Change of status to F-1


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Change of status to F-1

  1. 1. Steps for Change of Status to F-1 Student VisaThe International Student Advisor will not issue an I-20 for a prospective student until thestudent has been officially accepted by International Admissions to a VCU program includingthe English Language Program. The prospective student must also demonstrate eligibility for achange of status to F-1. If the prospective student has allowed his current status to expire, he isnot eligible for a change of status.Required Information: 1. VCU International Admissions acceptance letter 2. Proof of financial support in the form of bank statements and sponsorship letters 3. Copies of relevant passport pages (bio page with birthday, expiration date, & visa stamp) 4. If student is a dependent, we must have copies of the primary’s immigration documents and the four (4) most recent pay stubs from the current employer. Also, four (4) of the most recent monthly bank statements. 5. Copy of I-94 front & back (the entry stamp must be legible) 6. Form I-539 (see link to F-1 Forms) 7. Letter from student explaining request for change of status and non-immigrant intent 8. Additional documentation of non-immigrant intent (legal proof of property ownership in home country, household registers, letters of employment etc…) 9. Filing fee of $300.00 in check made out to “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.”After ALL the above documents have been submitted to this office: 10. Form I-20 (issued by GEO-Immigration Services) 11. Form I-797 receipt from SEVIS fee payment of $200.00 • Please complete Form I-539 front and back, also adding dependents* on the supplemental page if needed. • Student must include proof of financial support for the academic year. This should correspond with the number of months on the I-20 or to the number of English Language Program Sessions that the student wishes to attend. • Include copy of I-94 card. A new I-94, reflecting the new status will be generated. The process takes approximately six months.*NOTE: If the student has dependents and wants to change them to F-2, we must seeappropriate financial support for them ($5000 per academic year for each additional dependent).We will also need copies of the passport biographical page and front and back of I-94 card foreach dependent.The International Student Advisor will contact you when the new I-20 has been issued. You willneed to come to the Global Education Office-Immigration Services to sign and date the I-20.After we have obtained your signature the application will be mailed to USCIS. You will becontacted as soon as the Change of Status Approval Notice is received.Updated 2010Global Education Office - Immigration Services817 W. Franklin Street, P.O. Box 843043, Richmond, VA 23284 Tel: (804) 828-0595 Fax: (804) 828-2552