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Vademecom - agency presentation
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Vademecom - agency presentation


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. communications consulting agencybrainstorming tomorrowdefining todayvademecomagency presentation
  • 2. 2vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionVademecom is a communications and change management consulting agency.We support you with our offer of services in the following areas:Analysis of your communications challengesDefinition of goals and a coherent communications strategyDevelopment of communications plans: objectives, targets, actions, planningImplementation of operational actions defined in the communications planTracking of resultspositionexpertisescopereferencesus
  • 3. 3vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertiseinternal communicationsexternal communicationscrisis communicationaccompanyingchangescopereferencesusinternal communicationsSeveral studies have outlined two main hurdles that companies face with regular internal communications: thepriority given to operational objectives, and lack of time. We can help you to analyse what’s at stake in termsof communication, elaborate your internal communication strategy, and implement concrete and adaptedaction plans.Communication of your company’s strategy. Explain and mobilise your employees around a common project.Unite, motivate, and foster an increased sense of pride.Implementation of your company’s projects. Prepare specific communications plans to explain change,thereby increasing the chances of its success.Roll-out of your company’s specific tools: seminars, newsletters, magazines, intranet, HR communication. Create and deploy the specific tools and implement the communications channels necessaryto relay the information and share the knowledge.Implementation and facilitation of an internal communicators network. Create an internal community able to activity participate inthe spreading of your company’s communication.Communication with your employee representative bodies. Establish the basis for an open social dialogue.
  • 4. 4vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertiseinternal communicationsexternal communicationscrisis communicationaccompanyingchangescopereferencesusexternal communicationsRegardless of a company’s size, external communications is instrumental to its image and reputation, andessential to convey its values, objectives, positioning, and competitive points of difference. A fine-tuned externalcommunication plan can help your partners, customers, and prospects develop a positive opinion about yourcompany..Increase your visibility. Present your company, positioning, strategic direction,offer, products and/or services.Increase or improve your reputation. Demonstrate the reliability of your strategy and quality of your products in a highly competitive market,generate business contacts, and reassure your global stakeholders: customers, partners, the financial community,and shareholders.crisis communicationCrises are not always predicted, but they can be anticipated. Companies need to face a crisis with atransparent and convincing approach. Top management must be ready to manage each issue that could havea negative impact on the company’s image, the reputations of its employees, brands, and products, and itsfuture business opportunities.Changes to the company’s structure (reorganisation, restructuring, merger/acquisition). Minimise the negative impact on your image by explaining the changes, presenting the project,and outlining the impact on your employees and stakeholders.Health or safety crisis. Limit any crisis in confidence by implementing, within the shortest timeframe,the messaging platform and QAs to explain the crisis, confirm responsibilities,present corrective actions and set next steps.
  • 5. 5vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertiseinternal communicationsexternal communicationscrisis communicationaccompanyingchangescopereferencesusaccompanying changeThere is no such thing as small change.When a company undergoes change of any kind, it can lead to a modification of it rules or values, youremployees’ professional identity, or the balance of power.Change therefore can be perceived as a breach that has the potential to overwhelm your teams.Changes in your internal organisation (reorganising services, merging/dividing entities,introducing new functions to an entity, transferring or externalising jobs, etc.) . Explain to your employees the ins and outs of the new organisation andmaximise your team’s support for the change.New policies and/or new processes (procurement, business travelling, activity reports, etc.). Allow your employees to take ownership of the new “rules of the game”.New tools (new IT systems, new production tools, etc.). Help users adapt to the change in practice.Change in working conditions (move, new safety rules, change in wages policy, etc.). Provide reassurance about the ultimate benefits of the changes to working conditions.
