Cloud is a Process, Not a Tech Revolution


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The cloud revolution is less about the technology it's built on, and more about the peoples and processes that make it go. As many claim that the cloud is reforming the IT practice, it's more important to see the efforts and intuition behind the implementation of the cloud.

Discover why the cloud is optimizing businesses and what is making this automation of organizations both efficient and measurable.

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Cloud is a Process, Not a Tech Revolution

  1. 1. Cloud is a Process Not a Technology Revolution A VMware presentation
  2. 2. 2 We All Love Technology If you’re reading up on cloud, you probably love technology - understanding complex systems, building and improving solutions that make information flow quickly and smoothly.
  3. 3. Clouds Are Not About Technology 3 But the real revolution that clouds promise to deliver is less about the technology it’s built on, and more about the processes that make it go.
  4. 4. Cloud is About Better Understanding User Needs 4 The change from traditional IT to cloud is the close connection to user needs. The way that users and technology managers have instant and deep visibility to the IT capacity in use, and how effectively it meets the business objectives. The success of your cloud initiative will depend more on getting process right than on choosing and implementing the best or fastest technology elements.
  5. 5. Key Areas Of Focus To Make It Real 5 When you plan a cloud deployment, do you think about? The automation that allows users to choose technology quickly and without human intervention Visibility to how much capacity is consumed How much each solution option costs Pre-building consistent solutions before demand hits, rather than on a project by project basis These valuable cloud characteristics are process rather than technology innovations.
  6. 6. Cloud Process Spotlight #1: Service Catalog 6 Imagine a menu of options, conveying to the customer what’s available online. Keep it simple. If a restaurant menu used highly technical terms to describe the fare, diners wouldn’t be able to easily choose what they want. Ditto for the cloud – a service catalog enables smart decisions based on required business outcomes such as time to deployment, resiliency, compliance objectives, security considerations and anything else that impacts the effectiveness of the service.
  7. 7. Cloud Process Spotlight #2: Chargeback/ Showback 7 Cloud cost transparency begins with a price list that accompanies a menu of service options. Pricing strategy matters too. Without cost awareness, you can expect a free-for-all of consumption of the high-performance service options. This cost awareness should be ongoing, giving a meaningful incentive to relinquish resources that are no longer in use.
  8. 8. Cloud Process Spotlight #3: Consistency 8 Part of what makes seasoned cloud providers successful is their ruthless drive to reduce variability of configurations. This requires limiting customization for customers, but the benefit is a more reliable and manageable environment. Getting a good idea of the specific requirements across your population of customers will help you choose the right options to build, and help you enforce the consistency that’s required to manage a cloud successfully.
  9. 9. Cloud Process Spotlight #4: Automation 9 • Provisioning • De-commissioning • Scaling • High availability and • Reporting • Reduces staff cost • Establishes standardization • Helps users get what they want quickly • Increases customer satisfaction Effective automation:Running a cloud at scale requires automating every possible element:
  10. 10. Process Improvement Drives Results 10 Building a cloud properly will require you to change the way you think. Success in the cloud is less about pure engineering and more about the communication and clarity of understanding and responding to customer needs. Those who embrace the management, customer service and process control side of the cloud will realize the benefits they are aiming for.