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VTT Development Sector Overview

  1. 1. Voice Tel TechDevelopment Sector OverviewApril 2013
  2. 2. 2Confidential/Proprietary Information VTT- A Brief Introduction Our Portfolio & Expertise A Brief on Our Development Sector Engagements A Quick View of Our Research, M&E Expertise and Projects Snapshot Our Scalable MIS Solution for M&E and Research Surveys Our Contact Information
  3. 3. 3Confidential/Proprietary InformationAJ&K BaghCapitalTerritory &Punjab Islamabad Lahore MultanKP PeshawarSindh KarachiBaluchistan QuettaEstablished in 1992, is a strategy and managementconsulting firm with a diverse portfolio of services for thedevelopment sector…Solutions for DevelopmentSectorICT Solutions Human Capital Management Telecom Solutions Monitoring & Evaluation Designand Implementation Social and Economic Policy Livelihood DevelopmentCapacity Building Community DevelopmentSolutions International Development Research and AnalysisSolutions Global Public Health Sustainability and ResourceProductivity Conflict and Disaster Management• e-Enabled BusinessTransformation• IT Strategy and Architecture• IT Governance• Integration and DevelopmentServices• Services Management/Outsourcing/ BPO• GIS Application• Mobile Banking Strategy andImplementation• Technology for Operations (CRM,SCM and ERP)• Value Added Services• Team Collaboration Portals• Capacity Building and Empowerment• Organizational Analytics• Behavioral and Cultural Change• Organization Design and Alignment• Staff and Leadership Development• Performance Transformation• HCM Solutions Suite• Competitiveness• Corporate Strategy• Project/Program Management• Business Process Modeling• CapEx and OpEx Management• Logistics Management• Change Management andTransformation• Internal and ExternalCommunications ManagementCompany Name: Voice Tel Tech (Private) LimitedYear of Establishment: 1992Head Office: Islamabad (Pakistan)Business Locations:• Karachi (Sindh)• Lahore, Multan (Punjab)• Peshawar (KPK)• Quetta (Baluchistan)• Bagh (AJK)Number of Employees: More than 150 (Full/Part Time) VTT is an International Consultancy providing strategy and management services, helping the world’s top businesses, governments and otherinstitutions. We have a strong international reputation for the efficient delivery of high impact projects and programmes in the development sector Our projects support social and economic development, good governance, capacity building and empowerment and delivering improvements to theenvironment and infrastructureOur Geographic Presence
  4. 4. 4Confidential/Proprietary Information Our nationwide presence and the ability to rapidly scale and deploy for large development projects enables usto hit the ground running while ensuring quality control We are a team of thought leaders, sector specialists, academicians and development consultants withexperience of leading social sector projects across the globe Diverse experience of managing strategy through implementation through execution lifecycles across largescale donor funded projects We bring our rigorous problem-solving expertise and objective, fact-based analysis to everything we do in thedevelopment sector A unique approach to development sector solutions, utilizing latest technological developments to buildsustainable solutions for delivering real impact Currently engaged in a USAID funded, five-year Monitoring and Evaluation Project (MEP), providing impactevaluations, baseline and end-line surveys, monitoring and verification services for various interventions beingcarried out by USAID implementing partners in education, health, food, economic growth, microfinance,community development, reconstruction and rehabilitation, NFIs, agriculture and WASH sectors With a growing impact of aid projects in the country and with an urgent need to utilize this opportunity, our teamhas been strategically focused on researching the needs for community development in the sectors of health,Agriculture, Economic Growth and livelihood.We bring latest consulting insights from all parts of theindustry to enrich our unique development sector practice…Some of our clients from theDevelopment sector portfolio
  5. 5. 5Confidential/Proprietary InformationA glimpse of our development sector projects and initiativeswhich are reflective of VTT’s expertise in creating an enablingenvironment…Project Name Sector(s) Client(s) Objective(s) Our Solution/Result DurationProcessAssessment andDocument Censusfor the MalakandGrants ProgramLivelihood SME Grants Program has launched to support therehabilitation and recovery of small and medium sizedenterprises (SMEs) in Malakand Division, The purpose wasto conduct a detailed assessment of the functionalprocesses needed to administer the Grants Program in orderto successfully deliver on the Grants programThe challenge of this work was to develop effective processesand requirements QUICKLY to meet the urgent demands forrollout of USAID and PaRRSA.VTT’s process development and optimization experts developed the functionalprocesses for the FIRMS Malakand Grant Program. The effort includesbackground reading of Grants Manual and other program documentation,conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders and to utilize VTT’sexperience and knowledge of international best practices to achieve optimizedand practical process flows.2.5 MonthsE-Enablement andCapacity Buildingthrough Tele-Community CentresEconomicGrowthPlan International required assistance in devising strategies forupgrading the standard of living in rural communities,particularly for youth and farmer community of rural Punjab,Plan International wanted to connect the villages on theinformation highway in a way that will be directly beneficial forthe communities. The solution required needed to havetargeted information dissemination• A working model was created for a novel ICT based solution for communitydevelopment of rural Pakistan, The model provided the client with acommunity outreach solution for various complementary programs such asrural health initiatives, education and distance learning and livelihoodprograms.