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Aug 29

  1. 1. VOL 1 / NO 40 August 29, 2010 My Plane, My Responsibility Story by MC2 Ashley Van Dien Xakkary Evans. “You mix all the other colors together USS Carl Vinson Staff Writer and you get brown.” The plane captain’s primary job is to ensure jets are safe and ready for flight. They spend 12-to-15 hours per Responsibility at a young age and a junior rank has day with their assigned aircraft. In addition to constant long been standing operating procedure for Sailors at inspections, brown shirts check fluid levels, prepare sea. Leadership gives them the tools to succeed and it’s the cockpit for flight and ensure there is no foreign up to them to complement those tools with initiative object debris (FOD) that could damage the “bird.” and technical expertise. The plane captains from the Prior to handing the aircraft over to the pilot, the plane line shack in Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 81 are captains act as the final set of eyes. It’s up to them to every-day proof that the process works. make sure the entire start up and shut down process is Plane captains are often the most junior Sailors in accomplished safely. the squadron, and they are overall responsible for the Attention to detail is crucial, because not only are proper maintenance, cleanliness and operability of they responsible for the aircraft they maintain, they aircraft. The plane captains are “brown shirts” on the also hold people’s lives in their hands. flight deck. “I take my job seriously because we are the first “We have many of the qualifications all the other and last eyes on the jet when we launch and recover shirts have,” said Aviation Structural Mechanic Airman See CAPTAINS, Page 6 The Carl Vinson Voice is an internal document produced by and for the crew of the USS Carl Vinson and their families. Its contents do not neces- sarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government or the Departments of Defense or the Navy and do not imply any endorsement thereby. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Adrian White
  2. 2. 2 Carl Vinson Voice Vinson Announcements MWR Announcements POW/MIA 5k Run Announcements The free POW/MIA 5k run/1-mile walk will be held Sept. 8 from 8 Coronado Speed Festival a.m. – 10 a.m. Check-in and day- Register to Vote of registration begins at 0830 at the Have you exercised your right to Naval Air Station North Island will NBSD track, behind the Admiral vote? Important decisions about how highlight a different type of machine Prout Field House, Bldg. 3279. our society and military life are all as 250 prestigious historic race cars Register your command by Tuesday, determined by your vote. In making gather for the 13th annual Coronado September 7 and your group may those decisions, elected officials Speed Festival held on September win an award for most participation. respond to people who bother to 25 - 26. Known as the “race at the All participants receive a free vote than those who don’t. The first base,” the Coronado Speed Festival remembrance T-shirt. For more step is to register. If you haven’t features nine different race groups details call the Admiral Prout Field taken that step, please contact OSC divided according to make, age and House Gym at (619) 556-7444. Schumpert at J-6858. horsepower. The cars race at high speeds on a spectator friendly 1.7- mile course constructed in mere days Informal Resolution on the runways and taxiways of the FFSC Announcements System military base. This year’s marquee will celebrate the rich race heritage Military and civilian personnel alike of Shelby American cars, from the FFSC Job Fair are encouraged to use the Informal legendary Cobra and the Daytona Are you separating or retiring soon? Resolution System (IRS) as a means coupe to the GT40 and GT350. Do you have a family member looking of direct resolution of discrimination The festival offers free admission for employment? Then mark your or sexual harassment complaints for active duty military and their calendars for The fleet and family that are not independently criminal dependents courtesy of MWR. Free support center (FFSC) job fair on in nature. The IRS provides an general admission for all children 12 Sept. 29th. This event is completely opportunity for the individuals and under with adult paid admission. free and open to all service members involved, to resolve the conflict at Discount tickets for retirees, DoD on active duty, reservists, retirees, an informal level. employees and MWR patrons at all spouses, and family members. MWR ticket offices or on site either day of the event. Open to the public. Female Veterans Event Day in Naval History Admission is $12.50 for a one-day ticket and $15 for a two day two- Join us at the Female Veterans, day. 1861- U.S. squadron captures forts at Active Duty, and Reservist Health Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina. and Wellness Fair on Oct. 2. This Publisher Capt. Bruce H. Lindsey free event will take place from 10 1862- Union gunboat Pittsburgh Commanding Officer a.m. through 5 p.m. at the Veterans supports Army troops in landing at Museum and Memorial Center, 2115 Executive Editors Park Boulevard San Diego, CA Eunice, Arkansas. Lt. Cmdr. Erik Reynolds Public Affairs Officer 92101. Family members and spouses welcome. 1915- Navy salvage divers raise Lt. j.g. Erik Schneider F-4, the first U.S. submarine sunk on Deputy Public Affairs Officer 2010 FFR Survey accident. Managing Editor MC2 Ashley Van Dien Help shape the future of Fleet and 1916- U.S. Congress passes act for Photo Editor Family Readiness (FFR) programs the expansion of the Navy, but most of MC2 Adrian White by participating in the 2010 FFR the ships are not completed until after Layout and Design Customer Satisfaction Survey, Aug. World War I. MC3 Patrick Green 2 - 31. The survey allows participants to voice their opinions on various Staff Writers/Photographers FFR programs, providing Navy 1964- USS Boxer and two LSDs arrive MC3 Patrick Green MCSN Rosa A. Arzola leadership with information that off the coast of Hispaniola to give will be used to enhance current and medical aid to Haiti and Dominican future programs. Access the survey Republic which were badly damaged Follow Vinson on Facebook: online at by Hurricane Cleo.
