Beyond Granola And Recycled Paper


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Presentation at The Special Event Conference by Mary Litzsinger, CSEP

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Beyond Granola And Recycled Paper

  1. 1. Beyond Granola and RecycledBeyond Granola and Recycled PaperPaper Presented by Mary Litzsinger, CSEP VP Events, Inc.
  2. 2. OverviewOverview » Green Wedding Elements • Rings • The Wedding Dress • Locations • Invitations • Design Concepts • Food and Beverage • Favors • Rentals • Lighting and Power • Transportation » VP Events Wedding » Eco Friendly Event Tips – You Don’t Have to Break the Bank! » How to Market Yourself as a “Green” Planner » Resources
  3. 3. RingsRings » » The production of one simple gold ring can result in up to 20 tons of mine waste. » Mining has severe environmental, community, worker and economic impacts. » » Consider purchasing rings of recycled gold and other precious materials and stones. » Purchase vintage pieces and have them restored. » Buy conflict free diamonds. Check for the Certificate of Origin » Certification system entitled te Kinberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). UN sanctioned program laying the groundwork for a global chain of custody of diamonds.
  4. 4. The Wedding DressThe Wedding Dress » Deborah Lindquist – Featured Designer » One of L.A.’s most sought after environmentally-conscious designers » Combines environmental responsibility with a cutting edge aesthetic » She uses environmentally friendly fabrications such as recycled cashmere, repurposed kimonos and saris, vintage silk scarves, and sustainable materials such as hemp, soy and bamboo. » Sample gown is organic linen and vintage lace.
  5. 5. The Wedding DressThe Wedding Dress » Featured Designer » Kirstie Kelly » The Giselle Gown » Disney Bridal
  6. 6. Springs PreserveSprings Preserve Las Vegas, NevadaLas Vegas, Nevada Green Highlights » Entire facility (160 acres) has the LEED Platinum Certification » Carpet is made from recycled pop bottles » White chairs are Duramax resin folding chairs which are 100% recyclable » Ceiling has open wood beam work taken from the 19th century Salt Lake City railroad » Wolfgang Puck Organic Catering » The small brown doors in the background is called inside-out architecture, and looking through it you can see their straw bale insulation » The metal grate in the background features their cooling tower which works like an Eastern style swamp cooler
  7. 7. Springs ReserveSprings Reserve Las Vegas, NevadaLas Vegas, Nevada Origen Largest Museum Space Green Elements » Recycled Pop Bottle Chairs, shown in brown but they have brick red and charcoal gray » Linens were burlap » Centerpieces were burlap, recycled copper tubing, wheat grass and other sustainable florals » The wood flooring is bamboo » Event by Springs Reserve
  8. 8. Springs PreserveSprings Preserve Las Vegas, NevadaLas Vegas, Nevada Crossroads Commons Amphitheatre Green Elements » Grass is made from recycled pop bottles and rubber » Tables are constructed of ABS plastic with an inner wood core and steel tube legs 100% recyclable. » All of the plastic prior to assembly is recyclable, and up to 30% is regrind and 70% is virgin plastic. Mity-Lite routinely sends back all plastic scraps as regrind. Many of the table sizes use a surface board that is 100% post consumer material called Oraboard. » The florals used for this event were placed in compostable vases that included natural Mojave Desert vegetation. Guests took them home and then could plant the entire vase and plants in their yard. The vase becomes food for the plants.
  9. 9. InvitationsInvitations Smock PaperSmock Paper Paper » First company in the U.S. to offer luxury bamboo paper » Why bamboo? Bamboo is a truly sustainable and renewable resource. It's the fastest growing plant on this planet; it grows without pesticides or fertilizers; and it requires very little water to grow. Bamboo also makes (hands down) the prettiest paper out there. They partnered with a 500-year-old European paper mill to develop this fine artisan paper just for them. Printing » Use only vegetable-oil based and low- Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) inks. » Use low-VOC and citrus-based solvents. » Recycle their photo chemistry, film, paper offcuts, and photopolymer printing plates. Empty ink cans and old rags are kept out of landfills. » In their break room and their offices, they recycle and compost their waste. » They use recycled packaging materials and reuse packing materials and corrugated that their vendors send us. They donate surplus paper and envelopes once a year to their local public schools. They reuse paper scraps for office notes. Their retail packaging is biodegradable, tree-free, and petroleum- free. » They package their custom work in keepsake boxes made in Syracuse from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  10. 10. Design ConceptsDesign Concepts » Going “green” does not mean going “ugly” » Going “green” truly taxes the designers creativtiy » Use existing materials when possible, research rental and linen companies – try not to go custom » Use soy based candles (made from a renewable resource, cleaner, longer burning and easy to clean up), beeswax candles or LED’s whenever possible » Get creative with favors, paper products, » Use live plants, organic flowers, or other natural products (roadasidia)
  11. 11. Food and BeverageFood and Beverage Village Modern FoodsVillage Modern Foods » Supporting their local community through School Food Lunches program in Santa Barbara – 75% of the fruits and vegetables have to be organic and supplied by local farmers, proteins have to be free range and grass-fed and within a 350 mile radius » Lunches cannot have trans fats and no corn fructose, and desserts are fruit based and sugar free » Green Water Program: They supply a 5 gallon reverse osmosis with individual pumps, and use only biodegradable corn or sugar cups for their catering programs » Aggressive recycling program at their facility and events and are in the process of developing a composting program » Their facility uses primarily green biodegradable cleaning products – at home too!
