Targeting The New-ish Bleisure (Business & Leisure) Traveler


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Robert Cole, founder of RockCheetah, and Lennert De Jong, the commercial director of citizenM Hotels have joined us in this webinar to discuss how to create a better hotel targeting strategy, and how to reach the growing bleisure (business & leisure) segment.

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  • First of all, the term Bleisure is important because it acknowledges that they are one in the same person. A bleisure traveler is someone who is may be on business, but takes time to visit the sites, go to a movie, or meet up with friends in their visiting city
    And of course, vice versa. Leisures will check their email throughout their trip, or hop on a web conference before they go to the beach for the day
    And we can thank the evolution of mobile as well as the ubiquity of high speed internet connections for this change in behavior
    Before remote connectivity was possible, or in fact easy, it was difficult if not impossible to multi-task
    With mobile, it’s easier than ever for vacationers to stay in-touch with their work while on their trip. In fact, 37% of managers expect their employees to check email while on vacation. (Source – Targeting eBook) and 43% of international travelers have also admitted to taking their mobile professional devices with them on holidays or on weekend trips. (Source)
    The acknowledgment of the Bleisures’ behavior presents new opportunities for hotels to create visual storytelling that expresses their ability to give travelers what they need while on the go
  • Targeting The New-ish Bleisure (Business & Leisure) Traveler

    1. 1. Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Copyright © 2014 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation Targeting The New-ish Bleisure (Business & Leisure) Traveler August 21, 2014 Darlene Rondeau, VP, Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo Robert Cole, Founder, RockCheetah Lennert de Jong, Commercial Director, citizenM Hotels
    2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo @darlenerondeau
    3. 3. Robert Cole Founder RockCheetah
    4. 4. Lennert de Jong Commercial Director citizenM Hotels
    5. 5. Bleisure travelers are: ► Doing business and leisure activities ► Connected through mobile + broadband ► More satisfied with hotels that get this
    6. 6. Robert Cole Founder RockCheetah
    7. 7. Overview ► Multi-Persona Travelers ► Traveler Personalities ► Seven Travel Phases ► Multiple Devices ► The Bleisure Experience ► Potential Solutions Image Credit: (a)artwork | flickr (cc)
    8. 8. Multi-Persona Travelers ► Every Traveler Has Many Personas ● Business Trip ● Family Vacation ● Romantic Weekend ► Persona is Itinerary-Specific ● Dependent on Party & Destination ► Frequent Traveler ID Insufficient ● Good at Identifying Individual ● Bad at Understanding Intent Image Credit: Angus Stewart | flickr (cc)
    9. 9. Traveler Personalities ► JD Power Categories ● Travel Companions ● Constrained Choice ● Habituals ● Price Buyer ● Scrutinizers ● Services & Amenities Image Credit: Andy Woo | flickr (cc)
    10. 10. Seven Phases of Travel ► Different Needs ● At Different Times ► How is Trip Booked? ● Multiple Steps? ► Who is Paying? ● Split Responsibility? ► Booking Coordination ● May Be Sequential Image Credit: Robert Cole (All Rights Reserved)
    11. 11. Multiple Devices ► Desktop ● Full Browsing Experience ► Tablet ● Typically Mirrors Desktop Behavior ► Smartphone ● Just the Facts ► Future – New User Interfaces ● Wearables – Watches, Glasses and Other Devices ● Connected Car – Totally New Mobile Interface Image Credit: Google
    12. 12. The Bleisure Experience – Mixed Influences ► Personal Goals ● Business ● Leisure ► Others’ Goals ● Employer ● Travel Companions ► Logistics ● Activity Prioritization ● Itinerary Sequence ► It’s All About Relevance Image Credit: Maciej_ie | flickr (cc)
    13. 13. Potential Solutions ► Customization (Explicit) ● Signal Identification ● Find Hints of What Customer Needs ● Adaptive Content ● Provide Images & Content to Satisfy Needs ● Cross-Platform Compatibility ● Complex Trips Longer Harder to Plan – More Sessions ► Personalization (Implicit) ● Big Data Used for Discovery ● Compare An Individual’s Behavior to Others Image Credit: Sjoerd van Oosten | flickr (cc)
    14. 14. Key Takeaways ► Identify Traveler Persona(s) ► Consider Various Personalities ► Adapt to Travel Phase ► Consistent Experience Across Devices ► The Bleisure Experience ● Relevant Content ● Competitive Differentiation ● Compelling Presentation Image Credit: m. aquila | flickr (cc)
    15. 15. Lennert de Jong Commercial Director citizenM Hotels
    16. 16. bleisure traveler
    17. 17. see the difference? to all business people, and leisure people to all people who travel in a group to those who belong to an airline crew or to a small, medium or big corporation or are in a meeting, incentive or conference, the average hotel welcomes you all
    18. 18. citizenM target audience is not business or leisure. wears armani jeans, with a gap t-shirt drinks champagne but takes the bus home flies easyjet but spends a few hundred on a good dinner cares more about experience than points
    19. 19. is business vs leisure not a poor question to ask? what hotels should focus on what hotels focus on
    20. 20. business / leisure is everyone define an audience and serve them a proposition based on: - price sensitive/insensitive - company affiliation - aspirational brand affiliation - repeat versus new - online reputation score (of the guest) - behaviour - purpose
    21. 21. examples sensitive insensitive repeat aspire behaviour
    22. 22. the aim of a magazine? 1) content 2) relevance 3) SEO 4) branding 5) profiling
    23. 23. Key Takeaways  It’s not purpose of trip that counts  Look at it from the guest’s perspective Be relevant, interesting and informative
    24. 24. Join us on Thursday September 25th, 11 AM ET (8am PT) Understand Today’s Travel Shopper: Learning from Google’s 2014 Traveler Study Save your spot:
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