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Vacon compact ac drives
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Vacon compact ac drives


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Introduction to Vacon's compact range AC drives.

Introduction to Vacon's compact range AC drives.

Published in: Engineering, Business

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  • 1. Vacon Compact AC DrivesCreating Perfect Harmony
  • 2. Work with a supplier that is committed toits OEM customers Consider your current supplier. Are you satisfied with all areas of co-operation? Vacon has a proven track record in working with OEM customers Our products are designed with the needs of the OEM in focus For high volume customers we can also offer customized solutions Vacon is one of the fastest growing AC drives manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1993 we have grown to one of the major players in the business thanks to our good customers and strong will co-operation 16/04/12 2
  • 3. Global Sales, Support and Service Vacon has developed its sales, support and service network to support its customers in the best possible way – globally We have a skilled drives dedicated service and support on all main markets All our main service centres offer 24/7 on-call service 16/04/12 3
  • 4. Global Sales, Support and Service Production and R&D Vacon PLC Vacon own sales offices Served by partner 16/04/12 4
  • 5. Global Sales, Support and Service Manufacturing and R&D on three continents Production and R&D Vacon PLC Vacon own sales offices Served by partner 16/04/12 5
  • 6. Global Sales, Support and Service Manufacturing Vacon sales and R&D on three offices in 27 continents countries Production and R&D Vacon PLC Vacon own sales offices Served by partner 16/04/12 6
  • 7. Global Sales, Support and Service Manufacturing Vacon sales Service centers in and R&D on three offices in 27 52 countries (including continents countries partners) Production and R&D Vacon PLC Vacon own sales offices Served by partner 16/04/12 7
  • 8. Harmony in Products 16/04/12 8
  • 9. Compact Range Product Philosophy Efficient products that are suited for a high variety of applications Optimized to meet the needs of OEMs served via Vacon and Vacon’s partner network globally Designed for a short installation and setup time All functionality that should be needed is available built-in into the unit 16/04/12 9
  • 10. Compact AC Product OverviewVacon 10 Vacon 20 Vacon 20 Cold PlateAs Easy as possible Possibilities and Flexibility in cooling performance• Pumps & Fans • Conveyors • Textile machinery• Conveyors • Packaging machines • Hoists and cranes• Other speed control needs • Processing machines • Conveyors in demanding • Washing machines environment • Pumps & Fans • Compressors and heat pumps • Other speed control needs 16/04/12 10
  • 11. Vacon 10 – As Easy as possible Easy access terminals IP21/ Customer Benefits: Nema 1 options (wall mounting) •Short installation time •Space saving design Parameter copying Easy user interface •Parameter copying without main and quick without main power power menu Voltage MI1 MI2 MI3 110-120V (1~) - 0.75 kW 1.1kW DIN rail Side by side 208-240V (1~) 0.55 kW 1.5 kW 2.2 kW mounting mounting 208-240V 0.55 kW 1.5 kW 2.2 kW as standard possible 380-480V 0.75 kW 2.2 kW 5.5 kW 575-600V - - 0.75 - 5.5 kW The Range The Features The Benefits 16/04/12 11
  • 12. Vacon 20 – Possibilities and Performance Wide power CanOpen, range DeviceNet Customer Benefits: >16A units Profibus DP, choke as option •Best possible performance Pulse train Easy user •Optimum solution with input interface customized application + parameter SW copying •Fast installation and Voltage MI1 MI2 MI3 MI4 MI5 setup110-120V (1~) - 0.75 kW 1.1kW - - High IEC61131-3208-240V (1~) 0.55 kW 1.5 kW 2.2 kW - - functionality and built-in PLC functionality •Full connectivity to 208-240V 0.55 kW 1.5 kW 2.2 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW performance automation systems 380-480V 0.75 kW 2.2 kW 5.5 kW 11 kW 18.5 kW 575-600V - - 0.75 - 5.5 kW - - The Range The Features The Benefits 16/04/12 12
  • 13. Vacon 20 – Flexibility in Cooling Cold plate Passive, cooling Liquid or Customer Benefits: concept other cooling media •Best possible cooling performance 70°C ambient Fast-plug I/O •Optimum solution with temperature Connector customized application rating SW •Fast installation and setup Functional IEC61131-3 safety built-in built-in PLC functionality •Fast installation and (STO, SIL2) cabling for OEMs Voltage MS2 MS3 380-480V 3 kW 7.5 kW The Range The Features The Benefits 16/04/12 13
