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Find out how Lead Peep can protect you from fraudulent lead generation practices.

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Lead Peep

  1. 1. MEDIA KITleadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending engage connect empower
  2. 2. VERGO INTERACTIVE INTRODUCES LEAD PEEPVERGO Interactive, a data-driven, digital marketing PERFORMANCE-BASEDagency, connects colleges, universities and careerschools with prospective students exploring their higher Marketing Solutionseducation options. VERGO engages these students Founded in 2007, today VERGO Interactive representsthrough targeted digital media campaigns that empower hundreds of schools ranging from large public and privateeach and every one of them and provide the tools they institutions to small career colleges.need to obtain their education.VERGO Interactive developed the revolutionarytechnology behind Lead Peep to provide schools withcritical lead identification and eliminate fraudulent leadactivity in higher education. Lead Peep enables VERGOInteractive to meet its objective of providing schools withthe highest quality leads in the industry. VERGO Interactive Services † Lead Generation (UniversityDecisions.com, ArmedForcesEDU.com) † Lead Peep † GOmobiEDU † Enrollment Services † SEO, SEM, PPC † Social Media leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  3. 3. GROWING TRENDSIN HIGHER EDUCATIONTREND 1Schools are facing an industry filled with vendors submittingfraudulent leads, causing a low conversion rate and diminishedReturn on Investment.TREND 2Gainful Employment regulations are forcing schools to ensurethey are compliant with messaging requirements, or risk losingaccess to Title IV funding.TREND 3New marketing regulations combined with the growingcompetitive industry have schools vying for a select group ofquality students. BOTTOM LINE Lead quality is critical to the existence of schools. Schools that fail to identify the source of their leads and don’t react to these trends risk wasting valuable resources developing fraudulent leads and put vital funding in jeopardy if they lose access to Title IV dollars due to noncompliant messaging. leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  4. 4. IMMEDIATE NEED FOREDU LEAD TRANSPARENCY DUE TO: † Government Regulations & Compliance Requirements Your school must know the origin of every lead, “the root † Unreliable Lead Vendors information,” and have the ability to review the forms † Lead Fraud potential students fill out. • Incentivized Leads • Recycling Leads • Manipulating Lead Data † No Control Over Lead-generating Sites & Content † Poor Quality Control N T NON COMPLIA leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  5. 5. What do you see as the benefits of onlineA WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES lead generation?IN HIGHER EDUCATION 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% leadpeep COST EFFECTIVENESS 69%Today’s competitive higher education environment demandsa higher return on marketing investments. If your school is 65% ABILITY TO TARGETpurchasing prospective student enrollment leads and youcannot guarantee the root source of every lead, you are wasting INCREASE CUSTOMER BASE / 64%valuable marketing dollars. Lead Peep provides technology that PROSPECT LISTdelivers lead transparency, eliminates lead fraud, guarantees Identify. Capture. Protect.that your school receives quality leads and ensures compliance Patent Pending ABILITY TO 49% QUALIFY LEADSwith new regulations. PERFORMANCE- 41% BASED MODELLEAD PEEP ENSURES 28%Lead Transparency FLEXIBILITY TRANSPARENCY 20% Stop spending Capture a screenshot Every 24 hours precious funds and Weed out bad leads, of every referring URL Lead Peep archives ncy 3% sulta wasting valuable time establish a list of and landing page to screenshots of Econtal OTHER Digi keters buying bad leads from approved URLs and ensure your messaging all referring URLs Mar ted TM Uni fraudulent vendors. block unapproved is compliant with new and landing pages URLs. Gainful Employment automatically. regulations. Copyright © 2010 Econsultancy.com Limited leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  6. 6. LEAD PEEP IS THE SOLUTION Lead Peep’s proprietary platform delivers an audit trail on every lead, ensuring data authenticity. Your school can now track leads at the point of origin and have access to the DNA behind every submitted lead. INSURANCE FOR TODAY’S CONTENTIOUS“The technology behind Lead Peep provides Lead-Generation Environmentschools with the resource to ensure data Lead Peep collects unique root information at the time ofquality in today’s evolving EDU world. capture and marries that information to the actual leads yourSchools will now have the tools to obtain lead vendors deliver. You can now confirm submitted leadsroot information about potential students and come from approved sources. Lead Peep will also capture aguarantee necessary lead transparency.” screenshot of every website, referring URL and landing page —Debbie Fiorentino used by your vendors for data collection. All screenshots are CMO, VERGO Interactive archived in the Lead Peep data repository and available for messaging review through the Lead Peep dashboard. leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  7. 7. HOW DOESLEAD PEEP WORK? Lead Lead Vendor SchoolYour school will require all of your lead vendorsto add the Lead Peep technology to their EDUportals and landing pages. When a potential lead Lead opens landing page Lead data sent to lead vendor. School receives lead Lead with script embedded and opens landing page Lead data sent to lead vendor. School receives lead data from lead vendor.lands on a landing page, root information is with generates transaction ID. script embedded and data from lead vendor.captured about that person. This root information, generates transaction ID.which includes the IP address, city, state,time stamp, URL of landing page and type of Full Namebrowser, is stored along with a unique transaction Email Address submitID in the Lead Peep data repository.COMPLETELead Transparency leadpeepOnce the lead vendor has submitted the potential Lead Peep captures and suppliesstudent to your lead management system, Lead Peep root information to school.uses the unique transaction ID to reveal the individual’sroot information in real time. Lead Peep fraud detectionalgorithms will alert you if key fraud indicators are Lead Peep provides schools with a unique script thatidentified, such as multiple leads from the same IP every lead vendor is required to install on hostedaddress, or patterns of leads from the same URL or a lead forms. This script will track vital and relevantsuspicious URL. information about the lead at the point of origin. leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  8. 8. LEAD PEEPSCREEN CAPTURETECHNOLOGYNEED ADDED SECURITY DUE TOGainful Employment regulations?Lead Peep can capture a screenshot of every referring URL,e.g., banner and text ads, and the landing pages your leadsfilled out.Then, every 24 hours Lead Peep archives the screenshotsautomatically in the Lead Peep data repository so youcan review the messaging used by your vendors for datacollection, whenever you want. Online Education Degrees www.universitydecisions.com AA, BA, BS, MA, MS, & PhD Degrees Search 1,000 + Accredited Programs. Text Ad Landing Page Banner Ad leadpeep Identify. Capture. Protect. Patent Pending
  9. 9. CONTACT LEAD PEEP & VERGO INTERACTIVE TODAY 480.990.1399 info@leadpeep.com LeadPeep.com | VERGOInteractive.com VERGO Interactive 1375 N. Scottsdale Road, Ste. 310 Scottsdale, AZ 85257© 2011 VERGO Interactive. All rights reserved. engage connect empower