  12. 12. FavorsFavors Organic Chocolate Art Bars Green Elements » These exquisite, delicious Swiss chocolate Art Bars are Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Each bar features an art reproduction by a contemporary adult or international child artist on a collectible card inside the wrapper. » Support the arts, organic farming, and fair trade all in one bar!
  13. 13. Favors and Gift BasketsFavors and Gift Baskets The Good Earth Basket Easy Being Green
  14. 14. Favors and Gift BasketsFavors and Gift Baskets FancifullFancifull » Purchase as many goods as possible from lower producers and suppliers » No more printed catalogs, they send out one page flyers electronically and encourage people to shop on their website » Email invoices » Weekly electronic newsletter with new ideas, many green, as opposed to paper newsletters and flyers » They have over 25 green and organic gifts designed on their site » They use organic, recyclable, reused and sustainable baskets » They have everything from wine to gifts for a new baby!
  15. 15. RentalsRentals » Review the SAVE guide from Classic Party Rentals! » Classic has a line of green rental products, including both recycled and sustainable carpets, serving platters, and bamboo cutting boards, » Rentals are very “green”, » Reusing is always a “green” option, use existing linens, etc. » Seek recycled and bio degradable materials, » Discuss scullery with the catering team – reduces the number of washes, saves water, and reduces chemicals, to the say the least, » Use eco fuel for chafers, » Plan ahead, reduce transportation and energy costs,
  16. 16. Lighting and PowerLighting and Power » LED lighting uses 80-90% less energy, reducing transportation costs and may be able to run on house power – sometimes no generator is required. » Use rental companies and lighting companies that recycle » – Flagship product, the PurePowerD™ Mobile Solar Power System™ delivers 5kW, 10kW or 20kW of pure-sine wave power from the sun. The trailer- mounted solar energy generators come with a range of custom options, and higher- output models are on the horizon for delivery in 2009.
  17. 17. Transportation and TravelTransportation and Travel » Biodiesel and ethanol are non toxic, natural, renewable fuels », guests can use this source to offset their carbon footprint for travel » Eco Limo, uses a fleet of hybrid electric, bio diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel, serves Los Angeles, DC, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas » Green Limousine out of Colorado serves local bottled water, has an extensive organic beer and wine list, and teamed up with Trees for the Future to plan a tree for every reservation » Eco Limo serves
  18. 18. VP Events “Green” WeddingVP Events “Green” Wedding » Bride and Groom took an eco friendly approach, but not 100% » Recycled printed materials, invitations to place cards to cocktail napkins » Recycled gold bands from » Encouraged guests to make travel arrangements through » Nothing custom for the wedding, used existing products through the hotel » One of the reasons for the location was the organic farm, local produce including heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, fresh herbs such as Basil, » Free range chicken » Farm grown moss, not taken from its natural environment » Locally grown organic products » LED lighting » Potted orchids, no Cut Orchids!
  19. 19. Green Wedding ElementsGreen Wedding Elements
  20. 20. Green Wedding ElementsGreen Wedding Elements
  21. 21. Green Wedding ElementsGreen Wedding Elements
  22. 22. Eco Friendly TipsEco Friendly Tips You Don’t Have to Break the BankYou Don’t Have to Break the Bank » Use local products and services whenever possible, » Use available products, don’t go custom, » Use a wedding website to disseminate wedding information as opposed to multiple pieces of information to wedding guests, » Use a reply postcard instead of a reply card and an envelope, » Select a location that has natural elements to add to the beauty of the wedding and reception, naturally, » Consider an environmentally friendly location, a not-for-profit venue that supports the “green” cause, or a location that prefers eco friendly vendors, » Use solar or renewable energies, » Use live plants, or organic flowers
  23. 23. Eco Friendly TipsEco Friendly Tips “Continued”“Continued” » Use recycled glass containers for the centerpieces, or a container made of bamboo, » Use tap water at events, Request that your photographer uses digital proofs, » Donate the wedding dress to charity, » LED lighting, can use up to 80% less energy, » Keep an eye on the thermostat, » Use group transportation, hybrid or bio diesel vehicles, » Think about making donations to “green” organizations as a favor, or organic gifts such as seeds or plants » Use fair trade materials such as coffee and chocolate, » Use bio degradable disposables, » Think “recycled”, everywhere you can!
  24. 24. How to Market Yourself asHow to Market Yourself as A “Green” PlannerA “Green” Planner » Educate yourself, this is an evolving field, stay ahead of the rest, » Be honest in your marketing communications, ethics, » Donate your time as a speaker, to your peers and your community, » Showcase your “Case Studies” on your website and in your marketing materials, » Think outside the “green” box, » Practice what you preach, live it, » Donate to your community, give back, » Write articles and submit to publications based on what you “know”.
  25. 25. ResourcesResources » Classic Party Rentals SAVE guide, » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » Girari Furniture ( » » » » ($2 donations on subscriptions) » » »