Printing based manufacturing and integration of flexible electronic system - Prof. Harri Kopola


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Prof. Harri Kopola gave a presentation on Printing based Manufacturing and Integration
of Flexible Electronic Systems at PE2013, in Dresden, Germany, 9.10.2013.

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Printing based manufacturing and integration of flexible electronic system - Prof. Harri Kopola

  1. 1. Printing based Manufacturing and Integration of Flexible Electronic Systems Harri Kopola, Prof., VP Strategic Research VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland ,Tel.: +358405574867
  2. 2. Content 1 VTT and VTT Printed Intelligence 2 Roll-to Roll Manufacturing and Hybrid Integration Printed and Flexible Electronics concept cases and applications 3 4 Hybrid In-mould Intelligence 5 PrintoCent for industrialisation and commercialisation 6 Summary VTT Printed Intelligence 2012 | For external use
  3. 3. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Turnover 316 M€ (2012) • Personnel 3,206 (31.12.2012) VTT IS a globally networked multi-technological applied research organisation VTT HAS extensive cross-disciplinary technological and business expertise unique research infrastructure comprehensive global partnership networks in business, industrial and research communities VTT CREATES new technology and science-based innovations in co-operation with domestic and foreign partners
  4. 4. VTT Center for Printed Intelligence in brief The vision is to create easy to use and cost effective products based on sensing, light emitting surfaces, energy foils, optical films and electrical circuits by using printing methods. Key customer sectors - Medical and diagnostics - Consumer electronics - Construction and energy - Materials and processes - Consumer packaging Key customer offering - Contract R&D - Pilot production trials - IPR licensing and sales - Foresight and roadmaps Key research areas Program evolution - Organic devices - Inorganic devices - Printed optoelectronics - Biobased power sources - Biobased indicators - Bio- and microsystems - Integrated solutions - Large-area manufacturing - Pilot manufacturing - Project mode late 90’s - R&D program 2006- Commercialization 2010- Pilot Factory 2012 R2R infrastructure - Laboratories - R2R printing lines - R2R evaporation unit - R2R laser equipment - R2R hybrid integration VTT Printed Intelligence 2012 | For external use
  5. 5. Printed Intelligence Is Based on… fluid processable materials technology large area high-volume printing like massmanufacturing methods functionality from electronics, biotechnology, chemistry, optics, optoelectronics, etc. integrated as devices and systems Patterning, devices, integration, systems-on-foil, embedding 'electronics’ into products Generic, enabling technologies R2R to hybrid processes & production equipment Materials Impression roll Film Doctor blade Printing roll Ink + possible interconnections of printed systems to wider IS/ITsystems
  6. 6. Pilot Factory for Printed Intelligence at VTT Laboratory facilities to fine tune the inks, printing procesess and make proof of concept demonstrators R2R deposition of functional materials R2R testing of functional layers Example: VIDEO KONEISTA Section from video: 2:26-2:259 Example: Deposition of 4 layers in register with wanted deposition process up to 2 160m2 / day Testing of connections short cuts and resistivity between points 50 000 measures /day R2R assembly of components R2R injection moulding over printed structure Example: Example: Assembly of printed and Si-components from 300µm to 60mm size up to 100 000pcs / day Injection moulding with selected plastic material over printed layer with assembled components 5 000pcs/day R2R processed Printed Intelligence product
