Article an opportunity for sustainable development; federico salmeron escobar


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Article an opportunity for sustainable development; federico salmeron escobar

  1. 1.   Pag. | 1  
  2. 2.   Pag. | 2 Landscape and Heritage. An  opportunity for sustainable development   FEDERICO SALMERÓN ESCOBAR Viva Eastpart International Expert     
  3. 3.   Pag. | 3 Contents      BACKGROUND, TWO DIFFERENT REGIONS. A SINGLE METHODOLOGY?.................................... 4 MAIN KEYS TO REGENERATE AN AREA. THE EXPERIENCE OF GUADIX. FIRST STEPS. ......................................... 6 THE NEED FOR URBAN PLANNING. ACTION PLAN .............................................................................................. 7 INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT: RURAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP GUADIX. ............................................................ 9 R ESULTS ACHIEVED............................................................................................................................................ 11 
  4. 4.   Pag. | 4 BACKGROUND, TWO DIFFERENT REGIONS. A SINGLE METHODOLOGY?Dilijan is a heritage city with valuable historical buildings, located on a hillside near the riverconnecting the region with the right balance between landscapes and urban development. This cityis located within the National Park Dilijan in Armenia, with great potential heritage, culture andlandscape.Dilijan National Park of great environmental value for natural biodiversity and ecological forests,large lakes, rivers, woodland that together represent a natural and landscape incalculable value toArmenia.Dilijan National Park. ArmeniaIf this is joined by the various monasteries existing in this National Park (Goshavank, Hagartsin andothers) which itself are mini-towns, and certainly at the time constituted a network of "cities"religious connected to each other, and were supported by small towns, we could say without adoubt that Dilijan National Park has all the qualities to become a heritage resource.
  5. 5.   In which you can raise sustainable development strategies: cultural-tourism-heritage-landscape.Pag. | 5 Goshavank and Hagartsin Monasteries National park DilijanGiving a small turn and spatial change, we focus on the experience and methodology used in theGuadix region located in Andalusia, Spain. It is a very different territory of Dilijan, could mean lessattractive from the point of view of nature, is an area where there are no forests for water scarcityand therefore there are no lakes or rivers and large green areas such as we find in Dilijan, is an aridregion, almost desert… but of great landscape value being near the mountains of Sierra Nevada.Despite territorial differences Dilijan and Guadix, which we will deepen further, the question is: canwe regenerate spaces, territories applying similar intervention methodologies? My answer ispositive and I think that despite the differences can be reached using similar methods, although theactions and projects must be different.Calahorra Castle and Guadix Landscape. Andalusia. Spain
  6. 6.   Pag. | 6 MAIN KEYS TO REGENERATE AN AREA. THE EXPERIENCE OF GUADIX.FIRST STEPS.  The region of Guadix, is nucleated around Guadix city of about 20,000 inhabitants, which has ahere is a Renaissance period Cathedral. This caseis very unique in Andalusia (and which is not oftenthe construction of a cathedral in a small town),which shows the enormous importance it hadGuadix from the XV-XIX century, in additionpreserved ancient walls of the Alcazaba from theIslamic period. Guadix is therefore a city of greathistorical value.historic center of great historical value, because tGuadix region in the years 80-90 presented major problems:• Inappropriate construction and the neglect of outlying areas threaten the urban culture and• st pressing problems are long-term unemployment.ological values in• te environmental• ment densities of• e of 7,200€ per capita, which is lower than the Andalusia average.The Regional Government of Andalusia anticipated actions for strengthening rural developmentpolicies, setting of their objective to improve the quality of life of the Andalusia people with specialHoweverthe local environment.In social terms : the mo• Property speculation causing an increase in building density and loss of typthe region of the cave houses located in the northern part of the province.In the population centers there are accessibility issues and inadequamanagement, both in terms of water and municipal solid waste treatment.Low population density well below the average Andalusia provincial environ19 Habitants/Km2.A gross family incom