  • 14. Options and Solutions 16/04/12 14
  • 15. Easy to Use Keypad 16/04/12 15
  • 16. Easy to Use Keypad Menu Indicators 16/04/12 16
  • 17. Easy to Use Keypad Menu Indicators Status Indicators 16/04/12 17
  • 18. Easy to Use Keypad Menu Indicators Status Indicators Easy Change of Control place 16/04/12 18
  • 19. Easy to Use Keypad Menu Indicators Status Indicators Easy mobile phone type of Easy Change of navigation logic Control place 16/04/12 19
  • 20. Menu Overview 16/04/12 20
  • 21. Menu Overview 16/04/12 21
  • 22. Menu Overview 16/04/12 22
  • 23. Menu Overview 16/04/12 23
  • 24. Menu Overview 16/04/12 24
  • 25. Menu Overview 16/04/12 25
  • 26. Menu Overview 16/04/12 26
  • 27. Using The Parameter Copy Tools The MCA or the magnetic Simply connect the copy tool Download settings to as keypad can be used for to the drive and upload the many drives as you like copying parameter settings settings to the MCA/Keypad. MCA has a battery built-in. No power needed in the drive (if option board is mounted main power or 24V is needed) 16/04/12 27
  • 28. Vacon Live PC Software Drive InfoVacon Live Main Window Parameter Browser Upload/Download Settings Fault Diagnostic Read Fault Codes MonitoringControl ToolbarControl the drive with start/stop and speed 16/04/12 28
  • 29. Comprehensive I/O as standard Wide standard I/O configuration – 2xAnalogue Inputs – 6xDigital Inputs – 1xAnalogue out – 1xDigital out – 2xRelay out Easy programming of signals with DIP switches Robust screw I/O terminals on all types. – Vacon 20 Cold Plate has removable terminals – Vacon 20 Cold Plate has all I/O on parallel multi-pin connector Safe Torque Off in Vacon 20 CP 16/04/12 29
  • 30. Comprehensive I/O as standard 16/04/12 30
  • 31. Vacon 20 Option board support Connectivity to all main fieldbus systems Option Board Function Expansion of I/O and connection of sensors OPT-E3 Profibus DC (Screw terminals) OPT-E5 Profibus DP (Sub-D terminals) OPT-E6 CANOpen OPT-E7 DeviceNet OPT-CI Modbus/TCP * OPT-CP ProfiNet * OPT-CQ Ethernet/IP * OPT-B2 2xRO+Thermistor * OPT-B4 Galvanic isolation 1xAI+2xAO * OPT-BF 1xAO, 1xDO, 1xRO *MI1-MI3 Vacon 20 MI4- Vacon 20 Cold PlateOption board kit Mounted inside drive Mounted inside drive OPT-BH PT100, PT1000 Ni1000, KTY84 * * available 2012 16/04/12 31
  • 32. Standard OptionsKeypad door mounting Magnetic keypad mounting Micro Communications Adapterkit for Vacon 20 for Vacon 20 Cold Plate (MCA) for Vacon 10 and Vacon 20Built-in EMC filters USB connection cable for PC Flange mounting optionfor Vacon 10 & Vacon 20 for Vacon 20 MI4 and MI5 16/04/12 32
  • 33. Full Option List 16/04/12 33
  • 34. Using Vacon 20 Cold Plate Drives Gives completely new possibilities for Up to 70% 30% OEMs to create advanced cooling of losses to external of losses inside solutions heat sink enclosure Extremely robust drive design. No fans and no airflow needed around the drive High ambient temperature rating for Example: Vacon 20 Cold Plate the drive itself (+70°C) drive mounted in a sealed enclosure Maximum ambient temperature for the heat sink depends on its sizing Available in sizes 0.75kW – 7.5kW 16/04/12 34
  • 35. Cold Plate Heat Sink Selection Heatsink selection example: MS2 8A @ continuous load @ 40°C heat sink ambient temperature: 85°C - 40°C RHSmax = ---------- - 0,014°C/W = 0,522 °C/W (maximum thermal R) 84 W Select an heat sink with low enough thermal resistance and add a sufficient margin for possible pollution and to compensate for heat sink internal thermal resistance from cold plate area to the edges. Example: +15% margin -> 0,522 °C/W x 0,85 -> Max. thermal R = 0,44 °C/W Example: Heat sink selector @ www.birminghamaluminium.comThermal Resistance Junction to Cold plate:(Assuming WLPF compound & standard thickness)MS2 Rj = 0,014 °C/WMS3 Rj = 0,0068 °C/WTCPmax = 85°CCalculating the maximum allowed thermal resistanceof the heat sink is done using the formula below: Note ! If the ED of the application is less than 100% the heat loss and thus the needed heat sink will be smaller Thermal compound between cold plate and heat sink is assumed to be used Internal losses 33W. Verify that inside temperature of the enclosure will not exceed +70°C 16/04/12 35
