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Overview of Celnetrix\'s products

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Cellnetrix Products

  1. 1. Cellnetrix Research. Innovation. Experience.
  2. 2. Making Mobility More Secure… Cellnetrix Products and Services Brief Overview Cellnetrix © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 2 • 09/10/2008
  3. 3. Core Competences • Since its establishment in 2006 Cellnetrix is committed to development and provisioning of software products and services which make wireless mobility and Internet more secure and its usage safer and reliable. • Today Cellnetrix implements secure client-server solutions for various mobile networks such as GSM, UMTS or CDMA, as well as WLAN and Internet and provides professional services for mobile operators, service providers, smart card and software vendors. • Cellnetrix’s area of competence includes secure software development for such devices as (U)SIM cards, security tokens, TPMs as well as trusted value-added application implementation and managed OTA service provisioning for (U)SIM and R-UIM. • Software and services provided by Cellnetrix are based on open standards such as OMA, ETSI, 3GPP, Global Platform, ISO and active use of Java Cellnetrix technologies on different levels. © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 3 • 09/10/2008
  4. 4. Products and Services cellSIM Software for smart cards and secure devices based on Java Card 2.2.1/2.2.2 UICC platform cellOTA cellApps Over-the-Air management Implementation of value-added services for (U)SIM and applications enhancing R-UIM mobile trust and security Cellnetrix © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 4 • 09/10/2008
  5. 5. Software development services Custom software development for smart-cards and secure devices Cellnetrix designs customized software for smart cards based on the in-house developed component-oriented reference UICC-platform fully compliant with Java Card 2.2.1 and ETSI specifications. Developed software can be ported and used virtually in any Java Card environment. Customized value-added applications and tools Cellnetrix implements customized applications and tools based on available prototypes, which give customers an opportunity to cope with technical network problems and to use the (U)SIM card effectively as a service platform for mobile marketing, content distribution and an access point to services. Outsourcing of research & development operations Cellnetrix Leveraging on its expertise and extensive knowledge in the target domain Cellnetrix delivers outsourcing software development services to the customers supporting the product development processes at different stages such as product conceptualization, implementation, testing and delivery. © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 5 • 09/10/2008
  6. 6. Professional services OTA Management services for (U)SIM and R-UIM Cellnetrix offers full-scale remote management services for (U)SIM and R-UIM cards using its own OTA delivery platform: scheduling, implementation and maintenance of OTA campaigns including file structure modification, Java Card applets loading and removal, as well as selective modification of individual SIM-toolkit menu items. Technical consulting Being an independent from smart card vendors center of competence for smart cards and security related issues Cellnetrix provides consultancy services related to all phases of development process starting from the business planning and ending with the commercial rollout. Test & acceptance services Cellnetrix As an expert in smart card related technologies Cellnetrix offers outsourcing of test and acceptance procedures which often become a headache for many mobile network operators including configuration, interoperability and stress testing of (U)SIM-cards and on-card applications. © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 6 • 09/10/2008
  7. 7. cellSIM Software for smart cards and security devices Software for smart cards and security devices is one of the top specializations of Cellnetrix built on top of the in-house developed CellSIM card operating system. CellSIM is a component-oriented high-performance smart card operating system targeted for various telecom and internet applications fully compatible with the most international and industry standards such as ISO, Sun, Global platform, 3GPP and ETSI. Overview:  CellSIM is used internally as a reference and test platform for the smart card applications and can be also licensed either in a binary form or alternatively with a full source code of the complete system or of the chosen components only.  Targeted as a firmware for subscriber identity devices and based on the widely adopted UICC standards, CellSIM covers a broad range of telecom and internet applications such as (U)SIM, secure tokens, TPM.  CellSIM provides unprecedentedly high level of customization, much more than any ROM-based product, at the same time, reducing time to market for completely new configuration. Cellnetrix Cellnetrix continues the ongoing development of CellSIM adding new components customer configurations, optimizing and improving existing code and is committed to the premium level support of its customers. © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 7 • 09/10/2008
  8. 8. cellSIM Functional overview of CellSIM Cellnetrix © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 8 • 09/10/2008
  9. 9. cellSIM Core functionality and additional components Existing version Planned for future releases Transport protocols T=0,T=1 SWP, USB, TCP/IP Java Card ver. 2.2.1 2.2.2 Global Platform ver. 2.1.1 2.2 UICC ver. Rel. 6 Rel. 7 CAT/USAT/JC API Version Rel. 6 Rel.7 Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) Support for large files>64K Logical channel support (4) (20) COMP128-1, Milenage 3G/2G, CAVE, Authentication algorithms CIS-B COMP128-2, COMP 128-3,XOR Crypto API DES/3DES/AES/RSA ECC Secure channel protocols SCP01/SCP02 SCP10 Cellnetrix Additional Applications and Features WIB 1.3 CAT_TP, EAP-SIM Applicable Form Factors smart card USB token © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 9 • 09/10/2008
  10. 10. cellSIM Estimated ratio “product/code size” Java Card 2.2.1,GP 2.1.1,SIM Java Card 2.2.1 SIM, GP2.1.1, WIB 1.3 Java Card 2.2.1 SIM, R-UIM Java Card 2.2.1 USIM Java Card 2.2.1 USIM WIB 1.3 NVM size 0 64K 128K 192K 256K Cellnetrix Java Card SIM/ SIMToolkit R6 R-UIM WIB w/o plugins 3G 2.2.1+GP 2.1.1* © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 10 • 09/10/2008
