Vrv services offered to publishers


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Vrv services offered to publishers

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Vrv services offered to publishers

  1. 1. SERVICES OFFERED TO PUBLISHERS VRVirtual.com Pvt. Ltd., K-1/109, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India
  2. 2. VRVirtual – A PROFILE  VRVirtual is a New Delhi, India based Web Solutions company, working with the Publishing Industry for over a decade.  We Build, Deploy & Manage Customer facing application in area of  Publishing CRM Applications with Web Based Workflows for Sales & Service processes  Dynamic Web presence, e-Commerce Solutions  Resource Centre for Teachers and Students  Rights and Contracts Management Applications  XML/ ONIX Data Share  Subscription Management Application  EDM/ Email Campaigns on Database using our productVRVConnect  Majority business is received as Repeat or Referral
  3. 3. PARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS INCLUDE -  Publishers including – Pearson Education, Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishers, Elsevier Health Science, Wolters Kluwer, Saraswati House, Rachna Sagar, S.Chand Publishing , Madhubun Books, Vikas Publishers, BPI India, Kriti Prakashan,, Sage Publications, Cengage, Taylor & Francis, Eternal Ganges Press etc.  Travel Clients including – Kuoni Business Travel, Travelite,Vue India, Holidays2Treasure etc.  Others including – Sharp, Business Wires India, Satya Paul
  4. 4. SERVICES OFFERED INCLUDE Publishing CRM End-To-End fully integrated CRM applications, customized to your requirements Comprehensive, Proprietary CRM SolutionVMESH (Virtual Marketing Editorial & Sales Hub) for Academic Book Publishers. Websites/ Online Catalogue Websites for Publishing Companies Micro-sites/ Landing Pages (Series/ Book/ Author) Resource Center (Teachers & Students) eCommerce Enablement and Management Digital Marketing Email/ SMS Promotions XML Data Feeds Promotions on Social Networking Sites Search Engine Promotions (SEO/ SEM) Other Applications Online Assessment Engine Online Learning Solutions Subscription Management Application Rights and Contract Management Leave Management
  5. 5. KEY FEATURES OF PUBLISHING CRM APPLICATIONS  Build Customer Data Repository with data of Institutes, Schools, Libraries, Faculty,Author and Retail Customers.  Create single Source of Complete Catalogue information - Base Catalogue Information (Book Info /TOC/Blurbs/ Accessories etc.), Sample Chapters, Subject Expert Reviews,Target Audience,Teaching Supplements, etc.  Territory mapping/Travel management ensuring no potential Institute/ School/ Library gets missed.  Visit Report Entry - Who was met, What was Sampled / Promoted, Details of Book already in use, Potential of Replacement / Adoption, which is integrated with Sampling module workflow based.  Workflow based Sampling Process which helps eliminate duplicate sampling is closely integrated with Adoption data which helps assess Sampling effectiveness.  Details of all Adoptions are maintained Title/ Series wise which forms the base for pipeline planning and management.  Expense reporting can be mapped with visit plan and visit report which can help assess authenticity of expenses.  Competition information mapping and tracking to asses what is being used where.
  6. 6. KEY OBJECTIVES OF PUBLISHING CRM APPLICATIONS Manage Sales Force and Direct Promotion/ Sampling Activities Making work more Process Centric than Person Centric Improve Productivity in Customer Facing Processes. Reduce Operations cost with Workflow Automation. Reduce duplicate Sampling, improve Sampling effectiveness Building a comprehensive Contact database for “Digital Promotion” BringTransparency and Accountability within Organizations.
  7. 7. WHY CUSTOM PUBLISHING CRM APPLICATION? Each business operates in a unique way. Our off-the-shelf Publishing CRM application – VMESH, is a highly flexible solution for academic book publishers. One may still opt for a custom solution for the following reasons:  Incorporates your business model: Custom Publishing CRM solution helps maintain uniqueness of your business model which provides you competitive advantage and makes you successful.  Tailored to meet your Specifications and Needs: Application is developed to your specifications and you can decide features based on your requirements.  Information is displayed in formats provided by you: Reports can be generated the way management would like to view data and based on their comfort factor in viewing information.
