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Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community
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Associations and Infrastructures of Germany's Library Community


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  • Let‘s start with some facts about libraries in Germany

    10.195 Bibliotheken gibt es in Deutschland
    338.000 Veranstaltungen finden jährlich in Bibliotheken statt
    700.000 Besuche zählen die Bibliotheken jeden Werktag
    210.000.000 Menschen besuchen Bibliotheken jährlich
    365.000.000 Medien stehen in den Bibliotheken bereit
    471.000.000 Medien werden jährlich entliehen
    (Quelle: Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik 2012)

  • Membership figures: Hauptamtlich / ehrenamtlich!!

    Our aims
    The German Library Association exists to promote German libraries, the study of librarianship and information science, the further development of libraries and cooperation between all libraries and institutions of librarianship. We embrace the common concerns of librarianship and information.
    We focus on strengthening the position of libraries and the institutions of librarianship within politics and society. Our objective is to increase awareness of our impact on culture and education. We promote the advancement of librarianship.
    Our mission includes the promotion of reading and the adoption of modern information techniques as indispensable pre-requisites for participation in society, knowledge and information.
    About the German Library Association
    The German Library Association (dbv) is the professional body representing all German libraries and uniting them as equal partners, irrespective of size or sector, ranging from the largest state or university library down to the smallest local community library and including special libraries, church libraries, public library service centres and training institutions. For the past few years sponsors from the academic and economic sectors have actively supported the work of the dbv, which also welcomes library patron groups.
    We cooperate with numerous national and international committees and organisations on behalf of our approximately 2,000 members. At the political level the dbv is headed by the President and at the executive level by the Executive Committee with the advisory assistance of a Board including representatives from both the library and political sectors. Nine Sections corresponding to professional areas of interest and 16 branches at federal state level further represent the interests of our members. Their activities are supported and coordinated by the head office in Berlin.
    We keep our members up to date on our work through our Newsletter, the International Newsletter, the dbv yearbook, individual articles in professional journals, our Annual General Meeting and regular updates to our website.
  • Our organisation
    The Members’ Assembly is the top-level organ of our association. Assembly members determine the Association’s policy guidelines and so reach decisions on all matters of fundamental importance.
    The President and the two Vice-Presidents are leading political or administrative personalities, elected to office by the Members’ Assembly. They represent the Association in the public sphere and advise the Executive Committee and Board on all important decisions.
    The Executive Committee is likewise elected by the Members’ Assembly. It consists of three representatives of academic and public libraries respectively. The Chairman or Chairwoman is elected as an additional member of the Committee from the academic and public sectors in turn. The Committee is responsible for managing the activities of the dbv and acts as its official representative. The Chairman or Chairwoman must be a professional librarian; the remaining six members represent public and academic libraries in equal proportions.
    The Board supports the work of the Executive Committee. Its members include the Chairmen and Chairwomen of the federal branches and the sections, together with representatives of national, federal state and local government associations, the German Research Foundation and independent library funding bodies. The Board debates problems of particular significance for the library system and serves our Association in an advisory function.
    Our regional branches represent our interests at federal state level. Their chief concern is to promote the library and information system within each state, to enhance understanding of its significance and implications, to improve cooperation within the appropriate institutions and to discuss matters of common professional interest. The regional branches work closely with the central federal association, professional institutions and other organisations.
    Our Association is divided into nine Sections. Each Section embraces libraries of similar size or sector, enabling them collaborate, exchange know-how and work on common solutions to professional problems.
    We have created expertise groups, task forces and specialist commissions to deal with specific issues.
    Services Commission
    Management Commission
    Law Commission
    Expertise groups
    Libraries and Schools
    Libraries for Children and Young People
    Acquisitions and Collections Development
    Intercultural Library Work
    The Head Office is the central point of exchange, assisting the Association’s organs, running the day-to-day business and linking to a network of multiple contacts.
  • Leistungsdaten: Von Bibliotheken. Für Bibliotheken
    DBS – Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (hbz)
    Die Gesamtstatistik der deutschen Bibliotheken bietet Daten
    und Fakten zu Stadt-, Hochschul- und Spezialbibliotheken –
    im schnellen Überblick oder als individuelle Auswertung.

    Wissen & Innovation durch weltweiten Erfahrungsaustausch
    Internationale Kooperation (dbv)
    Internationaler Wissenstransfer fördert innovative Bibliotheken!
    Der Arbeitsbereich macht Fachwissen aus aller Welt
    zugänglich, organisiert die Zusammenarbeit in internationalen
    Gremien, fungiert als Sekretariat des IFLA-Nationalkomitees
    und koordiniert die Interessenvertretung der Bibliotheken
    im globalen Kontext.

