Непрерывное тестирование для улучшения качества кода


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SQA Days 11. День 1. Секция A
Марсел Янки
Micro Focus
Хофддорп, Нидерланды

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Непрерывное тестирование для улучшения качества кода

  1. 1. Marcel JankieSolution Architect Code Quality “Better Software Faster” International Region
  2. 2. Proactive approach TestRequirement Develop, Test Maintain Plan Project AutomateManagement and Tune and Analyze Validate DevPartner Silk Performer StarTeam TestPartner Caliber RM MSTFS Silk Test SCTM MS Visual Studio / Star Team / Team Foundation Server
  3. 3. Your Environment Performance / MemoryCoverage Analysis Automated Error Detection Analysis VB VB .C++Coverage Analysis C++. Performance Analysis C++ Static: Runtime: NET Performance Expert .NET CodeReview RunTime Detection Memory Profiler .NET (BC) .NET coding DebuggingAutomated Testing Testing & Tuning System Analysis DeploymentSilkTest System CompareST+DP=CIT Production
  4. 4. Next to MSTS• Full 64 bits support• In Depth Source Code Level Info: 851 rules• Structured Call Graph Information• Extreme Powerful Debugger (BoundsChecker)• .NET Memory Leak Detection• Well written Expertise in defect reports• In depth visibility in Memory Management CLR• DiskIO and NetworkIO• System Compare• Technologies evolved over the last 25 years• XML Export and Management Reporting• Distributed Capabilities• Real Agile (TP / Silk / DPS)
  5. 5. Cont. Integration Testing • Complement the Continuous Integration methodology • Code analysis during automated tests • Memory and performance analysis during unit and functional testing • Code coverage analysis during unit testing and functional testing • Code inspections to uncover poor coding practices • Security inspections to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities • Management visibility into results Management Visibility Go Live Test Assets Plan Unit Test QA Test Deploy Develop Continuous Integration5
  6. 6. SilkTest 2011• Record and playback reliable Test scripts• Very flexible choice of scripting language• Save precious Time of Senior team members• Usable for both Developers and non Developers• Fastest playback engine in the market• SAP support• Rich set of object recognition• Non GUI Testing Capabilities• Data Driven tests• Call VB.NET or C# from Visual Script
  7. 7. Four key capabilities SilkTest: Total Freedom Visual Scripting VB.NET Scripting SilkTest Classic 4Test Silk4J Java - Eclipse Silk4NET C#/VB.NET – VS2010Programming power Ease of use
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. SAP Solution Manager = ApplicationLifecycle Management for SAP
  10. 10. Two working modes-1. Drive everything out of Solman Push out of SolMan back into SCTM
  11. 11. 2. Work out of SCTM
  12. 12. New in SilkTest 2011• Internet Explorer 9 Support• Mozilla Firefox 5 and Mozilla Firefox 6 Support• Micro Focus Rumba Support• Microsoft Silverlight Support• User Account Control• 64 Bit Support for Java & .NET Applications • AWT • SWT • Swing • Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) • WPF • Winforms • SAP• Adobe Flex 4.x Support
  13. 13. Demo CITSub Main()Shell ("C:Program FilesMicro FocusDevPartner StudioBoundsCheckerbc.exe /BC:cpwrdemonmfilelogfilesnmfilebc.DPbcl c:cpwrdemonmfiledebugnmfile.exe")Playback.AttachTimeOut = 60Window("Application=NMFILE.EXE Caption=Namefile").Attach Attach to Namefile WindowWindow.MenuSelect "View~Customer Count" Attach to Name Select WindowWindow("Application=NMFILE.EXE ClassName=#32770 Caption=Name Select").Attach ExecuteCheck "ContentCheckNames" Button("Caption=OK").Click Attach to Info WindowWindow("Application=NMFILE.EXE ClassName=#32770 Caption=Info").Attach Button("Caption=OK").Click Attach to Namefile WindowWindow("Application=NMFILE.EXE Caption=Namefile").Attach Window.CloseEnd Sub
  14. 14. Code Quality Report
  15. 15. Code Quality Report
  16. 16. Coverage AnalysisCode Changes • Volatility • Changed Methods • New Methods • Line Level / Method Level Information
  17. 17. CodeReview• VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET• Identifies known and potential problems – Logic, Portability, Performance, Windows, Standards, Usability and .NET Portability, Security – Represents collective knowledge from Microsoft, MicroFocus and industry experts• Code Standardization: Object Naming / Variable Naming• McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity• Static Reference Graph• 851 rules• Regular Expressions Rule Manager• Integrates into VS 2008 and VS 2010 and VS 11
  18. 18. MSTFS Integration DevPartner
  19. 19. MSTFS Architecture
  20. 20. MSTFS Architecture
  21. 21. MSTFS Architecture
  22. 22. Submit WorkItem
  23. 23. Inside WorkItem
  24. 24. Team Explorer Query Defects
  25. 25. Testing Evolution • Conventional • Manual Testing • Ad hoc Testing • Sequential • Waterfall • Modern • Continuous • Agile • Automated • Efficient
  26. 26. •Marcel JankieSolution Architect Code QualityMarcel.Jankie@MicroFocus.comMobile : +31 (6) 23 94 96 87