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EE Social Media Advanced Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Beyond the Basics
  2. 2. Social Media??? WHAT do I say? WHAT is all HOW do I this social track it? media stuff? How toWHO isdoing it make it WHY should I right? work for participate? me? WHERE WHEN will I can I find have time to inspiratio manage it? n? WHO’s listening to me anyway?
  3. 3. You have a:• Facebook Account• Twitter Account• Linkedin Account• YouTube Account
  4. 4. Are you using Social Media….. • To drive traffic to your website? • Connect with your customers? • Use as an extension of your overall promotional campaign?
  5. 5. Benefits of Social MediaLaw of Attraction (pull marketing)Allows you to establish yourself as an expertOrganically increases SEOOnly investment is your time**some restrictions may apply
  6. 6. First of all… You have to have a goal.I like Facebook and everything, but I’m just spinning my wheels if I don’t have a goal. Sure, I like connecting with old and new friends, but am I doing it to gain something for my business?
  7. 7. Social MediaIS NOT A MAGIC BULLET
  8. 8. You need to know what you’re talking about.• What is something you could talk forever about?• What are you passionate about? Gosh this guy• What is your value to the world? is boring!
  9. 9. 500 Survey – Oct/Nov 2010• 71% of the fast-growing companies on the Inc. 500 list said they have Facebook pages (up 10% from last year)• 59% use Twitter (up from 52% in 2009)• 50% maintain a corporate blog (up from 45% in 2009)• 33% use bulletin boards (up from 28% in 2009)• 34% of the Inc. 500 said they have policies guiding employee blogging• 56% reported social media was “very important” to their business/marketing strategy (up from 43% in 2009)• 57% report using search engines and social networking sites to recruit and evaluate potential employees
  10. 10. Survey• 56% use Facebook in 2010• 23% maintain a corporate blog (barely up from 22% in 2009)• only 20% of the Fortune 500 have rules governing employee blogging• Twitter was a surprising exception: 60% of the Fortune 500 used Twitter in 2010, a significant increase from 35% in 2009 (however, MediaPost reports that this data only reflects ‘if there was a Twitter account with one tweet in the last month’)• 35% of Fortune 500 companies keep their Twitter accounts up-to-date with current news and information, consistently responding with @replies or retweets within 72 hours
  11. 11. PR?Corporate Communications?Marketing?IT?Your Customers? WHO?
  12. 12. It belongs to everyone. It has to!
  13. 13. But are you making it work for yourbusiness?
  14. 14. Dig around to find the application right for your business.
  15. 15. www
  16. 16. Ensure your entirecompany is consistentin your objective andmessage.
  17. 17. Our Focus: The BIG
  18. 18. What’s in the Box? I’ve got my box of features andTools…now WHAT?
  19. 19. How do I use this?
  20. 20. How do Iuse this to for mybusiness?
  21. 21. Sandy Ratliff Business Services Manager Virginia Department of Business AssistancePhone: 276-676-3768Email: sandy.ratliff@vdba.virginia.govTwitter:
  22. 22. Why ?• Target Your Audience• Build Brand Awareness & Manage Company Image• Increase Customer Loyalty/Customer Service• Find Business Opportunities and Expand Into New Markets• Find New Suppliers• Connect-Network
  23. 23. I have a profile – Now What?!• Image of YOU• Brands can be people too – the Social Web• Optimize your Twitter profile • Name, Twitter name, description • Description is your meta description• Add your location – not “Your computer”, “Planet Earth” etc.• Add quality followers that care about your content Photo credit:
  24. 24. Who to Follow?1.Customers2.You Brand/Products3.Industry Leader4.Event Attendees/Trade Show Leads5.Fans6.Friends7.Suppliers8.Competitors
  25. 25. Building followers• Twitter Search (• Nearby Tweets• Favorite blogger? Industry leader? Subscribe RSS? Then follow too!• #followfriday• Comment on blogs – Use Twitter URL• Events tradeshows• Email footer• Business Cards• Search email address book – Yahoo, Gmail, AOL• Import LinkedIn Connections -• Focus on the relationships not the technology• Content, content, content
  26. 26. Twitter Search•• Google for tweets• Real time• Brand Reputation• Search: hobbies, interests, company, products, customers• Giant cocktail party but you can eavesdrop on any conversation you want
  27. 27. Local Twitter Users: Abingdon – 156 Bristol, VA – 212 Marion - 44 Lebanon – 40 Wise - 65 Bristol, TN - 260 Johnson City - 782 Kingsport – 466 Jonesborough - 83
  28. 28. Plan Your Tweets1. Choose Your Preferred Audience2. Decide How Many Tweets You Want to Send Daily3. Decide How Long You Want to Make Your Tweet Plan4. Find the Keywords You Want to Use on Twitter (Keyword Analysis / Research)5. Choose Different Formats for Your Scheduled Tweets6. Write Your Timeless Tweets7. Choose Your Times8. Schedule Your Tweets
  29. 29. Beyond the basics• Hash tags and trending• URL shortening services• Popularity and reach• Controlling multiple accounts
  30. 30. • A hashtag # is symbol used to denote a feature of the tweet, e.g #smallbiz• Can be used to follow the topic/industry• Can be used to follow a charity #redcross• Or can be used to follow a brand #lowes
  31. 31. • Follow by #hashtag
  32. 32. Cool Twitter TipsAnd Tricks• Make a customized background• Use Google to search Twitter• Make a list• Find a Twitter client that works for you• Shrink URL’s when sending links• Use the proper retweet function
  33. 33. Make a Cool Background Free Twitter Use to promote Designer and include contact info!
