voxygen - leading tts innovation - 211212 1.0

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voxygen - leading tts innovation - 211212 1.0

voxygen - leading tts innovation - 211212 1.0

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  • 1. Leading Text To Speech innovation… Janvier 2013 (1.0)1
  • 2. SUMMARY  Technology and benefits  Markets  Major references  Products and services  Technical focus  Pricing policy  VOXYGEN company  Contacts2
  • 3. Technology and benefits…3
  • 4. WE ARE LEADING TTS INNOVATION… Welcome to the experiment. Or choosing to belong through fostership, and is due to be going soon to Iran, parents are fighting over Beanie Babies. Can there be some mistake ? Maxine sees J.M, then we paddled over here to hear the news. « Welcome to BBC « Welcome, welcome news » , welcome »4
  • 5. Guy speaking loud Guy speaking softly Melodine singing softly TO CREATE NATURAL EXPRESSIVE VOICES !5
  • 7. MAIN BENEFITSImprove user Speech is our primary means of natural communication.experience Customer will benefit from a personalized acces to the information.Multipurpose and Branding, commercial, social networking, serious games… wemulticanal deliver vocal services on every customer’s device.Respond to Vocal services allow you to interact with informations even if youaccessibiility needs can’t read or touch any keyboard.Take adventage on Involve innovation, and do what competitors don’t to lead yourcompetitors market.Available and Voice messages production and real-time text to speech solutionsreactive are available 24 hours a day. Specific requests are processed in less than 4 hours.Easy to deploy Standard interfaces and adapted monitoring tools allow to easilyand use integrate our solutions in your services.Save time Save time of your employees and create new revenue with addedand make money value vocal services.
  • 8. Markets…8
  • 9. EACH BUSINESS NEEDS SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS  Telephone Services : IVRs and PBX, a well-established segment where Text To Speech is needed for real-time audio. The latest years of big advances in speech technology research with high-quality voices, and VOXYGENs specific knowledge in creation of expressive voices combined with the performance of our online Studio, has allowed our technology to be deployed not only for real-time but also by replacing speaker-recordings with audio files generated with this Studio.  Media and Web : media design and web development has relied on visual interfaces to communicate. With TTS, new doors are now opened to add an auditive dimension to services and rend interfaces more human. Our expressive voices in particular allows the creation of new usages such as v-cards or other funny applications, particularly desired with the appearance of social networks.  Games and Education : e-learning, serious and funny games still uses speech recordings delivered by studios, having not until now found the TTS solutions corresponding to their needs in terms of expressive voices allowing a perfect immersion into the application. VOXYGEN challenges this sector with its highly expressive voices and is in the anticipation of the construction of specific voices needed.  Health and Accessibility : applications for healthcare and disabled or elder people is an important growth lever for VOXYGEN, supplying a technology allowing to verbalize solutions otherwise inaccessible for this public, which crucially needs an auditive value to gain autonomy and have access to general or vital information.  Electronics and Devices : home automation systems, smartphones, tablets, GPS, pocket translators, set-top-boxes… numerous applications will be able to benefit of VOXYGENs expressive voices to create innovative interfaces allowing to ease the use and thus expand the public. This is why VOXYGEN will approach constructors of such devices in order to integrate audio into the early conception.9
  • 10. Major references…10
  • 11. THEY TRUST VOXYGEN SNCF : VOXYGEN created the digital expressive voice of Simone Herault, used by SNCF in vocal services for more than 30 years. The TTS solution is deployed in several environments : the 3658, the 3635, in the internal information system. New projects are on their way like ticket distributors and websites as well as new interfaces addressing disabled or elderly people. EDF & SFR : a branded high-level expressive voice Nathalie Spitzer made by VOXYGEN. It’s already sollicited for their telephone services and TV campaigns. EDF uses our Speech Studio to create audio files instantly and autonomously. A project is coming up for next year for the deployment of real-time speech on their telephone services. METEO FRANCE : customization of VOXYGEN’s catalog voices for a perfect vocalization of weather reports. Development of lexicons and preprocessing modules allowing transforming written expressions into well-formed sentences. The voices are deployed on their telephone services verbalizing weather reports. PAGES JAUNES : verbalisation of geolocalisation in the mobile version of their research interface. 23 million apps have been downloaded. ORANGE : various services and applications such as Orange Labs Nursery, Orange Accessibility (Mobile Phones for blind people), Orange Business Services (big accounts vocal services), Orange Customers Services. In Arabic and African countries, our solutions are deployed on several services in Mobinil (Egypt), Orange Tunisia (Tunisia), and Méditel (Morocco), Orange Nigeria, Orange Cameroun, Orange Dominican Republic, etc.11
  • 12. Products and services…12