  11. 11. cellOTA Fully managed OTA services Cellnetrix offers full-blown remote management services for (U)SIM and R-UIM cards using a proprietary lightweight OTA delivery platform. E TRR E N E P IS 6000 CellOTA is a package of managed OTA services offered by Cellnetrix covering scheduling, implementation and operation of OTA campaigns including remote file updates, java card applet management modification of individual SIM-toolkit menu items, post-issuance software patching and other customer specific operations. Main Features:  Support of several data bearers such as SMS-PP and BIP being fully compliant with existing ETSI and 3GPP standards as well as proprietary OTA implementations of major smart card manufacturers.  Designed for project based OTA campaigns with certain input and output scenarios, CellOTA guarantees high security level and full atomicity of download operations.  In addition to binary updates it is possible to build more sophisticated scripts Cellnetrix including plain and UCS2 notification SMS, WAP PUSH, MMS and even e-mail.  Being a fully managed solution CellOTA is hosted either on the dedicated server or on the virtual in-house platform. © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 11 • 09/10/2008
  12. 12. cellOTA Supported OTA operations Software bugs and configuration fixes: loading of patches, modification of system files and internal variables fixing software bugs or configuration errors File structure modification: post-personalization, ex. IMSI change, other changes in configuration (SPN, SMSC, PLMN, FPLMN, …etc) Application configuration modification: bytes codes load/modification etc… Cellnetrix Application management: loading and deletion of Java Card applets and native applications © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 12 • 09/10/2008
  13. 13. cellApps Value-added application development CellApps is a complete service for mobile (U)SIM centric application developments, which includes conceptualization, design, implementation, testing and integration of the software. CellApps service covers various (U)SIM-based client or client-server (U)SAT applications such as roaming steering, secure subscriber data management, secured messaging, location based services, wireless promotion. Overview:  Cellnetrix develops customized applications based on client’s technical requirements or available prototypes and implementations. Some of them were already developed and approved in the field.  Flexible business models providing licensing scheme with a full source make it possible to use applications as an element of more sophisticated solutions.  Applications are not tied to the particular smart-card vendor . Cellnetrix  Functional and stress testing provided by Cellnetrix guarantees equal quality without any regard to a card vendor and guarantee the required endurance. © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 13 • 09/10/2008
  14. 14. cellApps Value-added applications Application development services cover various domains and include following but not limited to fully customizable solutions: Roaming steering and control EasyRoam – flexible roaming control application RoamingAssistant -– provides assistance for the subscriber during roaming and fix potential dialing errors SmartCall -– callback calling via usual calling procedure, no need to use triggers like USSD or SMS Secure data management SecureStore – keeps and manages web login and password as well as other secured data on SIM SecretPhoneBook – stores and manages enhanced phonebook which is stored on the SIM and secured by a special PIN Secure messaging SecureMes – enciphered message interchange between 2 or more peers LiveText – actual balance or other notification message is always shown on the mobile screen Various network applications HandyTracker – tracks mobile specific parameters such as IMEI, Terminal Profile, Location Area etc. Cellnetrix MultipleSubscription – manages several subscriptions on one SIM Application development on demand YourApp - Any application can be customized to particular needs or designed from scratch © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 14 • 09/10/2008
  15. 15. Development, test and acceptance Effective smart card development and (U)SIM product acceptance is hardly possible without the proper tools. To make life easier for customers and partners, Cellnetrix offers a set of different tools which increase productivity and effectiveness of the daily engineering work as well as complete portfolio of services related to acceptance testing of (U)SIM cards and on-card applications. Overview:  Cellnetrix provides full Java Card 2.2.1 UICC simulation including RSA and full applet firewall support. Easy development and debugging of Java applications in the favorite IDE on the reference UICC R6 platform.  Java based smart-card test platform for Eclipse.  Customized test case development based on customer requirements, analysis of incompatibility SIM-mobile issues, stress testing  Automated test suites. SIM Test suite (3GPP TS 51.013, 3GPP TS 51.017, 3GPP TS 31.048) Cellnetrix USIM Test suite (3GPP TS 31.122,3GPP TS 31.213) UICC Test suite (ETSI TS 102 230, ETSI TS 102 268,ETSI TS 102 222) (U)SAT applications Test suite; WIB 1.3 Test suite; © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 15 • 09/10/2008
  16. 16. Technical Consulting and Support Technological advances in (U)SIM and increased market requirements have lead to dramatic changes in the whole mobile ecosystem where (U)SIM evolved from a simple security device to a multimedia system integrated into the external environments still providing a good security for operators and their subscribers. Cellnetrix is committed to providing premium level support to its customers minimizing the difficulties in implementation of modern (U)SIM based technologies. Cellnetrix provides:  (U)SIM card and application testing, assistance during BAP cards acceptance.  Trainings courses and seminars on smart cards and related (U)SIM technologies.  Analysis of sophisticated compatibility problems and difficult issues related to (U)SIM and on-card applications.  Technical consulting related to (U)SIM based services implementation, Cellnetrix introduction of new processes or secure technologies.  (U)SIM card forensics. © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 16 • 09/10/2008
  17. 17. Our customers Cellnetrix © Cellnetrix 2008 • Products and Services • English • 17 • 09/10/2008
  18. 18. Company location Cellnetrix head office is located in one of the biggest trade and industry cities in Europe Hamburg, 20 minutes from the international airport: Holstenkamp 54, D-22525 Hamburg, Germany Tel. + 49 40 891 062 Fax.+ 49 40 891 064 R&D center is ideally headquartered in Russia in one of several new country special economic zones, Zelenograd, which is at same time a remote part of Moscow located 20km towards northwest and 15 km from the international airport Sheremetievo. Cellnetrix R&D Center Yablonevaya alleya, 313a, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia, 124482 Cellnetrix Tel . +7(495) 944-66-90 Fax. +7(499) 736-57-63 Email: office@cellnetrix.com Web: www.cellnetrix.com © Cellnetrix 2009 • Products and Services • English • 18 • 09/10/2008
  19. 19. We are always at your disposal!