  7. 7.   attention to rural areas, and overcoming economic imbalances based on social and cultural relationsbetween different territorial areas of Andalusia.In 1991 LEADER Community (EU) initiative startsPag. | 7 and it creates a new trail of optimism among theinhabitants of rural areas, strengthens regional identity as an element of progress and revalues thehas as fundamental principle: Sustainability Strategy: Regenerating theEnviroment and Heritage (LEADER Methodology), which is developed with the following steps:• Action Plan.ment Group Guadix.are the primary decision makers.quality of life in rural areas.The Project Guadix County• Urban Plan: City, Environment, Region• Innovative Management: Rural Develop• Participation: Stakeholders• Integrated regional system: NetworkingUrban plan: Regional and environment out these documents is veryifficult to create a regeneration strategy that is planned. This means you can have the oppositeformed from the deepknowledge of the environmental, urban, social, cultural, economic ... We need to "know" in order toTHE NEED FOR URBAN PLANNING. ACTION PLANUrban planning: city, territory and landscape is essential and basic, withdeffect: the destruction of sites by uncontrolled urban development or aggressive actions and ruraltourism with the environment. Urban and territorial plans must order the activity to ensure theProtection of heritage, environment and culture of these regions- territories.The intervention in an area as complex and difficult needs to be per
  8. 8.   Pag. | 8 diagnose and projecting the necessary solutions that can recover fully the region with the activeparticipation of residents, companies and groups. What we call "Action Plan" to address the problemnot only regional, but all other aspects that will ensure improved quality of life of its inhabitants andsustainable development of the region.The singularity of each territory makes that there is no predetermined screenplay but a commonworking methodology. This makes each project is different and specific performance according to• Analyze the regional impact - economic, social, heritage, environmental, individual.ritize) the problems. (Weaknesses, Menaces, Strengths, Opportunities)plans among the several entities that will be involved in the defined actions.articipation.Thi c g sustainability in the countryside, haseen characterized by: open new channels of development: innovative, sustainable, integrated; theources and adopting a methodology that hasrovided the population with a capacity to respond to the changes that are under the rural world.the characteristics of the regions, adapted to the needs, problems and demands. This "Action Plan"consists of the following main parts:• Define the Scope.• Diagnose (and prio• Set targets.• Define specific actions to remedy the identified problems. (Integral actions)• Coordinate the• Project a time line for implementation (of the proposed actions).• Estimated required financial resources.• Administrative commitment.• Develop systems for public and private ps A tion Plan Guadix, has the main objective of promotinbconsolidation of decentralized management model: Rural Development Groups and thecomplementarity between all programs in the territory.This model has allowed us to optimize all available resp
  9. 9.   Pag. | 9 INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT: RURAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP GUADIX.Rural Development Group Guadix are independent nonprofit entities whose purpose is to contributeto local and rural development in their area. And they have the following characteristics:• A Non-profit Association• Promotes rural and economic development of the region;.• Composed of private entities with a legal personality.• Composed of public and private partners;.• Has a democratic structure with open membership for qualified groups.• Manages public (Regional Government and EU) and private funds.• Responsible for awarding study and development grants to entrepreneurs for projects thataffect the development of the region.Limits the involvement of government and public entities in the decision-making process by notallowing public contributions to exceed 49% of a project budget. The balance of power in decision-making is biased toward the stakeholders, the private companies, as they always have apercentage higher than 51%.Rural Development Group Guadix, includes some 150 partners:• Public: 32 municipalities, Andalusia Regional Government , The Provincial Council ofGranada.• Private (stakeholders) : Chamber of Commerce of Granada, Granada BusinessConfederation, Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Business Andalusian, Federation ofAgricultural Cooperatives, Bishop of Guadix, Guadix Foundation 2020, Regulatory Council ofthe DO, Oil Montes de Granada, C.C.O.O, A.S.A.J.A, C.O.A.G, F.E.A.N.S.A.L, Women andCultural territory, Agrarian Cooperatives, several county associations (Tourism, Artisans,Entrepreneurs in general) and a large number of companies from various sectors of the localeconomy.The key to this methodology is the decision of the projects and actions are performed by thestakeholders those deciding the main priorities of projects and actions to perform. It is a veryimportant change of mind, as the administration is not that decides but businesses and companies.