  • 6. 6vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecominternal communications Internal magazines, information feeds, HR communication,communications kits, internal communication audits,company strategy and values,internal seminars and events,specific internal programmesGroupe Alcan, Logica, Constellium,Alcan Packaging, Alcan Engineered Productsaccompanying change Integration-related communication processesfollowing assets acquisition or divestment,restructuring communicationprocesses Logica, Alcan Packaging, Alcan EngineeredProducts, Constellium, Amcorcrisis communication Financial deals, activity divestment,restructuring plans,work-related accidents,industrial actionGroupe Alcan, Alcan Engineered Products,Alcan Packaging, Constellium, Amcordigital communication e-card, e-newsletter, intranet, web site, strategies toimprove SEO-ranking, adviceon hosting, web platforms,etc.Alcan Engineered Products, Constellium,Logica, Alcan Packaging, Amcoraudio-visual communication Internal videos,feature reports,CEO messagesAlcan Engineered Products, Constellium, Logicaexternal communicationsMedia relations programmes(for products or corporatemessaging), publications,events, marketingcommunicationGartner Group, IBM, Hewlett Packard,Alcan Packaging, Constellium, ArcelorMittal France,Alcan Engineered Products, Logica, Festival d’Anjoupositionexpertisescopereferencesusscope references
  • 7. 7vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertisescopereferencesusphilosophyambitionpersonality valueswho are we?Each problem hasa solutionWe are listening to you.We immerse ourselves in yourorganisation to offer you asolution adapted to yourcommunication issues.If you have a problem, wecan propose the solutions.Relax and let ustake care of everythingWe aim to facilitate yourdaily work.We will only bother you whenabsolutely necessary.Although autonomous, wewill always keep you up inthe loop.A serious approach, withouttaking ourselves too seriouslyFriendliness runs at the heartof our interactions.Our positive and dynamicapproach removes theobstacles in our path.philosophyDrawing on several years of experience within companies and agencies,we offer a twin expertise: we understand your expectations exactly,and we master communication tools and techniques.
  • 8. 8vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecomambitionThink before acting Made to measure ConductorsWe are thoughtful and pragmatic:we think before we act.We listen to you, we analyse yourcontext, and we understand you inorder to offer personalised,high-end solutions..We are craftswomen with realknow-how, which wetailor to each of your needs.We do not hold a magic wand,but offer you realistic,made-to-measure solutions.We are conductors.Masters of our discipline,we set the music that your issuesrequire to offer you global, consistentand harmonised solutions.Reinvent customer relationshippositionexpertisescopereferencesusphilosophyambitionpersonality valueswho are we?
  • 9. 9vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertisescopereferencesusphilosophyambitionpersonality valueswho are we?We continuously monitornew trends, new tools and revisitclassics to give them acreative twist, offering you newbut efficient solutions.We have skills, but not every skill.We only undertake to dowhat we are skilled at doing.We commit to always offerhighest-quality services thatsurpass your expectations.Companies undergo change.We adapt to your needsto provide the closestsupport possible.We have ideas,lots of ideas,which nourish our proposals.We listen to clients anddeliver specific solutions thatare realistic and adaptedto your challenges.Drawing on our wide experiencewithin companies and agencies,our approach combines efficiencyand macroeconomics thinking.We think like you and act for you.Careful about every detail,vagueness is prohibited.Our work is attractive andperfectly executed.Daring Know-howQualityTrustAdaptabilityCreativityDual-focusedDetail-orientedpersonality valuesCulture is what makes a company unique. Our culture is grounded in a strong personalityand demanding values. This is the essence of our work philosophy.
  • 10. 10vademecom I agency presentation© 2013 communications consulting agency vademecompositionexpertisescopereferencesusphilosophyambitionpersonality valueswho are we?Partners : Lili’s Com, Calamotion, NSTY ProductionsAccording to your needs, Vademecom calls upon a network of partners with complementary skills:change management consultants, spokesperson training, social relations specialists,creation agencies (design, videos, etc.).Angélique held communications management rolesat numerous industrial companies over several years.Her roles encompassed HR, external and internalcommunications, as well as overseeingthe communications for operational activitiesof an industrial group in Europe. She later took responsibilityfor communications at a company with 3,000 employees.In 2011, she decided to channel her years of experiencein communications and change managementinto creating the agency Vademecom.For nearly 10 years, Christine worked in specialistand international communications agencies,handling niche subject areas such as new technologiesand financial operations. In charge of her clients’ budgets,she was responsible for defining communications strategiesand putting them into action.She subsequently moved in-house, working for seven yearsas the internal communications director at a world-leadingaluminium transformation company (9,000 employees,22 countries). In 2012, she became associate director ofVademecom.Angélique du Rostu Christine Chanetwho are we?
  • 11. 5 bd berthier75017 paris01 42 29 98 34contact@vademecom.netwww.vademecom.netthank you for your attentioncommunications consulting agency