  7. 7. Pilot Factory for Printed Intelligence at VTT Current R2R process capability Available R2R processes: Multilayer processing: - Up to 4 layers deposited at one run - +/-50µm accuracy in both direction Dimensions: - 300mm wide web - 409,575mm repeat length Printing capability: - 100µm conductive lines with 100µm gaps - ITO patterning - Forward gravure Reverse Gravure Flexo printing Rotary Screen Slot die coating Hot embossing Lamination Diecutting Drying methods: - Hot air ovens - UV - IR Process speeds: - Speed range from 0,1 to 30 m/min - Gravure and hot embossing up to 120 m/min Material possibilities Substrates used: - Around 100 different substrates tested - Plastics from 36µm to 500µm (OPP, PET, PEN, PMMA, CA etc.) - Papers without and with coating - Metal foils Inks used: - Conductive inks - Isolative inks - Semiconductor inks - Commercial inks - Proprietary inks - Emitter inks - Light abosorbing inks - Etc. A long list
  8. 8. 13/10/2013 Concepts for Integration 8
  9. 9. VTT creating functional products from roll-to-roll printing R2R processed OPV foil Source Solar energy module Autonomous Energy • Printed, organic and flexible electronics R2R processsed OLED foil 7-segment OLED display element • Roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies for electronics, optics and sensors R2R hot embossing sensor with Microfluidic channels R2R Printed sensors signage & passives Wide area sensor matrix R2R printed memory Printed memory (WORM) In-moulded OLED Opto-fluidic light source • Integration to devices, systems and products Touch control for Data-carrying card
  10. 10. Business Forecasts
  11. 11. Freedom of Design Any shape for light emitting surfaces, solar cells, touch sensors, microfluidic channels etc. with printing • Arbitrary shapes, any size, decorative design • Flexible, thin and light-weight • Various colours, transparency • Scalability, customising Microfluidic channels Organic Photovoltaic Organic Light for energy harvesting Emitting Diodes in product package
  12. 12. Printed & Flexible Electronics Opportunities Buildings Asset management with autonomous sensors in large-area surfaces: • Temperature, humidity, air flow &quality etc. Printed, and/or Si, OFT switching • Arbitrary shape and decorative energy harvesting &storage with printing • Zero-power electronics, wireless power Energy efficiency and Comfort with Smart lighting: • Thin, conformal, large-area illuminated surfaces • Integrated smart control, wireless communication and interoperability e.g. with 3D depth sensors • Hidden configurable user interfaces and control panels is walls, furniture Key features: Easy integration Invisible - Decorative Distributed in large-area Smart windows and active facades: • Controllable transmission windows with electrochromic films • Transparent User Interfaces • Building integrated Photo Voltaic
  13. 13. Turn any surface to smart User Interface Wallpapers, construction elements or furniture can become User Interfaces • Proximity sensing for wide-area user interfaces • Hidden/visible UI elements for every surface also conformal • Thin modular structure for quick installation and configuration • IoT compatibility – App and cloud connected Capacitive sensors – Resistive sensors – Transparency touchless Courtesy FP7 FLEXIBILITY Force sensors – robustness
  14. 14. Printed & Flexible Electronics Opportunities Automotive Conformal In-mould Interiors: • Integrated lighting & overhead consoles • Control panels for doors, armrests, pillars and central console • Printed Heaters for floors, seats Conformal autonomous exteriors: • Photovoltaic and batteries • Tail lights • Embedded climatic sensors Courtesy Fiat Key features: Reduced weight, volume and cabling Increased safety and comfort Fuel savings and reduced emissions Vision enhancement & info availability: • Transparent displays • Head-up-display optical films • Sun protection electrochromic films
  15. 15. Printed & Flexible Electronics Opportunities Personal Wellbeing Wellbeing: • Detect volatiles in breath or food with printed sensors • Detect volatiles or bacteria in food • Disposable indicators for water quality Cosmetics: • Flexible solution for electrical and light-based skin care with disposable batteries, LEDs • Microfluidic solutions for liquid and fragrance delivery Key features: Disposable Easy to use Low cost Health: • Printed medical diagnostics based on microfluidistics • Flexible hybrid disposable healthcare sensors with printable components such as sensors, displays and batteries.
