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20070914 Walterus Jeroen
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Het Michael PLUS-project

Het Michael PLUS-project



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    20070914 Walterus Jeroen 20070914 Walterus Jeroen Presentation Transcript

    • Jeroen Walterus [email_address] The MICHAEL Project is funded under the European Commission eTEN Programme
    • Overzicht
      • International framework
        • The MICHAEL PLUS project http://www.michael-culture.eu/
        • The MICHAEL service
      • National roll out Vlaamse Gemeenschap
      • Relevantie voor het cultureel erfgoedveld
      • Web demo (EU-portal)
      • Q & A
    • International framework The MICHAEL Project: co-ordinates http://www.michael-culture.eu
      • Project: EU eTen programma
      • MICHAEL (2004-2006): Frankrijk, UK, Italië (3)
      • MICHAEL PLUS (2006-2008): 3 -> 14 landen
      • ( Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom ). P ublic authorities, research institutions and private companies .
      • ‘ België’ niet vertegenwoordigd:
        • Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Agentschap Kunsten en Erfgoed, afdeling Erfgoed in juni 2007 toegetreden
        • Franstalige Gemeenschap, federaal niveau: overleg
    • International framework The MICHAEL Project: major goal
      • The major goal of the MICHAEL project is to build a multilingual inventory of the cultural heritage in Europe. To achieve this data will be gathered from regional and national inventories using a standard software platform and a shared data model.
      • -> http://www.michael-culture.eu/project/goalout.html
      • Inventarisatie (on line toegankelijke, ontsloten) erfgoed collecties
      • Meertaligheid
      • Dataverzameling:
        • ‘ harvesting’ model: ‘nationale’ platformen -> eu-platform
      • Gestandaardiseerd (open source) platform
      • Gemeenschappelijk (meta)datamodel
    • International framework The MICHAEL Project – Expected outcomes
      • MICHAEL ‘Service’:
      • Improved access to public resources
      • A reinforcement and extension of the national cultural initiatives, by adding a trans-European dimension .
      • Facilitation of study , life-long learning, eLearning, distance education
      • Encouragement of cultural tourism
      • Major facility for education and recreation
      • Cultural material for exploitation and re-use
    • International framework The MICHAEL Project: European strategy
      • © Schema MPLUS Tech. annex
    • International framework The MICHAEL service
      • Production module ( XML database )
      • Publication module (XML search engine)
      • The two MICHAEL modules act as data repositories that are consistent with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) making metadata available in both standard Dublin Core and MICHAEL format .
      • A MICHAEL national ‘ instance ’ consists of both a production module and a publication module .
      • The MICHAEL platform already exists and the production module is being used in France, Italy and the UK to manage digital cultural heritage inventories .
    • International framework The MICHAEL Service: metadata
      • The following standards are implemented in MICHAEL :
      • Item-level meta-data: The Dublin Core meta-data Element Set .
      • DC.Culture : enables the searching of item-level metadata through 4 key access points – Who, What, Where and When. Potentially allows for implementation of GIS.
      • Collection-level meta-data: The Research Support Librari es Programme collection-level meta-data model forms the basis for the collection-level meta-data to be used in MICHAEL.
      • Info: http://www.michael-culture.eu/technology.html
    • International framework The MICHAEL service: open source software
      • The MICHAEL platform is being distributed as open source software, and is built on top of other well-known open source components :
      • Apache Cocoon : an XML infrastructure for complex Web applications
      • eXist : an XML database management system
      • Xdepo : a Cocoon environment to manage data stored in an XML database using Web forms
      • SDX : a search engine for large collections of XML documents
      • Info: http://www.michael-culture.eu/technology.html
    • National roll out : Lidmaatschap Vlaamse Gemeenschap
      • Flanders (Belgium) recently (June ’07) joined MICHAEL PLUS:
        • Official partner: The Agency for Arts and Heritage, Heritage Division (Flemish Community)
        • Managing partners: CBV/VCV