• The model ensured job creation and promotion of Micro-Entrepreneurshipin the rural communities• The model can be further enhanced for the purpose of complete value-chain automation of agriculture, live stock and dairy.2 MonthsProvision ofInstitutionalSupport for ICT LedActivitiesEconomicGrowthTo improve the competitiveness of the Pakistani economy bystrengthening systems for workforce development, encouragePakistani companies to invest in human capital, and improvingaccess to training, Jobs and business opportunities for youthand women. The overall objective of this project is to improveemployment for youth and women, increase their incomes andcontribute to the sales of enterprises.• Improved employment for youth and women, increased their incomes andcontribute to the sales of enterprises• Enabled the ABC to select and employ candidates with their requisite skillsets and training and benefit from high quality of human resource• Enabled knowledge sharing and competency development through alearning management system• Capacity Building of Pakistani institutions to produce high quality graduateswith increased employability4.5 MonthsExploring OverseasEmploymentOpportunities forHighly SkilledPakistani HumanResourceLivelihood A study aimed at evaluating the overseas employment marketfor skilled Pakistani labor. The task of this desk studyassignment was to design the methodology, explore andextrapolate the data, evaluate and benchmark the information,identify the gaps and define an implementation strategy• Developed an effective overseas placement program for highly skilledPakistani Human resource which will ensure maximum participation ofwomen.• An implementation plan was developed that identifies opportunitiesevaluates the gaps which lie within the system and identifies a clear wayforward for all stakeholders.2 Months
  6. 6. 6Confidential/Proprietary InformationProject Name Sector(s) Client(s) Objective(s) Our Solution DurationStrategy for MobileBanking to increasethe Outreach forMicro-Finance inPakistanEconomicGrowthKashf Foundation required to develop an extensive strategy toposition Kashf (and its forthcoming Microfinance Bank) toeffectively and persuasively approach the mobile operatorswith an appealing business proposition and come up with aMicro-Finance Mobile Banking Solution for pilot testing. Thefocus was to ease the payment process and increase theoutreach for acquiring customers.• An Optimal and Efficient working model for the implementation of Micro-Finance Mobile banking in the country was created. The Client acquired abetter understanding of the business rationale for the mobile phonecompanies for testing the micro-finance market• A complete outreach model was created which ensured ease of paymentfor Micro-Finance customers while reducing the transaction cost3.5 MonthsIT Based RemotePatient MonitoringSystem for RuralPopulationHealth In collaborationwithThis initiative is a precise illustration of how IT infrastructureand IT based skill sets can enhance the capacity of lady healthworkers in rural areas to significantly increase their efficiencythrough liaison with a centralized specialist doctor.• The Health Sector will benefit from the advancements in communicationtechnology and will be able to improve the quality of health service in thecountry by providing health care at the customer’s doorstep. Collaborationof Academia, IT sector and the Health sector will result in increased use ofInformation and Communication.• This project will enable the government to fulfill its dream of providing basicmedical facilities to all its citizens especially those living in remote areas.• As a result of this project, the people living in remote areas will be deliveredwith a better quality health service.2 MonthsStrategic ValueAddition Initiativesfor the AgricultureSectorAgriculture VTT’s Initiative The sector requires significant intervention from the public andprivate stakeholders for improving its efficiency, with the helpof modern day tools. However new systems implementationalso requires the following considerations:• A high tech barrier to benefit from system, whereas lowtech customers (farmers, retailers)• Even if the tech barrier is lowered by making simplesystems and localized content, adaptation to technologycan be very challenging• These initiatives are among the pioneering efforts for utilizing informationtechnology and latest communication tools to empower the agri-sector inPakistan• These initiatives will be a concrete step for increasing value chain efficiencyas it will remove the actors which do not add value to the final product• This will create a nationwide impact which will be translated into anincrease in the agricultural produce, better value for product, hence animprovement in the standard of living for millions of families1.5 MonthSome of our Monitoring and Evaluation, Impact Assessments, Baseline Surveys, Research Survey Engagements are mentioned in later sectionsA glimpse of our development sector projects and initiativeswhich are reflective of VTT’s expertise in creating an enablingenvironment…Cont..)
