Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 2: Shape Up & Shine on Social


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Part of our Best Practice Bootcamp which provides hotel marketers with weekly online merchandising advice and recommended best practices.

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  • Pinterest, Instagram to name a couple - ushered in visual marketing as the breakout trend in 2012. In fact, Facebook forked out $1.5 billion dollars for the Instagram (with only 13 employees) earlier this year. Photos taken with phone and make it a memory for yourself or share with friends. When it comes to products, businesses are learning to show, not tell and these types of sites are fueling our desire for beautiful photos and sensational design. Blogs were one of our earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1000 words, according to Dr. William Ward, Social Media professor at Syracuse University. When we moved to status updates on Facebook, our posts became shorter. Then “micro-blogs” like Twitter came along, and chopped our updates down to 140 characters. NOW – we’re leaving out words altogether and moving towards more visual communication with sites like Pinterest”
  • For those hoteliers in the audience, if you’ve not been on Pinterest, I urge you to take a spin on it. When you type in the keyword “hotels”, you get an eye full! A wide range of visuals are being pinned. Hotel flatware – interesting? Professional, not professional. It’s about design, location, people and interaction. Think of pinning or “re-pinning” as putting a bumper sticker on your car! It is an expression of what you like, don’t like, interested in, in support of…. Not surprisingly, Travel comes in at #9 in their top 10 as a category. Pictures have become a short form way of communicating lots of information, providing inspiration and validation.
  • We know empirically that YouTube is hugely popular. It really an online PR engine! You can upload pretty anything that moves you and/or watch pretty much anything that interests you. There doesn’t seem to be a social scenario where a video isn’t a topic of conversation at the dinner table or party room. Interestingly, for every 1 dislike, YouTube receives 10 likes. People like to tell other people about the stuff they love!
  • START STORY TELLING Photos are great….but really how to tell your story….. Just talked about photos, now something even more engaging….video….. Lots and lots shared, watched, driving interaction and engagement
  • Facebook is very influential when it comes to travel. Some people are skeptical about use of Facebook in business 3 good reason why you need one and why it should be good 1) Travelers choices are being influenced by the posts they read Everyone loves a good deal, and facebook users are no different. Smart hotels are developing offers specifically targeted to their facebook followers which is increasing their website visits and encouraging bookings Finally, consumers are going to your brand facebook pages to learn more directly from the source!
  • Share updates, questions, photos, videos and links on your Page regularly Visuals help tell your story….don’t be afraid to use tasteful humor and you know your audience, so use what’s appropriate…..I love this collection of media across several different brands and category of hotel! The girl didn’t get any thumbs down – quel surprise
  • Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 2: Shape Up & Shine on Social

    1. 1. Session2:Shape Up& Shineon Social
    2. 2. Travel is one of Top Categories on PinterestSource: Mashable, What People Are Pinning on Pinterest
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    4. 4. Source: YouTube, Press Statistics
    5. 5. 32% of travelers 32% of travelers chose a different chose a different hotel based on the hotel based on the impact social media impact social media had on them3 3 had on them 30% of travel 30% of travel 62% of leisure 62% of leisureshoppers viewingshoppers viewing travelers find travelers find special offers on special offers on travel brands’ travel brands’ Facebook click to Facebook click to Facebook Facebook check rates1 1 check rates pages helpful 2 2 pages helpfulSources:1. VFM Leonardo Reporting2. Atmosphere Research Group Study, 20113. Rasmussen College, Infographic: Social and Mobile Make Summer Travel a Breeze
    6. 6.  Create accounts for your hotel on social media platforms and start spreading your story! If you already have accounts, pump them up with more visual stories. Next Session: Get Moving with Video Subscribe at