title. Iorganised the story lines in a column to make the magazine look tidierand professional.
  • 8. In big bold lettering, with in/out glow effects, stokes and colouroverlays, I created the name of my main artist of the front cover, Rose.The reason why I had chose to create this word in such a font and style isbecause it is the main name that the audience should instantly visuallyread to recognise and pay immediate attention towards.
  • 9. The final small task was inserting a bard code into the bottom rightcorner, the final touch makes my music magazine look genuine and real.
  • 10. I used a similar image to my content cover, however the mainimage/person is facing a leftward direction, wearing a sun glasses. Thesunglasses, the baseball hat are significant in this music magazinebecause they are the crucial elements that makes this individual relatedto Hip Hop through fashion.
  • 11. The letter “C” was enlarged on the content page with the same colourbackground as my front cover to keep contingency, the effect of this isan emphasised, “Content”, word that stands out to give the readeracknowledgement of the intentions of this page as well as it being aninteresting affect on the page.
  • 12. With adarker shadeto thebackgroundof mycontentpage, I usedsquareblocks toseparateeachindividualstoryline, makingit visuallyeasier toread.
  • 13. I then inserted the text “She Is Rose” above my main image to highlightthe articles name and what is to follow on within the music magazine, Iedited the text with drop shadow of red on a black font to make it standout amongst the many layers on this page.
  • 14. I inserted a smaller image relevant to that specific article behind themain image, this composition makes the content page more dynamic ina sense that there are more than one images used, in different positionsand angles, the image is facing rightwards, opposing the main image, likea back to back effect of personals. Again I used the sun glass prop to givethat Hip Hop feel.
  • 15. I finally inserted a small image of the front cover, this creates a linkbetween the content page and the front cover. Giving the reader asense of relevancy through remembrance.
  • 16. My first action on the double page spread was to insert a main image ofmy artist, the article is to include an interview on the right side of thespread and on the left a main image of my artist looking towards theinterview section.
  • 17. Secondly I created the title for this page, “Catching up with the queen ofHip Hop”. I used a emboss effect with a dark red shadow to make theletterings stand out. The dark red shadow effect closely relates to thecolour scheme which is red and white.
  • 18. I then typed out an introduction to the interview, the first letter wasenlarged with a red colour fill, this was intentionally done to make thetext more visually exciting and forms a starting place to enable thereader to start reading.
  • 19. In between the introduction, I placed another image of my main artistbut wearing different clothing, showing the reading the main artist indifferent varieties , which makes the article more interesting to view andread. Placing the image in-between the lettering ensures that there isalways awareness of my main artist throughout the article. Making themain artist the focal point throughout the magazine was my main aim.
  • 20. Next was the typing of the interview, I used a dark red filled boxesbehind a white font to make the lettering stand out amongst the whitebackground, this made the writing easier to read and it adheres tocolour scheme of the magazine; white and red.
  • 21. At the bottom of the second page, I inserted two images related to the question inthe red box. The reason why I had taken the images from this angle is to concealthe face of this person to adds mystery, I also decreased the brightness making itslightly less visible to see but still shows a slight hint. The question in the box isrelevant to the images beside it and as a result the reader has a sense ofinteraction with the article.
  • 22. I used a pull quote from the interview answers and positioned it next to the mainarticle, in line with the edges of the image. The reason for this is to make thearticle more visually interesting to view and thus making it more eye catching.Keeping the reader interested will prevent boredom and disappointment in themagazine.
  • 23. Finally I inserted an image of my main artist directly facing the reader. The imageopacity has been decreased and is placed behind nearly all layers, giving thedouble page spread a final visual impact on the reader. The decrease in opacitywill allow the reader to see the image but not be distracted from the main articleitself.