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Virtual Risk Manager global overview july 2013 SA
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Virtual Risk Manager global overview july 2013 SA


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Our mission is to help our clients across the world develop a holistic approach to their fleet risk management strategy that ensures a continuous cycle of activity that saves lives, exceeds global …

Our mission is to help our clients across the world develop a holistic approach to their fleet risk management strategy that ensures a continuous cycle of activity that saves lives, exceeds global compliance standards, builds brand value and minimises safety, insurance and liability exposures.

We do not believe in waiting for a collision to take place before acting. Our aim is stop the collisions from happening in the first place! This means all your employees who 'drive for work purposes' are involved in your program.

Our approach is a partnership with our clients - we will provide up to the minute best practice information that influences your drivers attitude and behaviour behind the wheel, you will provide the leadership, discipline and consequence if they choose to behave differently.

Crash Free Culture, our flagship total solution, addresses the following key elements in order to create a long term solution:

• Safety Culture evolution and reinforcement: RiskFOUNDATION

• Pro-active risk assessment of all drivers: RoadRISK

• Indexing of all drivers MVR, Crash / Collision and RoadRISK data: DriverINDEX

• Training and Interventions with all drivers based on DriverINDEX: RiskCOACH

• BenchMARKING of progress: Internal and External

Our approach also recognises the importance of an individual's rights to privacy and data security and we have worked with our Global IT Partner NTT to ensure a server infrastructure that meets and exceeds the requirements of US 'safe harbor' and European 'data protection' standards. In addition, your drivers will understand exactly what information is collected, where it is secured and how it is used to help protect them while driving for work purposes.

Every piece of information collected and stored on behalf of our clients is secured within our patented management information system available to our clients across the globe 24/7.

