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Aam aadmi party

  1. 1. AAM AADMI PARTY ABOUT AAP: For the past two years millions of common Indians came out on streets to fight against the biggest evil in our country today - corruption. This people's anti-corruption movement has exposed the ugly and greedy face of our politicians. No political party in India today works for the common man's needs. The Janlokpal Movement was a call to all the politicians of India to listen to the common man's plea. For almost 2 years we tried every single way available to plead our cause to the government - peaceful protesting, courting arrest, indefinite fasting several rounds of negotiations with the ruling government - we tried everything possible to convince the government to form a strong anti- corruption law. But despite the huge wave of public support in favour of a strong anti-corruption law, all political parties cheated the people of India and deliberately sabotaged the Janlokpal Bill. The time for peaceful fasts and protests is gone. This is the time for action. Since most political parties are corrupt, greedy and thick skinned, it's time to bring political power back into the people's hands. We are not saying that every single politician is corrupt and greedy. There are many good intentioned people in politics today who want to work honestly for the people of India. But the current system of polity does not allow honest politicians to function. We are also not claiming that every single person who joins our party will be hundred percent honest. We are saying that it is the system that has become very corrupt and needs to be changed immediately. Our aim in entering politics is not to come to power; we have entered politics to change the current corrupt and self-serving system of politics forever. So that no matter who comes to power in the future, the system is strong enough to withstand corruption at any level of governance. STRUCTURE: There is no central high command in AamAadmi party. The party structure follows a bottom to top approach where the council members elect the Executive Body and also holds the power to recall it. No MLA or MP of this party will use red lights or any other beacons on his or her vehicles. No MLA or MP of this party will use any special security. We believe that elected people's representatives need the same security as a common man. No MLA or MP of our party will live in opulent and luxurious government housing. No one would need to buy an election ticket in our party. Candidates contesting elections from an area will be selected by the people of that area. In all political parties today criminals and mafia goons are given election tickets. Such people will never be given tickets in our party. A thorough screening process will ensure that no one with a criminal record or proven corruption charges could stand for elections from our party.
  2. 2. This party will function with full financial transparency. Every single rupee collected by donations to run this people's party will be publicly declared on the party's website and all expenditures will also be declared on the website. Every member of the AamAadmi party will have to follow a strict internal code of conduct or internal Lokpal. This independent body will be headed by 3 jurists and other eminent personalities with impeccable public records and will investigate charges of corruption, crime, substance abuse and moral turpitude against all office bearing members of the party. Any citizen can present proof of wrongdoing against a party member. If internal Lokpal finds the party member guilty, he or she will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action as decided by the internal Lokpal. No two members of the same family will be eligible to contest elections in our party and no two members of the same family can become members of the Executive Body. Today we give our vote to a candidate, he or she wins the election, and then they disappear from our life. Today most elected representatives make no time to listen to the problems of their constituents. And in the current electoral system, the people have no choice but to suffer this candidate for 5 years. We want to create an alternative. We will enact a Right to Reject law wherein the common man does not have to wait for 5 years to remove a corrupt MLA or MP from office. People can complain to the election commission anytime to recall their representative and call for fresh elections. AamAadmi Party is fully committed to the principles of gender equity and will represent women and students amply at all levels of party organisation. AamAadmi Party is committed to the principles of justice for all and will coopt representatives from the Dalit and other minority segments of society at all levels of party organisation. AamAadmi Party has constituted a three member internal committee to address gender issues within the party. The committee has been formed in adherence to Vishakha guidelines. The AamAadmi Party is the first and the only political party to have formed such an internal committee. IMPACT ON PEOPLE:
  3. 3. Mr.ArvindKejriwal should know that for India to remain united and serve all the people well the main issues are: Employment Generation, Growth and Development, Elimination of Corruption, Control on Price Rise and Inflation, Security of Borders, Fight against separatists and anti-national elements and Fight against terrorism, communal ism and regionalism. If borders of the Country are not secure and safe, Chinese incursions will increase and embolden Pakistan Sri Lanka and other countries to attack our citizens, fishermen and others with impunity. More than 3 crore jobs are required in this young nation where more than 65% people are younger than 35 years. Corruption kills the soul of the Country and gives rise to many ills in the society. Inflation and price rise breaks the back of all the poor and middle class people. Price impacts those who save money for investment. Fight against terrorism, communal ism and regionalism can ensure that Country remains united. All these things are possible if we have a good Prime Minister. How can Mr Kejriwal say that selection of PM is not important? PM gives direction to the Country for growth, employment generation, anti-corruption crusades, control on price rise, security and safety of the Country etc. Mr ArvindKejriwal always says that “We want Swarajya- freedom”. Does he know that India became free in 1947? HAD INDIA NOT BEEN A FREE COUNTRY, HOW COULD HE HAVE become CM of the Capital of India? He should change it to Surajya i.e. Good and honest Governance. We know his views on Corruption. What about growth and Development, national Security, Terrorism? These are the issues which India a Country of young people faces every day. Can he give his views on these burning issues also? Mr.Kejriwal thinks that he is the first Chief Minister who meets every body like a common man. There are many- Chief Minister of Tripura and Goa are very down to earth and without any ego problems.Mr. Kejriwal should concentrate on good governance and ensure Roti Kapdaaurmakan for all the Citizens in New Delhi. India needs a time tested Individual as PM of the Country so as to ensure safety security of the Country and its people. Further, may I remind people that when Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister of the Country, he was very honest, AGP Government of Assam was very honest when they formed the Government. For India, we need a person who has wide and varied experience to face the onslaught of so many enemies within and outside the Country. China, Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Naxalites, Separatists; all our enemies who can take advantage of the relatively inexperienced PM. Further, AAP should give views on the Unity of the Country because Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan both are not averse to breaking India into small pieces. Anna had replied to this issue long time back when he said that, I am an ex-serviceman and I am committed to unity of the Country. What about AAP?
