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Platypus Platform 3.0 is a JavaScript software platform for fast development of enterprise-grade applications. It hides implementation's complexity and technical details and allows to concentrate on solving business tasks.

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Platypus Platform 3.0 presentation

  1. 1. Platypus Platform 3.0 An easy way to create enterprise applications Vadim Vashkevich
  2. 2. Overview Platypus Platform 3.0 is a JavaScript software platform for rapid development of enterprise-grade applications.
  3. 3. Problem  Software development is HARD Java Core J2EE Databases SQLSwing HTML&CSS JavaScript JSP JSF JPA Java Frameworks: Spring, Play! etc. JS Frameworks: JQuery, ExtJS, etc. GWT JDBC Domain knowledge
  4. 4. Consequences  Qualified Software Developers is hard to find and expensive  For one project we need people with different roles (BA, Java coder, HTML coder, etc)  Development process takes too much time  Complex systems are not easy to modify
  5. 5. Solution  Must be a simple way! SQL JavaScript Platypus Platform The Complete Solution, very easy to start, but extensible Domain knowledge
  6. 6. Solution  Fast to start after learning some basic concepts, initially requires only knowledge of JavaScript and SQL  Horizontally scalable between developers  Very compact code footprint  Easy to modify, no need to recompile  Full power of Java & Java EE
  7. 7. Technology  JavaScript backed by Java & HTML5 Java SEHTML5 Browser Java EE Platypus Application Designer HTML, CSS, JS (no plugins required) Platypus Platform
  8. 8. Features  JavaScript everywhere, in-browser and on JVM  HTML5 and/or desktop & server  Server applications can run in a Java EE container  Database access level/ORM implementation based on SQL queries and subject data model - no meta data duplication
  9. 9. Configurations Desktop Java Client HTML5 browser Platypus Application Server J2EE server/container DB Desktop Java Client Desktop Java Client HTTP/HTTPS HTTP/HTTPS Binary protocol
  10. 10. More features..  Built-in Security Management  Hot reloading of changed code  Automatic dependencies resolving  Referencing to JavaScript resources by paths or by global identifiers
  11. 11. Even more features..  Database migrations support  Application can be hosted inside the database  Rich reports are included
  12. 12. IDE aka Platypus Designer  Based on NetBeans Platform  Visually define database structure  Visually configure data queries  Visually create the GUI  Write JavaScript code  Deploy, run and debug applications  Create and apply database migrations
  13. 13. Team The Platypus Platform Team. CTO Marat F. Gainullin is in the center. Our team members average experience is ~10 years. The team includes two PhDs in CS.
  14. 14. Milestones  2010 v1.0 started as an internal tool at Alternative-Soft Ltd.  2012 v2.0, a number of projects successfully implemented  2013 v3.0, external sales started >>> ready for global expansion
  15. 15. Competition  Node JS  JS client frameworks  Spring Framework  Groovy & Grails  .NET  Delphi  SAP NetWeawer  1C
  16. 16. Business model  Commercial licensing per server instance  Free/cheep starter versions  Developing the partners/distributors network Platypus Platform Partner Customer Community Value preposition: development cost cut, fast development Value preposition: development cost cut, speed up, easer to support Value preposition: all-in-one tool
  17. 17. Target customer Software development & outsourcing companies (Luxoft, Accenture, Cognizant etc) for projects for: − Large companies − Government − Navigation & fleet management − Healthcare
  18. 18. Summary  Go to  Download the Platform & IDE  Check the tutorials and documentation If you have any questions >> contact us