Implementation of a Virtual Customer Care Program: How to Guarantee Success 093009


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Presented by: Jack Heacock, Sr. Vice President TelCoa, The Telework Coalition

Topics Include:
-Virtual customer care: in-house or outsource?
-Hiring, training, retaining, coaching and supervising a virtual workforce
-Workforce management
-Industries best suited for virtual customer care
-Best practices and case studies

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Implementation of a Virtual Customer Care Program: How to Guarantee Success 093009

  1. 1. Cover Slide Implementation of aVirtual Customer Care Program: How to Guarantee Success View The Webinar Confidential- Proprietary VIPdesk Information 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Virtual customer care: in-house or outsource?• Hiring, training, retaining, coaching and supervising a virtual workforce• Workforce management• Industries best suited for virtual customer care• Best practices and case studies Confidential- Proprietary VIPdesk Information 2
  3. 3. ‘The Nation’s LeadingTelework Education andAdvocacy Organization’ Enabling and Supporting the Advancement of Virtual, Mobile, and Distributed Work through Research, Education, Technology, and Legislation Jack Heacock Sr. Vice President (202) 266 – 0046 ext. 103 Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. The Program Education Technology ~ ~ WHY Telework? The EnablerResearch, Models, Of and Successes Telework Telework ~ Work@Home™ Legislation How to ~ Implement Change that ~ Encourages IT + P³ = E³ Success Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. The Challenges For the For Employers For Managers For Employees Organization• Trust • Developing necessary • Work as a social place • Security concerns:• “How do I know they’re metrics • Lack of suitable loss/compromise of data working?” • Learning to manage by “work@home” space • Facilities/real estate• “What if I need them objectives • Resentment from non- issues right away?” • Managing from afar teleworking associates • Online screening• Safety and ergonomics • Online Training Why try to solve Information Age problems with Industrial Age transportation solutions? Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. Donald Trump on Successful Teleworking*“It takes a good manager - and a great employee -for teleworking to succeed…” “There’s a huge trust issue. But if you don’t trust your employees, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place…”“Managers should know if they can be hands-off enough to let employees do theirown thing out of the confines of the traditional office environment” “It should be easy to tell if teleworking employees are getting their jobs done. Their work output should speak for itself…” * from Trump Blog, 9/29/08 6
  7. 7. The Formula…IT + P³ = E³ ©“For Successful Work Today” Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 7
  8. 8. IT + P³ = E³ ©• The enabling Information Technology• Plus the implementing Policies, Processes, and Procedures• EQUALS the Economic, Energy, and Environmental benefits for the Work@Home™ employees, their employers and the customers and communities served See: The Telework Coalition’s Top Ten Reasons for the Virtual Workforce © 8
  9. 9. ‘IT’ Support for Hiring Training ManagingBroadband to the Home Office LevelSaaS Software-as-a-Service / SolutionOn-Line Predictive Screening for New HiresOn-Line 24X7 Training – Performance Stat’sWFM: Self-Scheduling / Split-ShiftQuality Assurance & Coaching are MergingSupervisors / Managers Work@Home too! Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. P 3 Policies Processes ProceduresComplement the enabling technologies to move forward forsuccessReinforced with internal communicationsKeep everyone informed, engaged and enthusiastic: WII – ‘FM’Recognize the higher abilities of the more mature teleworker –Flatter Organizations Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. Internal Resources• Our experience shows that HR is rarely the leader in advocating distributed work. Management most often needs to set a clear priority before Human Resources will act and step into a leadership role,• IT is typically understaffed & over budget,• Facilities are not noted for flexibility in capturing and returning budget for under utilized and unnecessary offices, and• Finance needs to ensure the development of a clear telework program with metrics Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 11
  12. 12. E3 Economic Energy EnvironmentCompetitive homeshore quality advantages, for greater ROI andcustomer satisfactionReduce dependence on foreign energy, especially petroleumproductsLower carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions, and improveair quality Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 12
  13. 13. Best Suited IndustriesFlexible Work: “Adjusting the Where andWhen of your Job” BLS OOQ, Summer 2007, pp. 14-27 Computer and mathematical 8.9 Life, physical, and social science 6.6 Business and financial operations 6.4 Community and social services 6.1 Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media 6.0 Legal 6.7 Management 5.6 Sales and related 5.1 Personal care and service 4.6 Architecture and engineering 3.4 Healthcare support 2.3 Office and administrative support 1.9 Education, training, and library 1.9 Per cent of industry that Work@Home™ at least one day per week – May 2004 BLS Survey Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 13
