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Because-Cell-Phones-Are-So-Common,-It-Is-Only-Natu74 Because-Cell-Phones-Are-So-Common,-It-Is-Only-Natu74 Document Transcript

  • Because cell phones are so common, it is only natural that there should be different types of spy phone made to look like regular cell phones.There are three main types of cell spy phone. Anyone of them can prove to be quite useful, and they can help you get the information you seek. However, which one would work best for you depends upon what you need the phone for, and what your budget range spy phone
  • The least expensive of the cell spy phone types is a regular cell phone bugThis is simply a bug that looks like a cell phone While it does have somelimited cell phone capabilities, it is generally just a glorified stationary device
  • You can "forget" it someplace, or leave it in a room to "charge," but it onlypicks up the sounds from a specific area It is a lot like a regular RF transmitterbug, only it looks like a cell phone This is a good choice for inexpensivesurveillance, but you have to be careful or people will start wondering why yourphone never seems to be with you
  • Another spy phone disguised as a cell phone has a few more capabilitiesThis type of phone allows you to hone in on conversations in your vicinity andlisten in on them
  • You can hear nokia spy phone them through your receiver, and it just lookslike you are talking on your cell phone, just like the people you areeavesdropping on may be using a cell phone Some of these types of phonescan also be used as regular cell phones
  • Finally, the most high tech cell spy phone (as well as the most expensive) isone that acts as real phone but allows access to both ends of the conversationor even acts as a listening device to pick up conversation in the room This isnot a phone that you use yourself and listen to people; it is one that others use
  • A secret number allows you dial in to the phone and have access toeverything that is going on around that phone, whether it is both ends of a cellphone conversation, or whether it is listening in on what is taking place at aclandestine meeting No matter your needs, one of the most inconspicuousways to find out what you want to know is to use a cell spy phone
  • (c) 2005 Copyright This article is about: Spy Phone
  • nokia spy phone