  16. 16. New flexible products- case Disposable healthcare sensor Single-patient use disposable healthcare sensor • Concept demonstrated • Simple flexible structure with polycarbonate foil, printed wirings, SMD components bonded with conductive adhesive • Connector over-moulded on the functional foil: mechanical locking, electrical connections and plastic embedded SMD components. Developed in TEKES funded project Mobisens for GE Healthcare Healthcare sensor Over-moulded connector
  17. 17. Printed & Flexible Electronics Opportunities Consumer Electronics & Accessories & Games Design Freedom : • Arbitrary shape and decorative battery life extension with printed photo voltaic • Elimination of holes and interconnects with printed touch controls • Thin, flexible, light-weight and robust for wearable electronics with elastomer overmoulding Integrated signage and lighting: • Conformal indicators and back-lighting with ultra-small ILED and OLEDs • Secondary displays with ILEDs, electrochromics and electrophoretic displays Key features: Design Freedom Conformal functional surfaces Reduced complexity and volume New user experience: • Control by bending • Touch controls • Combining with graphical products
  18. 18. Printed & Flexible Electronics Opportunities Retail Point-of-purchase: • Attention and information • User interface connecting physical and digital world for new WEB services • Interaction and cloud connection with NFC smart phone Interactive brand advertising: • Blinking lights with ILEDs and OLEDs + wireless power • Changing images with active paper or electrochromic displays • Electronic shelf labels Key features: Eye-catching Interactive Productivity Logistics: • Logistic chain condition monitoring with printed sensors, displays, memory, battery • Active 2D&3D RFID tags for goods & container tracking & history • Stock management with force sensors
  19. 19. Flexible Signage and lighting Indicators and backlighting elements to be integrated to thin, flexible and conformal end products • Interactive packaging and point-of-sale products • Gaming and entertainment applications • Interactive graphical products such as posters with user interfaces • Smart cards and smart labels • Consumer electronics and interior design products Flexible OLEDs LED chips on flex Hidden indicator lights
  20. 20. Hybrid in-mould intelligence Integration of printed and surface mount discrete electronics components into freeform intelligent products using roll-to-roll compatible mass manufacturing methods. Next generation In-Mould-Labelling from graphic overlays, front panels and labels owards more integrated Assembled Film Over Moulding Integrated functionalities: Sensors & Sensor arrays • User feedback • Processing & Communication • Power supplies & Storage • Antennas & Wiring
  21. 21. Assembled Film Over-mouldingOptics-electronics-mechanics combined Next generation In-Mould-Labelling from graphic overlays, front panels and labels towards more integrated Assembled Film Over Moulding • Flexible OLED foil embedded into 3-D mechanical structure • LED bare dies/packages + light guiding optics • Capacitive touch controls, wirings, control electronics etc. • Integrated battery compartment and on/off switch can be formed in the injection moulding process without any additional post-processes Smart covers In-moulded OLED Plastic optics
  22. 22. New Product concepts: Spin-offs Commercialization case of hybrid In-mould Intelligence • • • • • • Company founded 2011 Cost-effective touch panels Highly integrated, non-breakable structure Tablet, phone and PC markets Patented optical touch screen technology
  23. 23. Increase the maturity level
  24. 24. Printed Intelligence Industrialisation - Printocent Centre for business development in the area of Printed Intelligence and Optical Measurement. Offers a world-class Roll-to-Roll pilot manufacturing environment based on Printed Intelligence processes. Brings together complementary players across the value chain - ranging from technology providers to customers. New Printocent Industry Cluster: Eco-system building Now 35 companies committed Contact Director Ilkka Kaisto ( Copyright VTT
  25. 25. PrintoCent Industry Cluster members 31.8.2013 GoodWiller Oy Micro & startup SME Copyright VTT LSE
  26. 26. PrintoCent 2013 – 2015 Cluster and the Three programmes Copyright VTT
  27. 27. COLAE- pan-European supply chain in Organic and Large Area Electronics COLAE project connects players within the industry to create and develop a pan-European supply chain that deliver tangible value and benefits for its members. COLAE Services: Enhancing awareness OLAE training Feasibility network Virtual OLAE foundry Acronym: COLAE Starting date: 1 Sep 2011 Duration: 36 months Call: FP7-ICT-2011-7 EC budget: EUR 3.75M Coordinator: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland More Info:
  28. 28. Summary • Printed Intelligence and Electronics Technology and Components demonstrated • Roll-to-Roll and Hybrid Integration Pilot Factory available • Time for System and Product development • We wellcome new Cooperation Partners to join our research and commercialization efforts creating application driven value chains membership in PrintoCent Ecosystem or bilateral co-operation Wireless power Hybrid integration Printed conductors Embedded Electronics Embedded Software
  29. 29. VTT creates business from technology PRINSE’14 – Printed Intelligence Industrial Seminar In Oulu, Feb. 25-26, 2014 Contact information: Harri Kopola Prof., VP Strategic Research Tel.: +358405574867