  34. 34. Search TwitterUsing Google
  35. 35. Make a List
  36. 36. Tools TweetDeck
  37. 37. ToolsManage Multiple Accounts: Twitter, Facebook (Personal and BusinessPage) & Linkedin
  38. 38. ToolsStat Summary of Tweets
  39. 39. Shrink URL’s TinyURL
  40. 40. BlastFollow
  41. 41. Friend or Follow
  42. 42. Use the properretweet function
  43. 43. Find all corporate accounts
  44. 44. PR Monitter Or real time, with different clients Many free tools are regularly developed in order to find out what is being said about your brand, forexample Monitter, a tool to monitor keywords. Tools like coTweet allow for finding out what is being said about you, but also for managing different Twitter accounts simultaneously. 71
  45. 45. The Comcast Case
  46. 46. Why? Unite an existing community Make customers loyal Find new clients (through targeted searches on keywords)How? Play on the immediateness of Twitter for fast sales Play on the “pre-launch” effect for the community
  47. 47. SalesThe Dell caseOver 2 million dollars generated on Twitter 74
  48. 48. SalesThe Crème Brulee Man Announce Cart LocationOver 2 million dollars generated on Twitter 75
  49. 49.
  50. 50. How can you access Twitter? On your mobile phone
  51. 51. 1. People Like a Person,Not Just a Logo — @Ford•@ScottMonty - head of social media for Ford Motor Company and isthe face and personality of Ford on Twitter.•Has more followers and a higher Klout Score than the @Ford officialaccount.•Passionate about Company and products….it shows in his tweets.•He is a face…not just a Avatar.•Best for: Companies that have a strong social media lead who iscommitted to the company and who fits well with the brand image
  52. 52. 2. Announce Who’s Tweeting —@Zappos_Service•Use multiple people to run its account.•They tweet when they change shifts and announce who‟s helping.•Want Twitter to be more “personalized” for customers.•Offer 24/7 Twitter customer service.•Best for: Companies that need to provide service 24/7.
  53. 53. 3. Get Many Departments Involved —@JetBlue•@JetBlue approximately 20 people behind JetBlue‟s corporateaccount.•All are established crewmember with expertise in different areaswithin the company that their followers find useful.•JetBlue maintains a Twitter list of on-duty reps so customers can findout who‟s behind the voice at any given time.•He is a face…not just a Avatar.•Best for: Companies where customers are looking for information firstand need to be able to get in touch with different parts of the company.
  54. 54. 4. Carefully Craft the Brand Voice —@VirginAmerica•Virgin America does a remarkable job of being responsive on Twitterdespite the fact that there are only two people behind the handle.•The „Virgin Voice‟ is casual, cheeky and irreverent, and so arethey….let their personalities show.•Goal is to simply be true to Virgin‟s values in their social media postsby going out of our way to create „wow‟ for their guests and having funalong the way.•Best for: A brand with a strong voice.
  55. 55. Dont• Not participate• Sell sell sell• Give up right away• Forget to have a plan• Forget to think before you Tweet• Relevant content...reason to follow
  56. 56. Recap• No Magic Bullet• Part of your business communication plan• Have a plan• Measurable Goals• Optimize your profile• Customize your background• Build followers who care, listen and share (patient)• Use Twitter Search, Hashtags and Twitter Lists• Use Tools to Manage Account• Lighten up
  58. 58. Sandy Ratliff Business Services Manager Virginia Department of Business AssistancePhone: 276-676-3768Email: sandy.ratliff@vdba.virginia.govTwitter: