Direct Selling Business


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A detailed description about Direct Selling Business & Industry also known amongst common people as MLM, Binary Market

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Direct Selling Business

  1. 1. Market InformationIndia Direct Selling Association
  2. 2. Definition Of Direct Selling• ‘Direct Selling’ means marketing of consumer products / services directly to the consumers. Through Explanation or Demonstration of the products by a Direct Seller. Generally in their homes or the homes of others, at workplace & other places away from Permanent Retail Locations’
  3. 3. Market Outlook & Reasons for Growth Revenue (In Crores) • Increase in distribution reach across India 5328 4633 • Growing Coverage of Product Categories. 4029 3663 3330 • Transition of households to higher income levels. • Shift in consumption patters from essential to discretionary products. • Growing awareness of direct selling activity.2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
  4. 4. Analysis of Products & Categories Covered Category Covered by Companies Percentage Market Share Others 26% Others 18%Food & Beverages 3.20% Food & Beverages 2% Durables 3.20% Durables 21% Home Care 19% Home Care 9% Cosmetics 19% Cosmetics 8% Peronal Care 32% Peronal Care 10% Health 42% Health 32%
  5. 5. Geographical AnalysisAcross City Classifications
  6. 6. Why People Join• Opportunity to be self-employed. Full Time or Part Time – the decision is yours.• Opportunity to become financially independent without fixed time or capital commitment.• Professional development through trainings & Meetings.• To participate in domestic and international conferences.• To buy high quality products for own consumption.• No pre-requisites on higher education.• Industry has witnessed new entrants in large numbers.
  7. 7. What Makes Direct Selling Attractive• No Risk• No Education/Qualification Required• No Experience required• No Manpower Expense“It’s a Business like other business which needs efforts and confidence, as required in other businesses....”
  8. 8. A Comparison (Similarity) OFFICE JOB DIRECT SELLING• High earnings for high level • More earnings for people Management who do more business• Less earnings at ground • Less earnings for people Level who do less volumes• High level earnings • Gain more through team supported by ground level efforts efforts. • Consistent efforts lead to• To grow need consistency achievement of goals
  9. 9. A Comparison (Differences) OFFICE JOBS DIRECT SELLING• Have to work as per office • Flexibility in timing – work timings. as per your convenience• Definite Working • No restriction in working area, decided by your office area – ‘work from home’• Have to work with people • Build your own network which you don’t decide , work with people you want to
  10. 10. Why People Quit The Business• Most people don’t take Direct Selling as a business• People take it as a “Miracle” and perceive that this can happen to only a few• People don’t follow the rules of business• To sell product first you need to feel & experience it• People don’t give sufficient time to business• People have fear of networking, being considered as a Sales Man, fear of Rejection and self rejection.
  11. 11. Why People Fail? HOW MUCH TIME IT become an IT become a become a be at higher position in your Job ONE HAS TO LEARN, GAIN EXPERIENCE AND IT REQUIRES TIME FACT – IF YOU QUIT NO SUCCESS
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis
  13. 13. STEPS TO SUCCESS• Find a reputed company to join business• Use the product yourself – this will give you confidence• Wear the business – have a consistent entrepreneurial attitude• Talk to people about your products and make them your customers• Follow the marketing plan – No need for innovations• Bring people in your business who have the desire to be successful and can make efforts• Train your team and support them to grow
  14. 14. Presentation by Kumar Vikram Singh @ +917250858233 ( THANK YOU