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Tap 2 … Simplify everyday life, Sigmund Akselsen, Telenor
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Tap 2 … Simplify everyday life, Sigmund Akselsen, Telenor


Published on

VERDIKT conference 2012

VERDIKT conference 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Tap 2 … Simplify everyday lifeNFC technology, its applications and benefits, and challenges whenestablishing a new ecosystem for servicesVERDIKT, Gardermoen, 25.04.2012Sigmund Akselsen, NFC City project managerTelenor Research and Future Studies
  • 2. What is NFC NFC – Near Field Communication Short distance radio: 2-way wireless communication Small amounts of data: Exchanged between devices with NFC when brought together2
  • 3. NFC – 3 modes…3
  • 4. Benefits for many actorsUsers: – Convenient (fast, intuitive) Access Pay – Rich, interactive applicationsService Providers: – Fast provisioning – Can save card issuing and cash handling costs – New convenient channel to the customerMobile Operators: Loyalty Ticket – Strengthen consumer relationship – Keeps mobile at centre of customer’s life – New revenues Share Discover4
  • 5. NFC City – an open innovation project Goal: Accelerate development and use of NFC services Focus: NFC ecosystem; pilot trials; toolbox and guidelines Multiservice trial: Payment, ticketing, access, information services … www.nfccity.net5
  • 6. Some NFC demosTagger (read/write NFC tag)NFC Presenter (start presentation from mobile)NFC Safari (tour guide)PartyShare (multimedia from mobile to PC)Are You the One? (“love tester”)Collector (add social interaction between mobile gamers)BluetoothChat (touch to set up connection for chat)NFC Quiz (quiz played by mobile on smart display)Fingerprint and Gait analyser by HiG (biometrical data for authentication)Video by dinside.no6
  • 7. Research questions1. Which conditions are most important to acceptance and diffusion of NFC services?2. How are everyday activities and routines influenced by the NFC services?3. How is the user’s mobile phone mindset influenced by NFC services?7
  • 8. Tap2Pay trial (Oslo, May-August 2011)  219 participants and 14 shops  Tap2Pay is perceived as an easy-to-use and efficient service, bringing the user a scent of the future  Will be widely used if available on favorite handset and work in numerous shops/locations  Possible barriers: Security issues (loss, theft, fraud)  Technical challenges tied to card provisioning8
  • 9. Technology acceptance9
  • 10. Tap2Pay partners, roles and processes10
  • 11. OTA card provisioning CMS MOTAPS TSP OTA • Hold customer data • UICC keys • TSM enabler • Customer • UICC management • Issuer Certificate • Manage OTA data • BIP • Generate perso data processes • Card data • Initiate and monitor • Perform perso of • Risk perso process towards payment applet management TSM • Lifecycle management WEB Service • Authenticate users • User interface and processes11
  • 12. NFC City challenges, results and roadmap So far Future User interface and 1. NFC payment trial with • GSMA NFC GTM acceptance 219 users and 14 shops initiative 2. NFC ticketing service • TSM infrastructure Market adoption specification and (key apps, distribution, contribution to national • Influence plans forKey challenges provisioning) guidelines (HB206) commercial launch 3. NFC information service • Multi-service trial in Business models demos and promos Tromsø 4. Toolbox components for • Publications on service NFC service development development and user Technical solutions (technical, business) behaviour (Information mgmt, handset availability) 5. International network for collaboration Stakeholder awareness 6. NFC conference with 170 participants 12