Visual Studio Team System 2010


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Сергей Байдачный, Microsoft, Киев, Украина

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  • Targeting Developer Attributes:Code is my worldKeep me in controlLet me work at a higher levelUnderstand my codeCustomers are looking for innovations that deliver:Higher quality softwareBetter decision makingReduced time to marketInvestment areas:Code Focused ProductivityDeep InsightsDeveloper Collaboration
  • Screenshot of the MFC Class WizardISV ProfileMajority building native code applicationsUse C# when they need to write managed codeA significant % of global ISVs have indicated plans for WPF projectsNative Tools IssuesApps larger & more complex than in VC6 days; environment hasn’t kept upVisual C++ falling behind the productivity curveNeed deeper insight into their codeWant easier access to new technologies (ex: multi-core, Windows Vista, Windows 7, .NET)
  • Project Mgmt: Manage work across multiple team projects and programs of projects (in contrast to the single team project scope used in VSTS v1) via: Project Server + Client Integration + Lightweight Project Planning ToolsRequirements Traceability: Trace work and report status against requirements, including reporting on progress, build availability, test pass rate, etc. and seeing the impact of changes to requirementsReports: View and customize project status and health reportsDashboards: Enable each person on your team to find the most important informationMany Processes: Obtain a wide variety of examples from Microsoft and the CommunityProcess Customization: Customize process to match the way your team works
  • Discover and reuse the existing architecture: by visualizing structure and behavior in UML and DSL modelsEliminate the “no repro” problem: by recording application history, internal program state, and correlating that with code, so events leading up to failure can be rewound / replayedGated checkin: Catch human error before it can be checked in w/gated checkin & rollbackTest prioritization: Determine what are the most important tests to run w/test prioritizationT-SQL Quality Tools: Extend quality improvement tools into data tier w/T-SQL static analysis, code coverage & enhanced refactoringManual Testing: Enable manual testers to reliably create actionable bugs for development by enabling testers to take and capture notes, capture screen shots and trace informationFunctional Testing: Create functional tests for UI and services by capturing and replaying user interactions automatically (I.e. GUI recording)Test Case Management: Create, organize, and manage test cases and results for the entire development org
  • Visual Studio Team System 2010

    1. 1. Сергей Байдачный Специалист по разработке ПО Майкрософт Украина
    2. 2. Самый большой релиз за всю историю VSTS Полностью новая среда разработки, базирующаяся на WPF Архитектура и тестирование – основные направления фокусировки Поддержка .NET Framework 4 Основывается на отзывах разработчиков
    3. 3. Visual Studio окружение WPF-based редактор Поддержка нескольких мониторов Навигация Quick Search Project System 100% совместимость Multi-Targeting
    4. 4. Используй, а потом определяй Иерархия вызовов
    5. 5. Amazing IDE Experience Scale smoothly Better navigation of large source bases Multi-targeting MFC Class Wizard Parallel computing support Light up on Windows 7 Updated MFC Look-and-Feel
    6. 6. Tooling for the next version of Office ClickOnce Enhancements for Office Create solutions with multiple addins and documents Ability to deploy and update custom actions Improved document and template deployment Publish Office client customizations to SharePoint
    7. 7. SharePoint tooling for common customizations Workflow Application pages Content Types Master pages List Definitions Server controls Site Definitions Modules Web parts (+ Visual Fields Designer) Great experiences inside Visual Studio – coding->debug->deploy Extensible infrastructure allowing 3rd parties and ISVs to create additional SharePoint tooling
    8. 8. Richer platform support 64-bit mixed-mode debugging Minidump debugging support for managed and mixed-mode WPF Visualizer Breakpoint improvements Grouping and labeling Import/export Historical Debugger Record & playback application execution
    9. 9. Project Management Project Server Специальная утилита для планирования Управление требованиями Отчеты Индивидуальная рабочая панель Настройка процесса
    10. 10. Поддержка UML Testing improvements Приоритезация тестов Управление тесткейсами Ручное тестирование Функциональное тестирование
    11. 11. Go-live начнет работать в бета 1 RTM 2nd Half Beta 2 2009 Q3 2009 Beta 1 Q2 2009 CTP October 2008
    12. 12.
    13. 13. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.