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  • 1. SAFETY MISSION: LEADING DRIVERS TO SAFETY “Human error is a factor in over 90% of road collisions. The actions of managers and drivers are expressions of their attitude, behavior, personal choices and the organizational systems and culture in which they work. Best practice initiatives MUST ensure that policies and processes support and encourage the creation of a ‘crash free culture’. This approach will provide every opportunity for people ‘driving for work purposes’ to demonstrate the correct attitude, make the right personal choices and behave in the safest way.” Virtual Risk Manager ® helps clients build a road safety MANAGEMENT SYSTEM into their operating ‘DNA’ to create a CRASH FREE CULTURE ® WHY VIRTUAL RISK MANAGER? 1. Create a ‘holistic’ infrastructure for a long term road safety solution. 2. Facilitate safety ‘leadership’ at all tiers of management. 3. Measure, monitor and report back on the qualification, road safety performance and training activities of ALL drivers/managers. 4. Pro-actively identify ‘at-risk’ drivers through the integration of crash & collision, telematic, license check and other data universes. 5. Identify your safest drivers for recognition and reward. 6. Create risk reduction plans for high risk drivers. 7. Deliver state-of-the-art training and assessment materials directly to drivers/managers anywhere in the world. 8. Demonstrate ‘due diligence’ at all times to insurers and comply with international best practice. 9. Build brand value as part of a ‘corporate social responsibility’. 10. Exceed international standards for the management of employees who drive for work purposes, e.g. ANSI Z15/ Corporate Killing/Homicide/ISO 39001. 11. Deliver sustainable ‘returns on investment’ of between 20 and 60% over three years, factoring in reductions in incidents/collisions, costs associated with incidents/collisions and the reduction in insurance/workers compensation costs – Total Cost of Ownership, TCO. 12. Create a platform for ‘continuous improvement’ of the ‘risk & liability exposures’ faced by: - persons driving for work purposes. - your organization. - the community at large.
  • 2. Reinforce mission critical, non-negotiable policies and standards designed to keep drivers (and the wider community) safe while driving for work purposes. Subject specific training libraries to aid best practice awareness and target Identified risk exposures. Internal/external performance analytics. Global MIS/DATA HUB to monitor training and driver performance data. ‘Pro-active’ driver/organization self assessment & gap analysis – start to identify most ‘at-risk’ drivers. ‘Pro-active risk management’ of the 10% most ‘at-risk’ drivers for ‘OneToOne’ coaching and early intervention. NEW: High Risk Response Plan – VRM COACH 5 4 3 2 1
  • 3. • Client PRIVACY Notice/Consent • Client POLICY Acknowledgement • Client DRIVER Safety Pledge • Client DRIVER Risk Foundation OBJECTIVES OF SAFETY CULTURE • Privacy consent for integration of data universes. • Awareness and acknowledgement of Fleet Safety Policy. • Reinforce policies, rules and expectations. • Gain driver commitment to follow safety rules and guidelines. • Create foundation for Management to grow/lead safety culture. 1: SAFETY CULTURE
  • 4. 2: RoadRISK® - Validated Risk Assessment • RoadRISK: Profile (Driver, Vehicle, Journey) • RoadRISK: Defensive Driving (Attitude, Behavior, Knowledge, Hazard Recognition) OBJECTIVES OF RoadRISK® PHASE • Opportunity for DRIVERS to benchmark their knowledge of defensive driving best practice with customized feedback reports. • Opportunity for CLIENT to benchmark their ‘risk exposures’ with customized feedback reports. • Start of DriverINDEX Risk Ranking Process. RoadRISK Independent Validation: NAPIER UNIVERSITY, SCOTLAND, UK
  • 5. Virtual Risk Manager Performance Management System PATENTED with the US Trademarks and Patent Office: 6,714,894 3: DriverINDEX® ALL DRIVER EVENTS in ONE SYSTEM: RoadRISK + License Check/Fines + Collision/Incident Records + Telematics + VRM:COACH ® + other data ‘universes’ OBJECTIVES: DriverINDEX® • Identify top 10% most ‘at-risk’ drivers for further support. • Recognize ‘excellent and low risk drivers’. • Reinforcement of safety messaging and leadership of the program. ACTIONS associated with DriverINDEX • RiskCOACH ‘risk reduction’ training. • OneToOne Coaching with High Risk Drivers • VRM COACH High Risk Response Plan
  • 6. Ranks drivers from Most ‘At- Risk’ to Low Risk/Excellent based on DriverINDEX value (Includes data from every ‘data universe’ clients supply to VRM) MOST Active ‘At- Risk’ Drivers within the last: 1/3/6/12 months Link to 6 month graphical trend of individual driver performance – improving, static or declining. DriverINDEX/ Client Risk Rating OneToOne® Status: Not Started/In Progress/Required /Complete OneToOne Management Alerts Link to Driver Performance Review to view: Events and OneToOne ® 3: DriverINDEX®: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT
  • 7. Driver OneToOne: Creates opportunity for Manager to help their colleagues understand their road safety performance is important and reinforce expectations. VRM Human Factor Analysis of Driver strengths, weaknesses and behaviors. Allows managers to review the driver’s road safety risks, revisit safety objectives and discuss individual ‘risk reduction’ plans. 3. HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: OneToOne®
  • 8. 3. HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: VRM: COACH® “THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE A CRASH FREE CULTURE JUST CHANGED FOREVER” HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THE EFFECT OF PROVIDING YOUR MOST ‘AT-RISK’ DRIVERS WITH A PERSONAL DRIVING INSTRUCTOR TO HELP THEM MANAGE THEIR BEHAVIORS AND CHANGE THEIR HABITS BEFORE THEY GET INTO TROUBLE? Targeted deployment across the most ‘at-risk’ 10% of your drivers based on their DriverINDEX ® Risk Rating TOTAL INTEGRATION WITH VIRTUAL RISK MANAGER: VRM COACH ADDS the following important on-road behaviors to DriverINDEX. 1. Harsh braking, acceleration, turning/steering, speeding 2. Seatbelt usage (vehicle dependent) 3. ECO: % of time idling 4. ECO: Over revving (> 3,500 rpm) 5. COMBINED: Aggressive driving per mile/kilometer driven New 2013
  • 9. 4: RiskCOACH® Subject specific targeted best practice training library and guides for Drivers and Managers. RiskCOACH: Attitude, Eco-Driving, Driving While Distracted, Avoiding Damage While Parked, Blind Spots, Spouse, Act Now, Hours of Service, Lift Gate, Low Speed Maneuvering & Backing, Blind Spots & Mirrors, Two Wheeler and Lift Truck (new 2013). OBJECTIVES OF RiskCOACH® • Best practice awareness training to re- energize and inform. • Targeted training for known risk exposures – speeding, drunk-driving, fatigue etc. • Targeted training for High Risk Drivers. • ‘Dear Driver’ – Communications Plans
  • 10. 5: VRM Analytics®/Benchmarking Monthly/Quarterly & Annual Analytics – CPMM, IPMM, License, Collision, Incident, Country/Division Scorecards, ‘Calls to Action’, Benchmarks.
  • 11. VRM: MULTI NATIONAL SOLUTION IDS OFFICES PARTNER OFFICES IDS Regional Directors in Poland, Mexico, UK and USA. Global 24/7 Multi Lingual Call Center in San Francisco. VRM ACTIVE
  • 12. LEADERSHIP BRIEFINGS Three important briefings for Client Managers: Mission Briefing: Reviews the Virtual Risk Manager solution and its aim to help clients create a Crash Free Culture. OneToOne: Overview looks in depth at the critical importance of the Manager in creating a crash free culture. OneToOne: In Action is designed to help Managers overcome their concerns of discussing a colleagues road safety performance in detail and includes a role play between a Sales Managers and their direct report. VRM MISSION BRIEFING OneToOne: OVERVIEW OneToOne: IN ACTION
  • 14. WHY WORK WITH INTERACTIVE DRIVING SYSTEMS? • IDS COMPANY CULTURE – integrity, professionalism, duty of care, quality management. • ‘POWER OF ONE’ – one Management Information System – training, incident, collision, license check, telematic and other data ‘universes’ ALL working together in the VRM performance management system. • VRM ‘CIRCLE OF LIFE’ FLEXIBILITY – ability for clients to match their journey plan to their objectives. • GLOBAL FOOTPRINT – over 70 countries and 40 languages. • DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY – over 15 years experience working across Europe and other high profile ‘privacy’ nations combined with state of the art dedicated server banks based in the UK/USA – Data Protection/US/EU Safe Harbor Self Certified. • FLEET RISK MANAGEMENT INNOVATOR – first defensive driving CD-ROM, WWW, Peer Reviewed Research, Validated Risk Assessment (RoadRISK), USA Patent (Risk Reduction), Multi Lingual MIS, International Awards, VRM COACH high risk response plan – ongoing pursuit of excellence. • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP AND THE VRM BENCHMARKING FAMILY – sharing best practice, research and opportunity for the greater good with all IDS clients. • ‘ALL IN’ CUSTOMER SERVICE PHILOSOPHY – nothing we won’t do for our customers!