  7. 7. 7Confidential/Proprietary Information We effectively plan field activities, implement rigorous quality control mechanisms,specify & correct operational gaps, conduct impact evaluations and point outopportunities for creating enabling environments, which help in creating improvedprogram management decisions We use “result-based monitoring approaches” and “participatory methods” forperformance monitoring; for evaluations we follow “development assistancecriteria” (DAC) and use experimental and non-experimental evaluation techniques. We identify key elements of a comprehensive M&E system and describe key stepsto strengthening or establishing an M&E system We determine appropriate data collection methods, ascertain statisticallyacceptable sample size, select sample frames, and develop research tools We analyze large data sets and process meaningful reports for our clients.Our Monitoring and Evaluation expert team utilizes afusion of proven methodologies, logistics and stringentoperations management…Monitoring & Evaluation Tools and Methods:The data monitoring tools and methods utilized by our team for implementing the M&EFramework includes: Desk reviews of Monitoring Data. Administrative Compliance Checklists Field Surveys (HH and facility level) Focus group discussions Key informant interviews In-depth interviews KAP surveys Observations Success stories Photographs that can be geo-referencedOur strategically placed offices across Pakistan ensure ourability to rapidly mobilize field teams for nationwide datacollection activities Coverage  Widespread access to all targeted regions- 5 field offices and 2 regional offices, withheadquarters in Islamabad- Field offices fully functional and ready to mobilize- Ability to rapidly scale deployment throughout thecountry Field Staff  4 permanent Field Coordinators, 31 field staffmembers including enumerators, data entry, and ITpersonnel Gender-balanced survey teams recruited fromspecific regions Logisticsand QualityControl Security Planning is conducted for each region toensure smooth execution of activities* Online MIS- Tracks activity schedule, work plan, monitoringframework & project deliverables- Ensures achievement of project objectives- Facilitates planning of field activities,- Inbuilt processes ensure contingency measuresfor discrepancies, delays and so forth. Rapid deployment of intermittent field teams forlarge-scale survey & research engagements CommunityMobilization Local field staff utilize established networks withcommunity based organizations, officials, and unioncouncil members to:- Readily access communities- Conduct focus groups and gauge localperceptions Long-term partnerships with community &government officials across the country. Thisnetwork is important for smooth execution of fieldactivities and mobility of field staff.
  8. 8. 8Confidential/Proprietary InformationOur Concept and Methodology for M&E and survey exercises is a concise process, tried and tested in various priorM&E initiatives.Objective Analysis Project Design On Ground Execution Analysis & ReportingCollect & Internalize ProjectDocumentsDevelop HypothesisEnsure EnablingEnvironment ReadinessPrioritize KPIs & DevelopFrameworksDevelop Tools and MethodsPrepare Roll-Out PlanResource Training andTeam MobilizationConduct Surveys and DataCollectionManage Logistics for M&EActivitiesData Processing andCleansingStatistical Data AnalysisPeriodic and Final Reporting123123123123Quality Control & Oversight MechanismsCross-cutting ThemesMIS/GIS based Support SystemVTT’s past experience with M&E and research activitiesled us in building a robust project delivery mechanism…
  9. 9. 10Confidential/Proprietary InformationSince 2009, VTT is significantly engaged with Monitoring &Evaluation and Survey & Research Activities, with large INGOs andtheir implementing partners in Pakistan…Project Name Sector(s) Client(s) Objective(s) IP(s) Sample Size Data Collection Approach Duration Sample Point(s)ResourcesUtilizedMalakand SurveyProjectHealthEducationWaterAgricultureMicro EconomyTo collect baseline data forvulnerability assessment/Datamapping on GIS App.NA450 villages(120 indicators)Secondary and Primary datacollection in 50 Ucs ofMalakand Division12 months50 UCs ofMalakand Division20M&A of Flood ReliefActivities in KPKAgricultureHealthEmergency ReliefWASHLivelihoodShelterEconomic GrowthIndependent third partymonitoring and assessment ofUSAIDs flood relief activities inKPK.• FAO,IMC• UNFPA• IRC• IRD• RSPN• WFP• Oxfam GB• MEDA1874Individual Survey through ExitPollHousehold level surveysObservationsSuccess storiesKAP surveys12 months 11 districts of KPK 15M&A of Flood ReliefActivities in PunjabAgricultureHealthEmergency ReliefWASHLivelihoodShelterEconomic GrowthIndependent third partymonitoring and assessment ofUSAIDs flood relief activities inPunjab.