  4. 4. Why aamaadmi party is not saying any thing about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh KhalsaZindabaad, why because sikh community is not big as hindu or muslim.. AAP doesnt want to talk about Pakistan , Sikh Community human right matters, they just want to win elections. Your party was the party of the people before elections. After elections it has become the party of Mr ArvindKejriwal. Before elections you were always of the opinion that the people should be involved in decision making. after the election you have not kept your words. when the people have given you the mandate for Coalition how can you ignore them? Have you conducted the the poll of the people you have voted you and asked for their opinion? Do they want reelection or do they want you to form coalition government? You are ready for re election , but the people you have elected you may not be ready for re election. after all democracy is of the people for the people and by the people. Like all the other parties , even you have changed your colors after the election. It seems that Mr Kejriwal is interested in nothing less than the post of CM. Please don't say that you are here not for the power. what will happen to a state without a government for six months? Don't say that BJP should form the government with support of Congress, because the mandate is for congress to sit in opposition . Mandate is for you and BJP to form a coalition government. It seems that you only know how to protest. Why ArvindKejriwal makes more sense than NarendraModi ? 1. Kejriwal comes from below. Modi comes from above. 2. Kejriwal puts people first. Modi puts himself first. 3. Kejriwal fights the system. Modi is the system. 4. Kejriwal is the product of a movement. Modi is the product of indoctrination. 5. Kejriwal follows icons. Modi usurps icons. 6. Kejriwal abhors wrongdoing. Modi abhors wrongdoers. 7. Kejriwal is religion-neutral. Modi is religion-centric. 8. Kejriwal unites. Modi divides. 9. Kejriwal is clean. Modi is not. 10. Kejriwal does not seek big money. Modi does. AAP ON KASHMIR:
  5. 5. The AamAadmi Party is of the view that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Needless to say that i share this view. Any reference to referendum should not misconstrude to mean plebiscite on Kashmir's relationship with India. It is the prerogative of the state to deploy Security forces, including Armed forces for any stretch to internal and external security. This prerogative must be exercised in the best interest of people, and as far as possible, with their consent. Some strong statements by AAP: Our priority is issues of Common man and not gain or loss of NarendraModi or Rahul Gandhi. All they care about is 'Politics of Vote', which we are trying to change to "Politics of Issues". All that matters to us are the issues of the AamAadmi irrespective of its impact on their votebank politics. With the Lok Sabha elections just months away, the AamAadmi Party held its two-day National Executive meeting in Delhi to launch itself at the national level. AAP ideologue Yogendra Yadav said the party will conduct a membership drive from January 10 to engage the 'aamaadmi' in their campaign. The membership drive will be carried on till January 26, he said. "Any person from across the country can put in the application at the district level. All applications will be screened and sent to the national level. Our PAC (political affairs committee) will finalise the list," In a major step to curb corruption, the Aam Aadmi Party Government in Delhi would set up an anti-corruption helpline in a couple of days. Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal had made the promise to the people of Delhi on the day of his swearing-in. He said that the vigilance department, which would follow up the complaints received through the helpline, has a sanctioned strength of 30 inspectors but only 11 are working at this point. He said Delhi Police Commissioner BhimsenBassi has assured to give 8 more inspectors in two days.Briefing the media in the Delhi Secretariat, Mr Kejriwal said that all the back end work had been completed and the helpline would be launched in a couple of days.Reacting strongly on the dumping of a new born in trash at a hospital in Delhi , Chief Minister of Delhi ArvindKejriwal said that those responsible will not be spared at any cost, terming it inhuman the Chief Minister also assured that strict action will be taken The AamAadmi Party government in Delhi is working towards fulfilling the dream of “Swaraj” or self-rule. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said that the draft Swaraj Bill will be ready in another ten days. Once the draft bill is ready, process will be initiated to give it a legal shape.
