Best Practice Storytelling on 3rd Party Travel Channels


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Learn best practices for telling your hotel's visual story on third party travel channels.

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  • Before I turn it over to Laura to kick off our discussion, let me share some stats with you to show the prominent position travel channels currently have:
    A study by Expedia Media Solutions recently showed travelers visit 38 websites on average before purchasing their online travel package. (Source)
    Travel planning is more and more dominated by online resources. Travel review websites have most influence (69%), followed by online travel agencies (57%), travel provider sites (56%) and friends & relatives (43%). (Source: Tripadvisor, TripBarometer 2013)
    Another interesting stat is that 64% of leisure travelers and 57% of business travelers always comparison shop on OTAs before officially booking. (Leonardo statistic!)
    The top 5 online travel channels (;;; and combined get about 230 million site visits per month (source). The reach of these sites have is enormous.
    A lot of people won’t even consider booking with a hotel if they cannot find it elsewhere online for reviews, comparative pricing, etc
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  • Best Practice Storytelling on 3rd Party Travel Channels

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    6. 6. ► Research travel options ► Influence travel planning decisions ► Compare for the best value ► Broadcast your brand to travel shoppers 3rd party travel sites are used to…
    7. 7. Laura Begley Bloom Executive Editor Yahoo Travel
    8. 8. Visual Storytelling on Travel Channels: Yahoo Travel P R E S E N T E D B Y L a u r a B e g l e y B l o o m , e x e c u t i v e e d i t o r ⎪ J u n e 1 9 , 2 0 1 4
    9. 9. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary Yahoo is the world’s leading storyteller — and a digital content leader Super Bowl dominance with 2x the size of the official network #1 Sports website globally during the 2010 World Cup 109M reached with coverage of the last Olympics Hollywood Awards World Cup 2014 Grammys March Madness Emmy Awards Combined, Yahoo Food & Tech have been visited by 13 million people since launch in January. Super Bowl XLVII
    10. 10. The New Yahoo Travel Launched April 2014 Dream it, See it, Share it, Book it, and Go!
    11. 11. The New Yahoo Travel aspirational, accessible, inspirational, visually immersive
    12. 12. Yahoo Travel Believes it’s Important to … Have Fun! 10 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    13. 13. Inform and Delight 10 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    14. 14. Stay Current 10 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    15. 15. Be Beautiful and Inspirational Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    16. 16. Keep it Real 16 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    17. 17. Take Chances and Embrace Change 17 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    18. 18. Dazzle and Delight 18 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    19. 19. Think About New Angles 19 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    20. 20. Get Creative 20 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    21. 21. Connect With Your Followers 21 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
    22. 22. Source: Yodelers, 2014; Q11: When thinking of the topics that you are passionate about, how do you participate? Live-tweet a major event related to the topic, Blog about the topic on a site other than Tumblr, Check in to an event or location on social media, Blog about the topic on Tumblr, Tweet about the topic on Twitter, or Post photos/videos online Yahoo Users are Avid Sharers of Travel Content % of users who share topics they are passionate about online 54% 50% 46% 42% 41% 38% 37% 31% 20% Sports Travel Food Fashion Politics Tech News Beauty Finance
    23. 23. Content Marketing More Ways to Tell Stories StreamsY! Travel Magazines
    24. 24. Content and Native Advertising Integrates Seamlessly with Original Content Innovative Canvas Advertisers saw a 73x lift in brand searches for users who had read an article
    25. 25.  Inspire at all stages with great stories & rich visuals  Online content is versatile & easily modified  All travellers want interesting, authentic and helpful content Key Takeaways
    26. 26. Alyssa Bushey Corporate Director, Communications & Strategic Alliances Montage Hotels & Resorts
    27. 27. Visual Storytelling on Travel Channels Alyssa Bushey | Corporate Director, Communications & Strategic Alliances
    28. 28. 28 Luxury Industry Forecast- 2014
    29. 29. 29 Evolution of Luxury Marketing
    30. 30. At our roots… Montage: an artful compilation, a collection
    31. 31. A ship is safe in harbor-- but that's not what ships are for. ~John A. Shedd
    32. 32. Journey of Life, Well Lived
    33. 33. Montage Magazine
    34. 34. Montage Magazine
    35. 35. Montage Magazine
    36. 36. Montage Magazine
    37. 37.
    38. 38. Journal of Life, Well Lived
    39. 39.
    40. 40. • Storytelling • Social Sharing
    41. 41. Montage Impressions- Promotions Focus on property happenings; ability to change in seconds Highlight community events, partners and strategic alliances.
    42. 42. #montagememory
    43. 43. Results
    44. 44. Organic Shares of Content
    45. 45. Paid Placements Placements include: Huffington Post Forbes
    46. 46. Ideas for Hotels Be Fearless. Listen. Evaluate.
    47. 47.  Create stories from your target audiences’ point of view  We all have interesting & helpful stories to tell  Consumers continue to research their abundant choice of hotel options on a variety of channels Key Takeaways
    48. 48. The Ultimate Visual Storytelling Solution for Hotels VBrochure VScape Media Publishing VNetwork Analytics Customer Success BestSTART ++ ++ + Online Players Mobile Web Gallery Facebook ++
    49. 49. ► About Leonardo ► Invitations to upcoming webinars ● July’s topic is The Magnetism of Visual Media to Attract Travel Shoppers ► Recording of this webinar ● Share it with your colleagues It’s a Wrap
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