  • 36. Applying the Drives 16/04/12 36
  • 37. General Specification Supply voltage: – Voltage tolerance -15%...+10% – Frequency tolerance 45-66Hz Output specification: – Frequency 0…320Hz – Resolution 0.01Hz – Voltage 0…Uin (115V 2xUin) – Continuous current IN at rated ambient temperature – Overload: 1.5 x IN max. 1 min/10 min Starting current 2 x IN max 2s/20s 16/04/12 37
  • 38. General Specification Enclosure class: – IP20 – Vacon 20 MI4 and MI5 IP21 – MI1-MI5 drives Nema Type 1 with option kit Control method: – U/f or Sensorless Vector Speed Ctrl – Switching frequency 1.5...16kHz Default 4kHz, 575V 2kHz, Cold Plate 6kHz – Braking torque 100 % x TN with brake chopper in 3-phase version sizes MS2-3, MI2-5 – 30 % x TN with DC-braking. Dynamic flux braking available in all types 16/04/12 38
  • 39. General Specification Ambient temperature: – MI1-5: -10…+50C – Cold Plate models: -10…+70C – MI1-3 side by side mounting: -10…+40C Other: – Coated PCBs as standard in all models – Temperature controlled cooling fan in models with fan Approvals: – EN61800, C-Tick, Gost R, CB, CE, UL, cUL, IEC (not all versions, see unit nameplate for more detailed approvals) 16/04/12 39
  • 40. Features for Pumps and Fans Local / Remote switchable Built-in PID controller Sleep mode functionality in PID controller Actual value display with scaling to customer units Prohibited frequency ranges Flying start (catch spinning motor) Pump dry-run / Fan belt supervision Motor thermal protection built-in 16/04/12 40
  • 41. Features for Material handling Control logic for mechanical brake S-rounding of ramps Automatic ramp switching (1 or 2) dependent on output frequency Adjustable DC-brake time at start/ stop Motor potentiometer function Cold-Plate cooling possible Brake chopper as standard in 3- phase units size 2 and bigger 16/04/12 41
  • 42. Features for Conveyors & Packaging Control logic for mechanical brake Pulse train input (Vacon 20) Motor stall protection Flux braking for dynamic braking without brake chopper Brake chopper as standard in 3- phase units size 2 and bigger Safe Torque Off (Vacon 20 CP) 16/04/12 42
  • 43. Features for Textile Machines Cold Plate cooling possibility – dust resistance passive cooling Wide standard I/O Built-in PID controller 8-Preset Speeds RS-485 Modbus RTU as standard Advanced programmability and sequencing with built-in PLC functionality according to IEC61131-3 16/04/12 43
  • 44. Other Functionality Motor Id run for maximum control performance Motor pre-heat/anti condensation functionality Adjustable On/Off delays for relay outputs Analogue and relay outputs are controllable via fieldbus Automatic fault reset Keypad parameter lock with password protection 16/04/12 44
  • 45. Vacon Programming built-in PLC Features Keypad & parameter lists – To create customer specific drive – Full access to parameters SW for Vacon 20 drives – Monitoring item – Extremely flexible drive – Default settings programming Performance – No extra runtime HW needed – Cycle times 5ms, 10ms, 100ms and Programming in IEC61131-3 1000ms – Block diagram – Structured text – Ladder diagram 16/04/12 45
  • 46. Vacon Programming built-in PLC 16/04/12 46
  • 47. Examples Of Customer ProjectsAir Handling Unit Fan Roof Top Fan Compressor driveThe standard Vacon 10 was The drive was used to improve Special mechanical version ofused to control the fan and the controllability of the fan. the Vacon 10 was created for aoptimize the energy efficiency. high volume customer. Vacon delivered a drive to theThe Vacon 10 also reduced customer with tailored Customer specific ratings andthe noise level of the fan application SW to simplify the cooling concept. Tailor madeduring normal operation use. The product was also SW for customer’s special need branded according to customer specification. 16/04/12 47
  • 48. Summary16/04/12 48
  • 49. SummaryVacon is dedicated to work with its OEMs to provide the best possibledrives solutionVacon can provide global sales, support and service to support itscustomers (or to the customer of the customer)The Vacon Compact AC range consists of:– Vacon 10 – As Easy as Possible– Vacon 20 – Possibilities and Performance– Vacon 20 Cold Plate – Flexibility in coolingThe products offer comprehensive functionality and options for all themain applications where usedSoftware adaptation can be done using the Vacon Programming Tool 16/04/12 49
  • 50. Presentation name / Author 16/04/12 50