  6. 6. MAJOR RECENT HAPPENINGS OF AAP: Former Infosys Director V Balakrishnan joined AAP on Wednesday, while former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO MeeraSanyal joined the party a day later. Mr Balakrishnan's former colleague at Infosys and prominent member of India Inc Mohandas Pai speaking to NDTV said, "They are joining politics now for a very important reason...there is a deep sense of anger and frustration about the high inflation, bad governance that has happened in the past 4-5 years." "They (AAP) have revolutionised politics in this country, I'm fascinated with it," Mr Balakrishnan had said after announcing his membership of AAP. While Mr Balakrishnan's entry into politics came as a surprise to many, Ms Sanyal's wasn't as big a surprise as there was already word on the Street that she may join the party after having campaigned for AAP in the run-up to the Delhi polls. Mr Pai said AAP's spectacular debut in the Delhi elections bears testimony to the fact that people want a change. "...the UPA has let down the people of this country...it's very very clear and people are angry and upset. They want an alternative. (Narendra) Modi was an alternative that came. But AAP usurped the Modi alternative to an extent in Delhi and may be in the urban areas," Mr Pai said. Delhi's Education Minister, Mr. Manish Sisodia has found a new way to keep an eye on government schools. Under this initiative, a team of volunteers are being recruited across Delhi who will visit government schools daily and monitor toilets, water supply, cleanliness and presence of teachers. The team will report its findings to the Education Minister daily. Mr.Sisodia said, "When children return to schools after winter break, I want them to have these facilities'. He said that for this initiative, the volunteers must be able to monitor government schools in different areas and report daily. Daily reports are essential. Mr. Manish Sisodia has appealed to parents, teachers and all those who are interested in improving the condition of government schools in Delhi and can spare time on a daily basis, to come forward to be part of this volunteer team.
  7. 7. SOME MORE REACTIONS OF PEOPLE TO CONCLUDE AAP: Most of actions of AAP are just to attract Voters and NOT to improve the social security & social environment which is the basic requirement of common people. Today AAP is ruling party in Delhi, why they have not allowanced strong rule for women’s insecurity?. Why AAP has not yet prohibited alcohol in Delhi and canceled all licenses with immediate effect knowing? Why AAP has not yet declared strong punishment and rehabilitation for prostitutes caught red-handed? Why AAP has not declared termination of Government/private employees if they are found guilty in torturing wives due to less dowries, torturing wives due to birth of girl child, involved in extra marital affairs leading to breaking of first marriage, caught red handed taking bribes, involved in sexual harassment, caught red handed in drug-deals / drug-consumptions, caught red handed in gambling etc. It can be very well observed that AAP is playing double standard, one side they are claiming their responsibility to eradicate corruption and other side they are working with Congress to stay in power. It is wastage of time to mention about Congress who have crossed all limits of Corruption. Now Congress is supporting AAP to improve their image and return back to power in 2014 election with the help of their secret alliance with AAP. The true color of AAP shall be exposed to public after 2014 general election. Actually AAP has done the far more difficult thing -- one of a clean policitical system. It is the basis to break the political-bureaucracy-criminal nexus and create a real welfare state. Frankly I had imagined that good governance may be achieved, but never even in dreams imagined that a criminal-non-corrupt political party can take centre-stage. > Today AAP is ruling party in Delhi, why they have not allowanced strong rule for women’s insecurity? Assuming you meant "created strong rule for women's security": its in their manifesto and was reported that work on this is on way. > Why AAP has not yet prohibited alcohol in Delhi and canceled all licenses with immediate effect knowing? Why AAP has not yet declared strong punishment and rehabilitation for prostitutes caught red-handed? Why don't you send these suggestions by email? > Why AAP has not declared termination of Government/private employees if they are found guilty in torturing wives due to less dowries, torturing wives due to birth of girl child, involved in extra marital affairs leading to breaking of first marriage... I think rules for many of these are already in place for Govt employees. For pvt.employess I think it will be unconstitutional to do that. Actually what you are saying is that "Why is AAP not following MY agenda that I have come up with from the top of my head?". Sorry, answer to that is obvious but even so you can send in those suggestions directly by email if they are not part of their manifesto.