• FAO• SC, RI• AKU• UNFPA• RSPN• ACTED• WV• WFP, IRC• MEDA2262Individual Survey through ExitPollHousehold level surveysObservationsSuccess stories12 months12 districts ofPunjab13Benazir Income SupportProgram under BSMCash Grant AssistanceMonitoring and evaluation ofUSAIDs budget support toBISPs G2P ProgramBISP 383HH Level female beneficiariesinterviews2 months13 districts ofPunjab, Sindh,KPK, Balochistan,AJK and GB.23IDP Support Programunder BSMCash Grant AssistanceTo verify if the IDPs havereceived the cash assistance.CabinetDivisionNADRAUBL382HH Level beneficiariesinterviews1.5 months Malakand Division 12Housing & otherResettlment Needs,under PaRRSAHousingTo verify if the housing damageassistance was given to familiesof conflict-affected areas.PaRRSA 69HH Level beneficiariesinterviews3 weeksSwat & BunerDistricts5University OperatingBudget under HECEducationTo monitor the GOPsperformance in using thefinancial assistance fromUSAID.HEC 78F2F and Telephonic interviewsof university officials &students1 month10 Universities ofPakistan8
  10. 10. 11Confidential/Proprietary InformationProject Name Sector(s) Client(s) Objective(s) IP(s) Sample Size Data Collection Approach Duration Sample Point(s)ResourcesUtilizedUniversity DevelopmentProgram under HECEducationTo monitor theUniversity DevelopmentProgram in 11universities of PakistanHEC11(Census)Key informant interviews withuniversity officialsSites visits & observationsFocus group discussions withstudents1.5 months11 universities ofPakistan9Sindh Basic EducationProgram under MEPEducationTo verify the schoolsdata collected by 3rdparty.GoS 50 schoolsF2F surveys with headteachersSchool visits & observations1 week50 schools ofSukkur andKhairpur Districtsof Sindh3M&E to OFDAs 2011 FloodRelief Grants to IMCWASHTo verify and validateWater & SanitationProjects funded byOFDAIMC 677HH Level beneficiariesinterviewsDirect observations ofprojects1.5 months 5 districts of Sindh 14WFP PRRO ComplexEmergency ProgramEmergency ReliefTo verify WFPs IPsrelief and recoveryoperations in KPK• WFP• BEST• CERD• CRDO• LHO336Warehouse inspectionsSurveys through Exit Polls2 weeks 5 Districts of KPK 14Merit & Need BasedScholarship ProgramEducationTo conduct theevaluation of MNBSPscholarship programHEC 350Telephonic Interviews withthe Alumni through MNBSP3 Weeks All Provinces 7Pakistan ExpandedRegional StabilizationInitiative- Gender AnalysisLivelihoodEducationHealthGBVAccess to Services &RightsPolitical Decision makingTo gather baselineinformation that wouldenable USAID todetermine futuredevelopment activitieswith the aspect ofgenderNA76(FGDs)Focus Group Discussions 1.5 months6 Districts of SouthPunjab5 Districts of NorthSindh4 Towns ofKarachi30Municipal Services Programin Sindh and KPKWater & SanitationTo conduct a baselinesurvey and focus groupdiscussions with thelocals of Peshwar andJacobabad districts tounderstand the currentstatus of municipalservices.NA1600 (HHSurveys)14 (FGDs)Household surveysFocus group discussionsObservations1 month25 UCs ofPeshawar (KPK)8 UCs ofJacobabad (Sindh)60Fulbright ScholarshipProgramEducationTo conduct online andtelephone surveys ofFulbright Alumni for theimpact evaluation ofscholarship program.USEFP 616Online surveysTelephonic interviews1 monthBoth in Pakistanand Abroad20Since 2009, VTT is significantly engaged with Monitoring &Evaluation and Survey & Research Activities, with large INGOs andtheir implementing partners in Pakistan…(Cont..)
  11. 11. 12Confidential/Proprietary InformationOur seasoned software development team possesses rigorousexperience in designing/implementing enterprise-grade solutions,tailor made for the specific needs of our development sectorclients. Our indigenously developed Monitoring & EvaluationSupport Tool (MEST) offers the following key attributes andbenefits: Track progress and evaluate impact of programs Visualize data from the various survey and evaluationactivities and provide users with an interface for real-timereporting based on the clients reporting requirements. Assist in management of resources, improving accountability,coordination between various implementingpartners/stakeholders, and leverages support in decision-making.VTT specializes in developing customized solutions,tailor made for the needs of our development sectorclients… Provide collaboration platform, contacts management, online availability of research instruments, picture/video library,real-time data entry, and synchronization with hand-held GSM devices Integration with other web-based mapping components developed by third parties, thus providing a comprehensiveplatform for double data entry, analysis, reporting and presentation
  12. 12. 13Confidential/Proprietary InformationRizwan ShoukatCEO/Managing PartnerVoice Tel Tech (Pvt.) Ltd.Office 201, Block-8,School Road, F-6 Markaz,Islamabad, PakistanTel : +92 (51) 2276284-5Cell: +92 (300) 8540800Fax : +92 (51) 2275138Email: rizwans@voiceteltech.comWeb: www.voiceteltech.comContact Information