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Cloud Medical Research and Management System

Presentation from the World Vitiligo Symposium 2011 by Mr. Prem S. Couture.

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VRF presents software solution for R&D in skin diseases, such as vitiligo or melanoma.
By Yan Valle July 29, 2011 Firenze - VR Foundation released beta version of Cloud Medical Research And Management system, a bio-IT solution for discovery of correlations between multiple types of medical data for R&D activities at II European Congress of Dermatovenerology in St. Petersburg.

The Cloud MRM enables biotechnology research organizations to efficiently discover unseen correlations between clinical data and gene expression patterns while enabling registration of all relevant medical data in support of downstream development and production of therapeutic proteins for skin diseases, such as vitiligo or melanoma cancer.

The Cloud MRM may also be appealing to big pharma in obtaining aggregated, complex data sets for small-molecule R&D processes; or to biotech companies and CROs with limited resources to develop or maintain in-house R&D software.

The system provides functionalities to facilitate data and biological material handovers among researchers from different countries. Cross analysis of de-identified patient profile data along with blood test analysis, biopsy, gene polymorphysms, and also visual data such as images, MRI, CAT scans allows automated discovery of complex relationships between different parameters causing vitiligo or other skin diseases.

Cloud MRM is hosted on a secure private cloud, easily accessible via Internet through a variety of end-user devices, including iPad or Android tablets.

VR Foundation is a non-profit organization expediting vitiligo research globally. For further details, please email