          • Beeldvorming en communicatie
          • Internationale vertaling erfgoed in Vlaanderen
          • Landelijke (publieks)ontsluiting erfgoed
    • National roll out Project management
      • Project management structure is not yet fully in place (kick off: june 2007):
        • study the project documents
        • determin strategy 2008-2009: goals, timing…
        • To consult with partners, e.g.:
          • Flanders: partners in the heritage field Flemish Community
          • French Speaking Community and Federal authorities
          • the MICHAEL partner(s) in the Netherlands (KBN)
    • National roll out Implementation 2007-2009
      • Implementing the MICHAEL service in the Flemish heritage portal ‘Erfgoedsite’ (www.erfgoedsite.be) by 2009:
        • 2007: studying and testing the MICHAEL platform and datamodel…
        • Implementation (production) of the MICHAEL service ‘national instance’ is planned for 2008…
        • Integration front end MICHAEL service in the portal is scheduled by the end of 2009.
    • National roll out Actions 2007
      • Testing the MICHAEL framework (software):
        • Installation of the production and publication module (staging on test server) (done)
        • Testing and reporting (doing)
      • Developping metadatamodel (to do):
        • To study the MICHAEL data model
        • Translation datamodel in collaboration with Dutch MICHAEL partners (language = Dutch)
        • Develop draft model
      • Defining/finetuning action plan 2008-2009
    • National roll out Actions 2008 - 2009
      • Defining the inventory of digital cultural heritage collections in Flanders (survey 2008):
        • Partners
        • collections
      • Developping database integration solutions and communication standard (2008)
      • Developping the MICHAEL instance (production stage) (2008)
      • Technical integration of the service in the existing portal Erfgoedsite (2009)
      • Launch the service: front end (2009)
      • Integration with European MICHAEL portal (2009-2010)
    • MICHAEL project en service Relevantie voor het cultureel erfgoedveld
      • Overzicht & ‘monitoring’ (waar, wat, wie,…)
      • Bijdrage aan ontsluiting en zichtbaarheid collecties
      • Stimuleren digitaliseringsinspanningen erfgoedveld
      • Beschrijvingsmodel conform internationale standaarden
      • Eén toegangspunt voor gebruikers (portaalfunctie)
      • Internationale link: EU-portal, meertaligheid
      • Leerproces implementatie internationale applicaties/projecten
      • Expertiseontwikkeling en uitwisseling in internationale context
    • The MICHAEL service portaalsites
      • Operationele platformen:
      • Europese Portal: http://www.michael-culture.org
      • Frankrijk: http://www.numerique.culture.fr
      • Groot-Brittanië: http://www.michael-culture.org.uk
      • Italië: http://michael-culture.it
      • Vlaanderen: http://www.erfgoedsite.be ( http://www.michael-culture.be )
      • Europees portaal bevat data nationale portaalsites.
      • Materiaal wordt ter beschikking gesteld onder Creative Commons licentie ( http://creativecommons.org )
      • Contact : AskMichael@amitie.it
    • www.michael-culture.org
    • MICHAEL project en service Demo MICHAEL EU-portal
      • Onderdelen van de website:
      • Search: (quick, advanced)
      • Browse:
        • Collecties: onderwerp, kaart, tijdsperiodes
        • Instellingen: type, kaart
        • ‘ Services’: doelgroepen,
      • User stories & editorials (thema’s)
      • Content: FR, UK, Italië (2008: andere landen)
      • Languages:
        • Search / site: Frans, Engels, Italiaans
        • Metadata: automatisch vertaalfuncties FR/UK/IT voorzien
        • Records: originele taal land / manuele vertaling
    • MICHAEL project en service Toekomst
      • Michael Culture AISBL rechtspersoon:
        • continuïteit applicatie garanderen
        • Lidmaatschap in EDLnet
      • Athena ( A ccess to cul t ural he ritage n etworks a cross Europe – eContentplus programme aanvraag):
        • to reinforce the participation of Museums and Archives in particular and in general of the cultural heritage sector to the digital library initiative(s);
        • to pass from the access to the collection-level (MICHAEL) to the access to the item-level (as requested by the eContent plus Work programme)
      • [The European Digital Library (EDL):]
        • EDL project (http://edlproject.eu/): eContent Targeted project (sept. 2006-)
        • EDLnet ( http://digitallibrary.eu/edlnet/ ): Thematic Network (juli 2007-) (coördinatie: KBN Den Haag: EDL office)