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  • Firste-journals in 1997Academic Press (frompublishersserver)Elsevier (located in VTT’sserver)Summon 2009, 3rd in the worldPart of FinElibsince 2000 (ACS)
  • Riitta Tolvanen says: ”VTT has a long tradition of reconciling work and family life. A part of that is the chance to work from home. This has been made possible by the technology that VTTers use every day. Most remote work is clearly ad hoc, rather than regular work for which we would need a separate agreement. VTTers are a highly mobile crew, and you find them working in all kinds of environments and circumstances. Working independently of time and place can be flexible and meaningful, as long as we remember to keep clear goals, regulate our workload and look after our ability to cope.Sari Halme: ”Tämä kuva on kuvapankista ja ns. royalty free –kuva eli voi käyttää missä tahansa VTT:n tuotteessa, mutta ei luovuttaa VTT:n ulkopuolisille.”
  • Kuva vuoden 2008 Tietoratkaisuidenyleisesitteestämme,Sari Halme sanoo : ”OK, jos sitä kerran on käytetty jossakin esitteessä – muuten minulle outo kuva.”
  • Kuva Value-driven businessin the Cloud -julkaisusta. Eipyydettyvielälupaa.Defaultdevice is smartphone. Alldon’thaveiPads.Kuvaan saatu käyttölupa.
  • Final slide is optional in VTT’s internal presentations
  • New directions for libraries - Anita Laamanen

    1. 1. B104: New directions for libraries Internet Librarian International 2013 15.10.2013 Anita Laamanen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
    2. 2. 211/10/2013 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT IS  a globally networked multitechnological applied research organisation VTT HAS  extensive cross-disciplinary technological and business expertise  unique research infrastructure  comprehensive global partnership networks in business, industrial and research communities VTT CREATES  new technology and science-based innovations in co-operation with domestic and foreign partners Focus areas of research  Applied materials  Bio- and chemical processes  Energy  Information and communication technologies  Industrial systems management  Microtechnologies and electronics  Services and the built environment  Business research VTT Group  Turnover 316 M€ (2012)  Personnel 3,206 (31.12.2012)  Established 1942  VTT has been granted ISO9001:2008 certificate.
    3. 3. 311/10/2013 1997 •E-journals 306 •Article downloads 1.500 •National seminar on e-journals (1999) 2002 •E-journals 3.100 •First e-books •Big deals •Member of the national consortium 2009 •E-journals 19.000 •E-books 18.000 •Discovery service 2013 •E-journals 34.000 •E-books 54.000 •Importance of market information grows Development of VTT’s electronic library
    4. 4. 411/10/2013 Development of VTT’s electronic library 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Proportion of electronic to print journals e-journals p-journals
    5. 5. 511/10/2013 Background for electronic only library  Several office buildings scattered all over Finland and also abroad  Employees are mobile: 9% of full-time VTTers remote work on a regular basis, normally 1 - 2 days a week.  24/7 availability
    6. 6. 611/10/2013 Tricks for electronic only library  Deployment  Library team recommends e-books  Training and communications  Advertising collections in intranet  Technical  Multi-user access always when possible  Financial aspects  E-books are paid from the library budget, p-books from the research budget
    7. 7. 711/10/2013 Challenges for electronic only library  Cost  As a multidisciplinary research institution, VTT needs content from several subject areas. Potential users per subject area are very small. Publishers set prices per FTE.  Devices  Only 10% has handheld computer (iPad etc).  Changing the way to work, news ways need to be learned.
    8. 8. 811/10/2013 Contact Anita Laamanen VTT, Knowledge Solutions Tel. +358 20 722 4401
    9. 9. 911/10/2013 VTT creates business from technology