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The Ghent Output Suite (2011)
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The Ghent Output Suite (2011)


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  • 1. TheGhent Output SuiteDidier HaazenChair Compliancy Testing SC
  • 2. Problem• You can have all this fancy, shiny, good looking PDF’s & PDF- standards• But what does it help if they’re not rendered properly by your workflow-system or RIP
  • 3. Goal• Need for a easy to use, vendor independent set of files (test patches) to check PDF-workflows and RIP’s
  • 4. A historical overview• 2001: Global Graphics PDF/X overprint patch − Nice , but limited − Only covers certain types of overprint − Delivered as an EPS to be placed in a layout application and then exported as PDF/X-file
  • 5. A historical overview• 2002-2004: Altona Test Suite (Technical page) − The other side of the coin… − Interpretation most of the times up to vendors to figure out the result • Beyond knowledge and capacity of most regular users
  • 6. A historical overview• 2006: Ghent Output Suite − What if we take best of both worlds • Nice, real live situations -> e.g. cases that can be created with regular layout and PDF creation tools • Combined into tiny, ‘little’ test patches that can be used to test almost any kind of workflow step or output form: page layout, page assembly (imposition), RIP’ping for proofing, platemaking, digital printing, Gravure! • Result, Ghent Output Suite v1, dd. Feb. 2006
  • 7. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Areas that are covered − Overprinting − Fonts − Font substitution − Gradients − PDF/X Output Intents − DeviceN colors − Spot to CMYK conversions − Default CMYK color spaces − White knockout / overprinting − Rendering Intents (CM)
  • 8. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Patches - basics − One file per issue − Always visual comparison − Created with real live layout tools and PDF software − Important: PDF/X-compliancy • No shiny fancy tricks or new features • All regular PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-1a content (overprint, fonts, gradients, DeviceN)
  • 9. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Patches - Interpretation − The “X” approach Visual comparison with reference image (rendered object)
  • 10. Some real examples
  • 11. Some real examples
  • 12. Some real examples
  • 13. Some real examples
  • 14. Some real examples
  • 15. Some real examples• And the moment you think, this will never happen to us…
  • 16. To come (GOS v4)• Transparency Blend Space patches
  • 17. To come (GOS v4)• Transparency Blend Space patches
  • 18. To come (GOS v4)• Flattened Object Rendering precision
  • 19. To come (GOS v4)• Patches for − 16 bits images − JPEG2000 compression − Optional Content (PDF layers) − Etc.
  • 20. To come (GOS v4)• Reminder − These are only test patch proposals, no final decisions have been made yet
  • 21. To come (GOS v4)• Stay informed − .phtml
  • 22. Thank youQuestions?