    Fördermittel für Bibliotheken
    EU- und Drittmittelberatung (dbv)
    Der Arbeitsbereich informiert über Fördermöglichkeiten und
    aktuelle Ausschreibungen, unterstützt Bibliotheken bei
    Projektanträgen und hilft bei der Suche nach internationalen

    Normen für effiziente Bibliotheksarbeit
    Normenausschuss NABD (DIN)
    Der Normenausschuss Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen
    ist das Forum, in dem Bibliotheken und Archive aktiv die
    nationalen und internationalen Normungsprozesse mitgestalten,
    die ihre Arbeit betreffen. Angebunden an diesen Bereich
    sind die Arbeitsgruppen Bibliotheksbau und RFID in Bibliotheken
    mit einem umfassenden Informationsangebot.

    Das bundesweite Leistungsmessungsinstrument für Bibliotheken
    Bibliotheksindex BIX (dbv / hbz)
    Der BIX ist das Bibliotheksranking für Öffentliche und
    wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken – ein Instrument für Benchmarking
    und Leistungsvergleich auf nationaler Ebene. Er wird jährlich
    als Kooperation von dbv, hbz,, der Hochschule der
    Medien Stuttgart und infas durchgeführt und von der Bertelsmann
    Stiftung begleitet.

    Das Internetportal zu Bibliotheken
    Bibliotheksportal (dbv)
    Das Internet-Portal rund um Bibliotheken bietet Daten und
    Fakten zu Bibliotheken, informiert über aktuelle Diskussionen
    und weist den Weg zu bibliothekarischem Fachwissen im
    Netz. Ein Angebot des dbv als Modul des Wissenschaftsportals

    Das Fortbildungsportal für Bibliothek und Information
    Fortbildungsportal (HAW Hamburg)
    Das Portal präsentiert bundesweit
    bibliothekarische Fortbildung sangebote. Es wurde durch die
    Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, Department
    Information, entwickelt und betreut – unter Schirmherrschaft
    des KNB.

    Der Knoten im Netz
    Koordination des Kompetenznetzwerks (dbv)
    Die Koordinationsstelle übernimmt die Organisation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
    für das Kompetenznetzwerk, betreibt die gemeinsame
    Qualitätssicherung und unterstützt die Arbeit des Steuerungsgremiums.
    Er trägt Verantwortung für die Finanzierung des
    Netzwerks und unterstützt die Vorbereitung neuer Projekte.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Associations and Infrastructures of Germany‘s Library Community The German Library Association and the Network of Excellence for Libraries
    • 2. Library-related players in Germany Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen German Library Association Deutscher Bibliotheksverband Association of German Librarians Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare Library Service Provider EKZ ekz Bibliotheksservice Germany‘s Organisation for International Cultural and Educational Relations Association of Information and Library Professionals Berufsverband Information Bibliothek Federal Union of German Library and Information Associations
    • 3. The German Library Association „Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. (dbv)“ 1 / Facts Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • Established 65 years ago • More than 2100 members in Germany (institutions) • Includes both public as well as academic libraries • Devolved organisation (1 federal office, 16 regional / “Länder“ associations) • 8 sections reflecting library types, sizes etc. • Numerous commissions and expert groups • Member of IFLA
    • 4. The German Library Association „Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. (dbv)“ 2 / Tasks Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • Lobbying for libraries (Länder and Federal Government, European Union, international organisations, society at large) • Press and Public Relations activities • Professional cooperation and collaboration between libraries • Support of scholarly research on library topics • Provision of professional information • International cooperation
    • 5. The German Library Association „Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. (dbv)“ 3 / Themes Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • Copyright development • E-Books • Cultural Education • Literacy • Open Access • Freedom of Information • Sunday Opening
    • 6. The Network of Excellence for Libraries „Kompetenznetzwerk für Bibliotheken (knb)“ 1 / Facts Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • Established 10 years ago • Funded by the Conference of Ministers for Culture (Kultusministerkonferenz KMK) • Managed by a consortium of library organisations • Responsible for overarching projects and services to the library community (on national level) • Lean and affordable „network“ infrastructure
    • 7. The Network of Excellence for Libraries „Kompetenznetzwerk für Bibliotheken (knb)“ 2 / Partners Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • German Library Association (Coordination of Network) • Academic Library Centre North Rhine-Westphalia Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW (hbz) • German Institute for Standardisation Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) • University of Applied Sciences Hamburg Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg (HAW) • Conference of Ministers for Culture (funding) Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK)
    • 8. The Network of Excellence for Libraries „Kompetenznetzwerk für Bibliotheken (knb)“ 3 / Projects Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen • German Library Statistics: Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (hbz) • Library Index: Bibliotheksindex BIX (dbv / hbz) • Library Portal: Bibliotheksportal (dbv) • Training and Further Education Portal: Fortbildungsportal (HAW) • Committee on Standardisation: Normenausschuss NABD (DIN) • Information Service on EU and third party funding: EU- und Drittmittelberatung (dbv) • International Cooperation: Internationale Kooperation (dbv)
    • 9. Van harte bedankt voor uw attentie! Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. | Geschäftsstelle | Guido Jansen Guido Jansen Hoofd, Internationale Samenwerking Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. Kompetenznetzwerk für Bibliotheken A Fritschestr. 27-28, 10585 Berlin T 030 644 98 99 16 E