  10. 10.   Pag. | 10 Another important key is that there is no "great actions" with a strong budget, which originatesgeographical concentration of projects, preventing create a networking and to be distributed in theregion. There are projects with a total investment of € 150,000 others however are € 6,000depending on the characteristics of the actions. Investments are funded at 60% by public funds(Andalusia + European Union) 40% by private. The average investment each year € 1.5 million.The objectives are the Rural Development Groups Guadix are:• Promote activities aimed at increasing the employment in the Guadix region.• Ensure the development of rural areas with economic diversification.• Promote Networking systems within the County.• Allows the people settings in the territory.• Promote and participate in international development projects.• Put the basis for a model and plan which is sustainable and harmonious with the naturalenvironment, and which is agreed with the social and economic of the region, in order to createjobs and wealth in the territory of action.Regional network Cave-Hotels or Rural-Hotels
  11. 11.   Pag. | 11 To achieve its objectives, the Rural Development Group Guadix performs the following activities(integral actions):• Promotion of all means of integration of the population in the rural development process, so thatof the Association is constituted as a vehicle of expression of the interests and needs of keyeconomic sectors of the region.• Providing Information and advice to business initiatives through technical assistance, marketresearch, collaboration plans, and any other measure that complements local businessinitiatives.• To design, develop and implement any actions or activities necessary to achieve empowermentand revitalization of all sectors of the local economy.• To promote, support and encourage all kinds of activities for the enhancement and protection ofheritage: Cultural, artistic, historical, architectural and natural.• To organize, coordinate and perform activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops,research and studies relating to development problems. Also to perform all kinds of supportwritten material, visual or electromagnetic, specialized, or merely didactic legislature.• To design, develop and implement of vocational training courses, training, craft, schoolworkshops, employment workshops and any actions that improve the level of qualifications ofthe Region.RESULTS ACHIEVED.The group Guadix rural development has been a key element in the social and economicrevitalization of the region of Guadix. The management of rural development programs has been animportant economic resource entry in the territory, which has led to social, environmental, culturaland productive.The social aspect is the creation and consolidation of more than 300 jobs, making it possible tocontribute to the establishment of the population in the territory. It has also done important work onsocial dynamics, which has resulted in numerous professional associations, based on cultural,women and youth approaches. As an example, perhaps the most significant has been the creationof the Federation of Womens Associations of the District of Guadix "Sulyar", which brings togethermore than 25 womens associations in the region. Very many programs and training activities onvarious topics have been an argument for strengthening the county productive sectors (tourism,
  12. 12.   viticulture etc.) And actions to promote gender and youth approaches in the development processrural have been carried out in recent years.Pag. | 12 We are in an area with exceptional environmental values and a high degree of conservation, theenhancement of these resources has always been one of the strategies of the Group, which hascollaborated on the dynamic process for the preparation and participation of SustainableDevelopment Plans of the Natural Parks of Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Baza and Sierra de Huetor.We have worked closely with the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, providing technicaland logistical support in the grant of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.The result of this work has been the accreditation Park information points at various touristestablishments in the territory and the inclusion of some of our facilities to the second phase of theCETS. Many routes have been signposted in the region and has edited various educational andinformative material on natural resources.
  13. 13.   Pag.As important as this is for Cultural Heritage, the artistic and historical heritage, architectural heritage,festivals, cuisine, crafts and traditional knowledge in this area have a wealth of knowledge anddignified survival, protection and dissemination. In this sense, it has supported rehabilitationactivities or development of iconic elements based on the following resource areas: | 13 • Troglodytism• Megalithic• Arab Heritage• Mudejar Architecture• Monumental Guadix.
  14. 14.   Pag. | 14 The issue of numerous publications and audiovisual material related to cultural heritage is alsorelevant. Finally, on a productive level it is to be stressed the creation of 32 new companies since2000, the award of grants totaling € 7,468,000 and the generation a total investment of € 19.6million. The Groups work has focused on the commitment of its partners to quality of products andservices, as well as to provide technical assistance to agro-tourism enterprises for them toimplement quality systems. Likewise the Group has supported businesses throughout the countyespecially prioritizing sectorial and territorial diversification and focusing on innovative and futureprojects.