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Still wondering if social media is relevant for your hotel? Or what travel shoppers are looking for on social channels?

In this webinar, you’ll learn about why social media is a valuable tool to help hotel marketers visually tell their story and engage travel shoppers. The speakers will offer insights on how to leverage social media to improve your online presence and what travel shopper want to see online.

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  • Tell your hotel’s story in an engaging and compelling way on social media. Five multi-media based Facebook Apps take visitors on a visual tour to help them explore your guestrooms, event spaces, meeting rooms and special offers.
  • Turn your hotel’s Facebook page into a booking conversion tool. The booking widget on each app leads visitors down the booking path and is fully integrated with your chain’s booking engine - providing a seamless experience for the consumer.
  • Strategically Social Webinar

    1. 1. Strategically Social: How to Tell Your Hotel Story on Social Media Channels October 24, 2013 Technical difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 @vfmleonardo
    2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising VFM Leonardo Inc. @darlenerondeau
    3. 3. Daniel Edward Craig Former Hotel General Manager Founder, Reknown
    4. 4. Monica Rafter Owner Write On Marketing Communications
    5. 5. Daniel Edward Craig Former Hotel General Manager Founder, Reknown
    6. 6. The General Manager’s Blog
    7. 7. Five-star Mystery Series
    8. 8. Storytelling: a longstanding tradition Image source:
    9. 9. New storytelling platforms
    10. 10. Who do you trust? Trust Completely/ Don’t Trust Somewhat Much/At All Recommendations from people I know 92% Consumer opinions posted online 70% 30% Editorial content such as newspaper articles 58% 42% Branded websites 58% 42% Emails I signed up for 50% 50% Ads on TV 47% 53% Brand sponsorships 47% 53% Ads in magazines 47% 53% Bilboards and other outdoor advertising 47% 53% Ads in newspapers 46% 54% Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey 2012 8%
    11. 11. Three types of content 1. Paid: higher control, lower influence ◦ display ads, cost-per-click, OTA listings 2. Owned: higher control, lower influence ◦ brand website, Facebook page, Twitter feed 3. Earned: lower control, higher influence ◦ user-generated: reviews, photos, videos, media coverage, blogs, social endorsements
    13. 13. A good story     Grabs attention Inspires action Is shared Is remembered
    14. 14. Visual storytelling
    15. 15. Video storytelling
    16. 16. Visual storytelling tips      Image Source: VFM Leonardo, 2013 Combine photos, videos, virtual tours Produce professional and “social imagery” Encourage guests to share Ask permission, give credit Optimize with keywords, hashtags, location, descriptions
    17. 17. So you just want to be liked?
    18. 18. A tale of two posts
    19. 19. Building communities and engagement        Be likeable: helpful, resourceful, curious, funny, a good listener Be relevant to brand Involve staff, suppliers, partners Share and share alike Be targeted with contests Personalize – who‟s behind the brand? Pay to “boost” important posts
    20. 20. Key Takeaways  Combine paid, owned and earned content to maximize reach  Tell stories that grab attention, inspire action, are shared and remembered  Be likeable: helpful, resourceful, a good listener
    21. 21. A Social Media Solution with engaging Facebook apps for sharing your hotel story Fire up your Facebook page By taking travel shoppers on a visual tour of your hotel, providing special offers and customizing your story on the most popular social media platform.
    22. 22. Monica Rafter Owner Write On Marketing Communications
    23. 23. What’s Your Story?
    24. 24. Share Your Story
    25. 25. BASF. We don’t make the _____. We make the _____ BETTER. On your social media channels - don't sell your hotel or its features. Share how your hotel and its features will make the viewer FEEL.
    26. 26. Social Media = Cocktail Party  Why are you there?  What do you do?  How do you act?  How does the conversation start?  What is your cocktail party „tone‟?  How do you keep the conversation going? Consider each social media post as a virtual cocktail party.
    27. 27. Preparing for the Social Media Party  Ensure your hotel is set up to do social media successfully.  Establish social media expectations.  Identify which social media channels on which to focus.  Determine who is best equipped to manage your accounts.  Organize and budget your social team.  What provides your social media storytelling inspiration?
    28. 28. “If you think you can turn it on and have it run like a Toyota every month, you‟re pretty naive.”
    29. 29. Key Takeaways  Understand that “engaged social followers are your best customers.” – Forrester Research September,2013  Remember, everything today is moving at the „speed‟ of social.  Treat social intelligence and interaction as a living process. It is.  “Ideas spread from person to person, not so much from you to them. So find your biggest fans and give them a story to tell.” – Seth Godin  Just do it!
    30. 30. Bring on the Bookings Enable guests to book directly from your Facebook page when you install the Vbrochure Facebook App Suite
    31. 31. It‟s a Wrap…  About VFM Leonardo  Invitations to upcoming webinars ◦ Topics include planning for 2014, telling your story through compelling video, and more!  Recording of this webinar ◦ Share it with your colleagues
    32. 32. Connect with Us! 1.877.593.6634 Daniel Edward Craig @vfmleonardo Monica Rafter 604 726-2337 @dcraig 37
    33. 33. Questions and Best Practices