  3. 3. August 29, 2010 3 Carl Vinson Unites Against Spice Story by MC3 Patrick Green USS Carl Vinson Staff Writer Carl Vinson Sailors have banded together to combat a problem affecting many of today’s Sailors: Spice. Spice, a synthetic cannaboid that produces marijuana-like effects, is on the rise across the Navy, and a group of Sailors aboard Vinson has decided to change that. “At this time, the severity of the problem is truly unknown, but the cases (across the Navy) coming to light have been adding up at an alarming rate,” said Chief Information Technician (SW/AW) Shawn Moorefield, Command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA). “Due to the ease of purchase in the civilian sector and the Navy’s current inability to detect this substance, it has become popular among younger Sailors.” Moorefield and six other members make up the Anti-Spice Committee, a group focused solely on education and the prevention of Spice. Although newly formed, the group has already put plans in motion to promote their cause. “Some of our Sailors don’t understand the full repercussions of their actions,” said Moorefield. “Using any item that can alter their state of mind can place them or a fellow Shipmate’s life at risk at any moment, especially in an environment as dangerous as a fully-armed and operational carrier.” Already in 2010, ten Sailors have gone favorable conditions, which can ruin said Damage Controlman 1st Class (SW) to Captain’s Mast for use or possession your future for years when attempting to James Pizinger, a member of the group of Spice, with every case resulting in an get a job.” and a coordinator for the Substance Abuse administrative discharge for the user. The first project the group has in store is Rehabilitation Program (SARP). “As a “Sailors have been put on notice and a poster and slogan contest, enabling all Substance Abuse Counselor, I’ve had the should realize that the use or possession Vinson Sailors to get involved with Spice opportunity to see how alcohol and drugs of Spice will result in the end of their awareness. Sailors can design their own affect the lives of Sailors and Marines. Naval career, and they possibly could lose Anti-Spice Campaign poster or slogan I wanted to be a part of this program all benefits,” said Lt. Jared Hernandez, and submit it to Media Department by because of its probability of reaching and Vinson’s Disciplinary Officer. Sept. 30. The crew will vote Oct. 4 - 6 educating these individuals.” Although most Sailors are aware of and choose a winner. The winning poster Although the Ani-Spice Committee is the repercussions, some haven’t got the design will then be printed and displayed just getting started, it’s never too soon for picture yet. across the ship. departmental leadership to start educating “They believe it to be harmless,” said “I feel that for the Anti-Spice program their Sailors. Moorefield. “However, use or possession to be successful, all hands need to be “Find out what [Sailors] know about of any drug, including drug paraphenalia, educated on the effects it has on the human Spice and get them smart on it,” said is illegal in the Navy and will get you body, the legal problems that can arise, Moorefield. “Ignoring this will not make an immediate separation under non- and how Spice is affecting the Navy,” it go away.”
  4. 4. 4 August 25, 2010 Carl Vinson Voice 4 Siblings, Sailors Story by MCSN Rosa Arzola USS Carl Vinson Staff Writer Very few things can rival family support when it comes to the factors that affect a Sailor’s happiness RAS Continued and productivity while at sea. For two lucky Sailors on board Carl Vinson, having their sibling with them this underway period has been one of the greatest rewards. Operations Specialist 2nd Class Jenna Rainbolt from Vinson’s Operations Department OI Division, and Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class (AW/SW) Richard Rainbolt, attached to Strike Fighter Squadron 113, are on board together and will be together for the next deployment. “I am so thankful that I have my older brother with me,” said Jenna. “I think the fact that he got attached to this ship is one of the best things that could have happened to me. I have him for support Operations Specialist 2nd Class Jenna Rainbolt and Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class (AW/SW) and he gets me through the Richard Rainbolt are on board together and will be together for the next deployment. U.S. Navy photo difficult days underway.” by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Rosa Arzola. Jenna and Richard joined the Sea to shadow him one day and I was baby.” Cadet program when they were impressed by how good at his job he Not only do both of them like to younger and continued with the is.” have fun and plan to get the most program until each had graduated Richard is responsible for fixing the out of deployment, they have also high school. Richard joined the Navy engines of F/A-18 Hornets. Jenna set the same career goal: to become in 2005 and Jenna followed in 2008. works on the bridge as a watch officers. “He got orders to Lemoore, Calif., supervisor who decodes messages “Both of us are planning to submit and I was sent to the Vinson,” said from other ships. our officer package next year,” said Jenna. “His squadron was attached “My sister is really important to me,” Jenna. “I want to become a Naval to the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) said Richard. “Family comes first and Flight Officer while he wants to but then they came here.” we get along so well, we have been become a pilot.” “This is going to be interesting,” through a lot.” Richard and Jenna support each said Richard. “We have each other Richard has been in the Navy for five other in pursuing their personal and for moral support and this next years and has already deployed. This career-oriented goals. deployment should be easier for the is Jenna’s first ship and will be her first “When I have problems I always both of us.” full deployment. The Rainbolt siblings go to him and vent it out,” said Both siblings admire and respect each plan to hang out with each other in Jenna. “He is always giving me other professionally and personally. foreign ports. advice and showing how protective “My brother has a great, interesting “I’m going to take care of my little he is of me. At the end of each talk, job,” said Jenna. “I had the opportunity sister,” said Richard. “She is my little I learn a lesson from him.”