  14. 14. Create your own Work@Home™ Program? Or Outsource? ‘Rocket Science’ is involved! Many small and medium sized companies lack the internal resources to construct and implement a successful telework program IT is the ‘easy part’ The P³’s are most often the ‘show stoppers’ Make the most of the ‘New Ways of Working’ through the expertise and experience of successful practitioners / programsAlso read: WHAT EVERY SENIOR EXECUTIVE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT DISTRIBUTED WORK by and Copyright 2009, The Telework Coalition, All Rights Reserved 14
  15. 15. Case Studies International Multi-merchant Retailer Global Financial Credit Card Provider Upscale Fashion RetailerImplementation Best Practices Tools and Platform Recruiting Training Leadership support Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 15
  16. 16. Case Study 1 International Multi-Merchant RetailerCall Type: Sales and customer servicesObjective: Maintain “Brand” while addressing seasonal volumeChallenge: Challenges ramping up for heavy spike in seasonal holiday volume; desire to improve the customer experience and improve KPIsSolution: Deployed dedicated, home-based team with retail sales experience who love the brandImpact: Service levels up by 60%; email completion rate improvement of 41%; reduced program AHT for the client by an average of 22 seconds within 2 months Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 16
  17. 17. Case Study 2 Global Financial Credit Card ProviderCall Type: Credit card customer support and benefits managementObjective: Provide dedicated team to handle multiple benefits and rewards call typesChallenge: Fragmented Card Member experience being directed to multiple vendors; desire to improve overall Card Member satisfactionSolution: Provided a multi-skilled team to handle all Card Member interactions and provide single voiceImpact: Dedicated team allowed client to consolidate vendors, improved first-call resolution by 40% and improve the Card Member satisfaction by 15% Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 17
  18. 18. Case Study 3 Luxury Online Fashion RetailerCall Type: Incoming orders, order tracking, customer serviceObjective: Increase total sales, sales conversions while maintaining cost per contactChallenge: Inefficiencies with multiple outsourcers ; desire to improve customer satisfaction and maximize KPIsSolution: Provide highly-skilled Brand Ambassadors with both customer service expertise; a real passion for fashion and love of the brandImpact: Improved customer experience; increased total sales conversions by 23% and decreased cost-per- contact by 18% Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 18
  19. 19. Implementation Best Practices Tools and platform Recruiting Training Leadership support Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 19
  20. 20. Platform of Tools for Success Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 12/22/2010 Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 20
  21. 21. Tools to Support Operations • Listen to/search calls Call Recording • 100% call recording • Integrated with recordings Quality Grading • Grade and report scores Communications • Internal chat application Reporting • Reports call, email and chat data Recruiting • Online recruiting portal Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 21
  22. 22. Find the Best People Maintain High Level of Selectivity Pass Basic Qualifications Pass Client Specific Qualifications Pass Hardware/Software Requirements Pass Resume and Phone Screen Pass Credit/Criminal Check Complete Agreement and Tech Setup Complete/Pass Training Go Live Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 22
  23. 23. Virtual Learning Best Practices • Dedicated teams • Smaller classes - 1:15 Instructor to Brand Ambassador ratio • State of the art LMS (Learning Management Tool) • Tiered education strategy to allow for learning "checkpoints“ • Instructor-led sessions • Self-paced modules/simulators • Software education and practice • Incorporate video • Extensive role-play • Assessments and benchmarks required for passing Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 23
  24. 24. 5 Keys to Successful Remote Management 1. Organization-wide buy-in to model 2. Communication mechanisms 3. Clear key performance objectives 4. Tools to support virtual operation 5. Recognition and rewards Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 24
  25. 25. Recognition• Call recording, grading• Performance Dashboards• Contests• Bonuses for top performers• Individual, team and company recognition• Performance-based scheduling• Virtual awards Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 25
  26. 26. Corporate Culture Considerations • Leadership Team can also be home-based • Home-based team requires culture of open communication • Performance-based management approach is key • Supply team with support – program experts • Leadership structure must be conducive to home- based structure • Managers must be “coaches” – providing resources, support and best practices • Virtual recognition/awards Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 26
  27. 27. Connect With Us Online! Website: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Via RSS: Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 27
  28. 28. Thank You for Attending! Jack Heacock Sr. President (202) 266-0046 x. 103 Sally Hurley President (703) 837-3518 Confidential & Proprietary VIPdesk Information 28