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Cloud MRM

  1. 1. Vitiligo Research Foundation PresentationVRF Bioinformatics platformenabling discoveries for Vitiligo via cloudbased Medical Records Managementand genetic analysis
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout Cyscom• Technology software vendor, UK based with offices in Europe and Asia• Specializes in cloud (internet based) software delivered as a service model• Range of business applications for industry (finance, health care, retail…)• Unique in data analytics and interactive visualisation, using only browser• First in market with cloud based BioInformatics platform and applications• Developed VRF Bioinformatics platform with MRM• Launching with Oxford University, cloud based biomarker platform enabling targeted clinical trials for new generation of personalized cancer drugs (600 currently in pipeline) – expected 30-40% trial cost savings
  3. 3. IntroductionWorld map of Vitiligo presence across countriesNew innovative cloud based technologies and research tools positivelyimpact for finding discoveries for orphan diseases such as Vitiligo
  4. 4. IntroductionCombining science & cutting edge computing technologythe goal is to be develop objective and reproducible tests that diagnosesusceptibility to Vitiligo. The challenge: the role of various genetic and lifestyle factors are complex and make the current simple genetic testing of limited use. VRF approach: dramatically increase the quantity of research data including patient profile, medical records, SNPs tested and environmental factors More research can identify genetic and lifestyle factors that contribute to Vitiligo
  5. 5. IntroductionCombining science & cutting edge computing technologyCurrent limitations for genetic analysis becoming a diagnostic tool• available research data sets are largely current tools are not collaborativeunstructured with inconsistent methodologies,reporting methods and measurements• size and breadth of evidence is insufficient todraw definitive conclusions (e.g China aspopulation is typically not factored in any dataset)• priceless genetic research data is often lockedin ‘information silos, namely in researchinstitutions• lack of available tools to structure and analyzethe increasing volume of research data beinggenerated
  6. 6. Bioinformatics platform2 new advancements introduce possibilities for a breakthroughCloud Medical Records Management (MRM) + more efficient genetic analysisdramatically increases the quantity of data than can be collected, analyzed Patient genotyping Patient data collection
  7. 7. Bioinformatics platformIntroducing the VRF Bioinformatics platform for Vitiligo Platform Highlights • Cloud based innovation – no software to install • Database of Genes, SNPs associated to Vitiligo • Medical Records Management • Bio-repository for unified data sets, knowledgebase • Tools for cross-analysis of phenotype, genotype & blood tests • Private research workspaces for collaboration & data sharing
  8. 8. Bioinformatics platformVRF Development Road Map and Deployment PlansCloud Medical Records Management (MRM) + more efficient genetic analysisdramatically increases the quantity of data than can be collected, analyzed Phase 1 (completed) Phase 2 (Q3 2011) Platform Tools for Researchers Platform Tools for Doctors, Patients. Labs - Extensive Database of Genes, SNPs - User self registration and provisioning of Workspaces for managing health records - Repository of 125 + blood properties with norms, calculation rules - Collaboration tools to manage interactions between for doctors, patients and labs - MRM: Patients records with diseases, examinations, analysis, treatments - Lab order management system Gene analysis and Blood exam - Statistical analysis tools: cross-analysis of phenotype, genotype and blood test results - Knowledgebase for Vitiligo research, treatments, clinics, physicians - Private Researcher Workspaces - Vitiligo community site, clinical trials, support - Collaboration tools to share research data groups, new treatment approaches with other researchers
  9. 9. Bioinformatics platformBioinformatics platform for collaboration and sharing dataPlatform components and tools provide ready R&D environment, geneticanalysis services and patient medical histories• Secure, private R&D workspaces with testing records and genotype analytical tools• Patient workspaces to order gene analysis, medical history and treatment records• Physician workspaces to order gene analysis, patient records and treatment info• Community for professionals to track patients post-testing and treatment + support groups
  10. 10. Bioinformatics platformBioinformatics data collection and aggregationGene Data Bank: central global repository for quantifiable and verifiablestatistics on genetic research for Vitiligo • R&D institutions: free access to repository to upload test data with analytical tools • NCBI: meta analysis of published research papers and articles • Physicians: voluntarily provide anonymous patient data e.g. gene analysis services • Consumers: opt-in to disclose anonymous medical history and gene analysis results Data collection is key for generating discoveries
  11. 11. Extensive database aggregated and verifiedBio-repository empowers researchers and physicians to obtain the mostaccurate and recent genetic links to melanoma/vitiligoDatabase compiled, normalized and structured for fast analysis and comparison of testresults across multiple genetic and patient related factors
  12. 12. Technology powered analyticsCloud computational tools analyze large data setsCutting edge Bioinfomatics tools analyze gene carrier risk to Vitiligo • access and analyze data via internet, any browser, device or O/S • data visualisation tools with real time data • interactive, visual controls with drill downs • browser based with no software downloads • analyze/query millions of records in 1-2 seconds • share & collaborate on discoveries with researchers, doctors
  13. 13. Technology powered analyticsAdvanced graphical interface enables users to analyze patient profilesand genotypes to discover relationships and patterns Interactive data visualisation software enables analysis over any number of complex dependencies • Find active genes that contribute to increase/decrease in de-pigmentation • Co-relate Vitiligo to Sex, Age, Weight, Skin Type, Hair Color…. • Track and measure Vitiligo progress with examination records and treatments Stratify patients by blood test results that co-relate to disease progress
  14. 14. Technology powered analyticsAdvanced graphical interface enables users to analyze patient profilesand genotypes to discover relationships and patterns Stratify patients, by genotype results that co-relate to disease progress
  15. 15. Technology powered analyticsDeep Zoom Imagery analyzes and compares progression of disease bypatient, genotype, treatment, stages and other criteriaHigh Resolution (100 MB+/image) images converted to Deep Zoom format for fastvizualisation and analysis of 10,000 + images in 1-2 seconds
  16. 16. Technology powered diagnosticsPost-analysis, web application enables doctors and patient to analyse& interpret results based on patient profile & medical historyPatient Records Management + Interactive analytics enables discovering correlationsbetween genotype, blood tests, patient profile and medical history - Patient statistics - Examinations - Symptoms - Analyses results - Diseases - Treatments - Disease progression
  17. 17. Advancements in developing treatmentThe cloud is the perfect environment to share and exchange data thatcan produce breakthroughs in medical scienceThe power of social media to share information with family, relations, health care professionals • Share your genetic profile: look for similar conditions in other people, especially family members • Let doctors and research scientists view your profile to identify links with other patients that share the same genotypeShare the melanoma/vitiligo treatments that worked for you
  18. 18. BenefitsVRF Bioinformatics delivers benefits across health care consumers,professional communities and businessesFor Individuals & Familiesbecome aware of health risk factors and manage risks across a lifetime with apreventive treatment approachFor Health Care Professionalsutilize genetic analysis as an important diagnostic tool for understanding patienthealth risks and find extensive research studies with recommended treatmentFor Researchers & Scientistsdeep analysis of large patient population’s genetic profiles, lifestyle factors,diseases and treatment results provides important data on what drugs can beeffective in treating specific genetic related diseasesFor Businessesmanage key employee health risks including health insurance and medical carecosts
  19. 19. Questions?Contact Information Thanks for watching! Prem Couture, Cyscom Yan Valle, VRF Foundation