  5. 5. August 25, 2010 29, 5 Story by MCSN Rosa Arzola USS Carl Vinson Staff Writer Since the day he arrived on board Carl Vinson, Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class David Rinehart has proven to everyone in his division that he is a hard worker, earning respect, admiration and trust from his shipmates up and down the chain of command. “Petty Officer Rinehart is a phenomenal Sailor,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 J. D. Dickson, Vinson’s Air Gunner. “His performance rivals even the most seasoned second classes.” Rinehart is responsible for safely and efficiently moving ordnance, planning and scheduling maintenance, issuing and receiving equipment to and from the squadrons and other collateral duties. “What amazes me is his work ethic,” said Chief Aviation Ordnanceman (AW) Marc Ethington, Weapons Department G-1 Division Leading Chief Petty Officer. “If he is in port or out to sea he will not leave until he finishes his job to perfection, even if it means staying an extra three or four hours.” So why does Rinehart put so much extra effort and time into his job? “I like working on all the equipment and gear that goes into ordnance,” said Rinehart. “Everyone I work with is enjoyable. The whole division contributes in everything, we look out for one another and the chain of command always has our back.” The junior Sailors in G-1 Division also enjoy working with him and agree that he is a shipmate they can count on for help and guidance. “If you need help with anything you can go to him,” said Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Justin Enriquez. “Everybody in this division respects AO3 Rinehart. I look up to him and I can count on his help outside and in the Navy.” Although Rinehart feels grateful for the respect and admiration he has from junior Sailors, he admits he has had a lot of help from his superiors. “I have always had the help from AO2 Rosario and AO2 Romero,” said Rinehart. “They are the ones who I can say I look up to and are there to help me all the time.” His superiors understand that Rinehart is an important asset to the team. “The average Sailor comes to work on time, listens to his superiors, gets the job done, and goes home,” said Dickson. “But Rinehart contributes leadership, knowledge, confidence and ability to execute with authority in this division.” “When he does a job we know it will get done that day without it being questioned or done over again,” said Ethington. “I can say that because of AO3 Rinehart we are one of the best divisions on board.” According to Rinehart, he learned from his grandmother that nothing is given for free and you have to work hard for everything. He also acknowledges that his daughter Katheryne is his motivation for doing the best he can. Although Rinehart works hard and has a lot of dedication to his job, he also enjoys his off-duty time. “I enjoy doing outdoor activities such as fishing or lumberjacking and of course I like exploring San Diego,” said Rinehart. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Rosa Arzola
  6. 6. 6 Carl Vinson Voice Aviation Structural Mechanic Airman Xakkary Evans signals the pilot of an F/A-18 Super Hornet on the flight deck. Plane captains are often the most junior Sailors in the squadron, and they are overall responsible for the proper maintenance, cleanliness and operability of aircraft. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Adrian White. from the flight deck,” said Aviation is seeing those jets take off knowing At the end of the day, plane captains Structural Mechanic Airman James that I am one of the main reasons are rewarded for their many hours of Halprin. “It’s not only our lives we that jet is flying.” hard work and dedication when they are responsible for, it’s also the pilots “The great responsibility these see their aircraft launch and recover and final checkers around us.” junior Sailors shoulder sets them up safely on the flight deck. When airmen first report to the for success and trains them on all “I actually like seeing the jets take line shack, they are trainees. There the aspects of the aircraft so when off of the flight deck at sea,” said are several qualifications they must they return to their respective shop, Halprin. “No matter how many times earn before they can receive the they will be better maintainers,” said you see it, it never gets old.” plane captain title. They must also Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class “VFA-81’s plane captains are a pass an oral board before their chain (AW) Robert Hamblin. great bunch of Sailors who hold a of command and technical experts Because plane captains are very high standard for themselves on in their field. The process is so ultimately responsible for the having the best looking aircraft on strict because planes, pilots, other aircraft they are assigned, they take the flight deck,” said Hamblin. “As personnel and ultimately the mission great ownership and pride in their demanding as their job may be they rest on their shoulders. “bird.” They even get their name and stay focused and flexible for what “The job is a lot of work,” said hometown painted on the side of the the day-to-day evolutions of the Halprin. “What keeps me motivated aircraft. flight deck might send their way.”