  • 13. A COMPLETE OFFER TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Custom services : do you need Multipurpose voices : a complete optimized services ? An exclusive voice ? catalogue of expressive voices to cover all We can produce the tailor-made solution to kinds of services in several languages. achieve your goals ! Training and support : Funny voices : a large we train your team to take choice of typical expressive advantage of our tools voices (regional, cartoon efficiency and support your like, celebrity…) to create staff throughout your project. original and innovative services. Real-time text to speech : Vocal messages production : VOXYGEN’s Expressive Speech VOXYGEN’s Expressive Speech Server, Speech Cloud and Speech Delivery and Speech Studio are Embedded deliver high quality TTS designed to easily create and use dynamically, fully integrated into your expressive speech in your vocal environment. services.13
  • 14. MULTIPURPOSE EXPRESSIVE VOICES ® Multipurpose expressive voices Language Gender ☐ Agnes (mature, quiet), Eva (mature, active), Electra (soft, sexy). ☐ Philippe (mature, quiet), Loïc (mature, natural), Damien (actif, dynamic), Jeanjean (canadian accent), John (american accent), Guy (multi-expressive), Zozo (Ivoirian accent). ☐ Elizabeth (mature, quiet), Bibi (dynamic), Bronwen (mature, soft). ☐ Paul (mature, soft). ☐ Marta (mature, natural). ☐ Adel (mature, natural).14
  • 15. FUNNY EXPRESSIVE VOICES ® Funny expressive voices Language Gender ☐ Mélodine (singing, jazzy), Sorcière (witch, old). ☐ Bicool (young, cool), Chut (shy, whisper), Darkvadoor (starwars), Papi (old), Ramboo (warlike), Sidoo (cartoon like), Yeti (monster, scary).15
  • 16. VOCAL MESSAGES PRODUCTION Vocal messages production Language Voice Availability ☐ Expressive Speech Delivery ® : define your vocal messages, ALL ALL within 4h choose voices and we deliver turnkey audio files. ☐ Expressive Speech Studio ® : using our exclusive text to speech processing tool you will be able to create and optimize ALL ALL 24h/7d your vocal messages by yourself.16
  • 17. REAL-TIME TEXT TO SPEECH Real time text to speech Specification Technology - Real-time responding ☐ Expressive Speech Cloud ® - Client / server HTTP - Shared or dedicated - Real-time responding SAPI5 - Hosted by yourself MRCP ☐ Expressive Speech Server ® - Scalable capacity TCP - Under Linux and Windows HTTP iOS - Real-time responding Android ☐ Expressive Speech Embedded ® - Embedded on device (mobile Symbian phones, TV, robots…) Win Mobile - Specific developments ☐ Expressive Speech SDK ® - Tailor made integration C++ - Partnership17
  • 18. TRAINING AND SUPPORT Training and support Language Availability ☐ Training : we train your teams to define vocal messages for your business, to gain productivity with Expressive Speech Studio, to / manage specific lexicon and to achieve innovative vocal services with Expressive Speech SDK. ☐ Support : VOXYGEN’s specialists are following your project step from OH/5d by step to ensure easy deployment and operational efficiency. to 24h/7d18
  • 19. CUSTOM SERVICES Custom services ☐ Expressive Voice Factory ® : actor casting, voice optimization for specific business and use case, integration into several vocal services… VOXYGEN’s R&D experts work with you to create an exclusive voice that meets all your needs. ☐ Expressive Incremental Voice ® : our R&D team is able to quickly build new voices and languages, using a step by step service implementation process.19
  • 20. Technical focus…20
  • 21. VOXYGEN’S EXPRESSIVE SPEECH STUDIO ® Web application Set audio format and Mix vocal messages available 24h/7d save turnkey files with music Capitalize files Batch audio libraries creation All in one text and settings edition One click speech optimization21
  • 22. VOXYGEN’S EXPRESSIVE SPEECH SERVER ® Integrated on your plateform Use the SDK to implement other clients TCP/MRCP/HTTP Server runs clients under Linux/Windows22
  • 23. VOXYGEN’S EXPRESSIVE SPEECH CLOUD ® TTS client using HTTP API Any connected device can access the service High reliability hosting Shared or dedicated Expressive Speech Server23
  • 25. Pricing policy…25
  • 26. EXPRESSIVE VOICES Expressive voices Pricing Multipurpose expressive voices ® fixed price Funny expressive voices ® fixed price26
  • 27. EXPRESSIVE SPEECH PRODUCTION Expressive speech production Pricing Expressive Speech Delivery ® by word Expressive Speech Studio ® by speech duration Expressive Speech Cloud ® by speech duration Expressive Speech Server ® by stream capacity Expressive Speech Embedded ® by deployed unit Expressive Speech SDK ® partnership27
  • 28. CUSTOM SERVICES Custom services Pricing Training fixed price Standard support licence included Custom support by ticket / tailor-made Expressive Voice Factory ® tailor-made tailor-made Expressive Incremental Voice ®28
  • 29. VOXYGEN company…29
  • 30. BUILDING AN EXPERT TEAM Thierry MOUDENC Paul BAGSHAW President Technical Director Background : expert in human-computer VOXYGEN Background : expert in linguistics and software interactions and speech Start date : december 2011 engineering, 15 years of processing, 12 years of Business : text to speech solution editor development and R&D management on Added value : expressive speech expert responsibility modular speech synthesis Strength : natural voices, customized services language levels Turnover : 500 k eur (2012) Balance : positive People : 20 Edouard HINARD Olivier ROSEC Managing Director R&D Director Background : expert in Background : voice software engineering and creation and speech speech processing, 10 Lene KRUSE signal processing years towards the Sales and Marketing expert, 12 years of signal industrialization of processing R&D for speech synthesis Background : 5 years speech synthesis experience on language processing, has developed and led for 7 years the head of valuing speech synthesis30
  • 31. CONTACTS… Ludovic CAZOR ludovic.cazor@voxygen.fr mobile : +33 638 979 480 Sébastien MURY sebastien.mury@voxygen.fr mobile : +33 647 821 950 Lene KRUSE lene.kruse@voxygen.fr mobile : +33 684 972 08531