  8. 8. VMESH (VIRTUAL MARKETING EDITORIAL & SALES HUB) VRVirtual’s VMESH is a Comprehensive, proprietary CRM solution for Academic Book Publishers. It consists of a suite of products that helps Academic Book Publishers better manage their Sales Force and Direct Promotion Activities. Our application provides fully-integrated services to tap all facets of promotional activities in a publishing organization. Key Modules • Market Repository • Product Repository • Visit Planning & Reporting • Sampling Management • AdoptionTracking • Expense Reporting • Reports
  9. 9. WEB SERVICES  Comprehensive and responsive Product Catalogue including - Sample Chapters, Teaching Resources etc.  Relevant & Extensive Product Search  Pushing data by cross linkages example – “You may also like”, “More by author”, “Books of same Genre” etc.  User friendly navigation panel  E-Commerce Enablement & Payment Gateway Integration with Banks, Third party gateways & PayPal.  Registrations for Digital Promotions  Viewer Interactivity - Review this Book, Email Page, Print Page, Save to Favorites, Information Request when book is released etc.  Elaborate XML based Site maps Websites/ Online Catalogue Resource Center Micro-sites/ Landing Pages eCommerce Enablement & Management
  10. 10. WEB SERVICES  May include additional resources like Worksheets, Teacher Support Books, Lesson Plans, Teacher Handbooks, Papers, Question Banks, etc.  Acts as virtual library of the publisher.  Reduces costs involved in distribution of support materials.  Helps build a strong online community.  Helps capture of user data. Websites/ Online Catalogue Resource Center Micro-sites/ Landing Pages eCommerce Enablement & Management
  11. 11. WEB SERVICES  Increase reach / coverage substantially  Promote through “eCommunities” (Social networking sites), & Digital Promotion Services offered –  Help define a Web strategy & digital promotion strategy  Develop and help in executing ePromotion campaigns  Analyze website traffic  Manage online orders and even facilitation through logistic Partners  Setup and even operate, Customer Support Tele-Helpdesk for  Outbound Promotions  Customer Surveys and Feedbacks  Inbound Helpdesk Websites/ Online Catalogue Resource Center Micro-sites/ Landing Pages eCommerce Enablement & Management
  12. 12. WEB SERVICES  Segmented and Specialized content is the key get online viewers to spent time on a site.  Specific micro sites for  Series / Book  Author Subsite  Particular Age group Websites/ Online Catalogue Resource Center Micro-sites/ Landing Pages eCommerce Enablement & Management
  15. 15. ONIX/ XML DATA SHARE  ONIX for Books is the International Standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.  Use of ONIX/ XML for data share is the latest technology in sharing book information in the publishing industry. Benefits of using ONIX Deliver rich product information into the supply chain In a standard form, to wholesalers and distributors, to larger retailers, to data aggregators, and to affiliate companies. Greatly reduces support costs Publishers no longer need to duplicate their data in multiple formats. Efficient and rapid loading of up-to-date product information Reduces need for manual intervention and much lower risk of error. Reduces support costs Reduces the need to deal with multiple proprietary data formats.
  16. 16. DIGITAL MARKETING Digital Promotion • Digital Strategy Development for Publishers • Emailers/ SMS Promotion using “VRVConnect” - our e-Promotion Product Social Media Management • Promotions on Social Networking sites like Face Book / Twitter • Account management for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; managing paid promotion through FB & Google Ads
  18. 18. EDM/ EMAIL CAMPAIGNS ON DATABASE -VRVCONNECT EDM / Direct mailing is still one of the most effective tools to drive customer engagement, and even generate Leads / Opportunities. An effective Mailing solution forms the backbone of most successful Digital promotion strategies, as most other initiatives focus on building a contact database, whereas the mailing solution focuses on using it subsequently  VRV has a robust Mailing solution –VRVConnect for sending EDMs / eMails  Can send upto 10 million EDMs / Mails for a client in a month  The solution works independently as well as can be integrated with other Applications (eg. CRM)  VRV offers mailing solution as well as turnkey / outsourced mailing services, where VRV team does the EDM campaigns including creative (Database however remains Customer’s)
  19. 19. ONLINE CONTENT DELIVERY & ASSESSMENT Online Learning Solutions • Courses delivered via Internet. Enables delivery of Courses online 24x7. • Website for selling Online Courses / Modules • Listing Courses andTimetables • Enabling online registrations & receiving online payments • Feedback from existing students • Portal for course / content delivery including • Accessing different course material • Interfacing with faculty • Connecting with other students taking the course • Uploading assignments • Integration withVirtual class room applications. • Integration with assessment tools Online Assessment &Testing • Help complement the conventional means of coaching and self-study. • Following features are available to the students • Ask an Expert:To clarify doubts / get answers to troublesome questions • Discussion Forum:To discuss and share information with peers and compatriots. • Exam calendar: Provides information about upcoming exams, application availability, (when and where) and the due dates for form submission. • MockTests: A huge question bank updated regularly, new Mock tests created to assess the student. • Summary of performance including a comparative analysis with others who took Mock Tests.
  20. 20. SUBSCRIPTION MANAGEMENT APPLICATION VRVirtual offers one-stop subscription management solution for the publishing industry which provides publisher complete control of subscription fulfillment and circulation control. Our solutions provide high level flexibility in mapping of periodicals, pricing and subscription cycles. Key Features Capture detailed customer information. Highly flexible in mapping of Periodicals, Pricing and Subscription Cycles. Back dated orders, international subscriptions, subscription renewal reminders. Capture payment through multiple modes: cash, cheque, DD, NEFT, RGTS. One-click view of the customer for transaction history, user details, subscription info, etc. Subscription renewal reminders generated through system.
  21. 21. RIGHTS & CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Managing rights is an important task for the editorial department. Multiple departments like – Editorial, Production, Marketing, Finance, etc. need access to this information. Rights management application helps you significantly decrease the amount of time and resource required to manage and administer all your contracts. It also increases coordination between various departments.  Manages all types of product category – Indian Origin, Reprint,Adaptation,Translation, Custom, Special, Sprint, Box ISBN.  Maintains different types of contract type with authors – Royalty, OneTime Payment, Revenue Sharing.  Robust alert mechanism on home page customized to the needs of the department – Pending Third Party Permission, Pending Assignment Contract, Request status for various Assignment & Contract, Contract Expiring, etc.  Various types of contracts like Title License, Assignment Contracts, Third Party Permissions,Title License Addendum and Vendor Contracts can be maintained.  Third Party Permissions and Permission for e-book conversion to other publishers can also be recorded.  Final Publishing Date and Impression details are also maintained in the system.
  22. 22. ATTENDANCE & LEAVE MANAGEMENT VRVirtual offers Leave Management Application which covers – Attendance & Leave Management processes. The Online Leave Application Module allows all executives to record their attendance and apply for leaves. The application maintains attendance and leave data for each executive historically calendar year wise.  An executive can mark his attendance or the same may be uploaded from the swipe card machine.  Application maintains three types of leaves Privilege Leave (PL), Casual Leave (CL) and Maternity Leave (ML).  At the time of launch all existing executives will have a Balance PL Annual Leave of the previous year. Leaves are accumulated into executive leaves entitles based on company policy.  Leaves applied are validated by superior and may also be short closed if an executive joins back earlier. Also leaves can be encashed based on per company policy.  The HR Department can view monthly report of leaves to be deducted and generate a Leave card for each executive calendar year wise.
  23. 23. WHYVRVirtual?  Exposure to Publishing Industry, nearly all genre for all segments –  Academic / Text Books Publishers  Trade Books Publishers  Graphic Books Publishers  Pre-School Books, Educational Puzzles / Games Publishers  Philosophies / Religious Book Publishers etc.  Extensive Experience of working on – eCommerce sites, Database marketing, integration of Call Center/ Back end facilitation for its Customers  Extensive experience of working with Databases, and using them for promotions, Marketing and actual sales across Industries  Cross Industry Experience - Auto, Insurance, Travel, Lighting, Solar, Office Automation, Financial, Luxury Goods, IT Products etc.  Ability to bring in and deploy “Best Practices” from other industries.
  24. 24. For further information you may: Write to us at: sangeetam@vrvirtual.com Talk to us at: +91-11-40614061 Visit our website: www.vrvirtual.com