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Content marketing resources

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  • 1. How These Content Marketing Resources Will Save You Time in 2014s Vanessa Bright Online Marketing Manager, Emerson Process Management – Rosemount February 2014 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 2. Interest to Content Marketing is increasing 2 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 3. Interest to Content Marketing is increasing 3 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 4. Content Marketing searches increase ion&geo=US&date=1%2F2010%2049m&cmpt=q 4 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 5. Marketers expect to invest more into content 5 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 6. Content Marketing resources • Content Maps • Examples of great content for inspiration • Content platforms 6 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 7. Content Maps based on Sales Cycle Persona Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Typical issue: Content format v. content topic Content: • Industry white paper • Case study • ROI calculator Format: • Video • Webinar • Blog post 7 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 8. Content Maps based on Sales Cycle 8 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 9. Buyer’s Journey (adopted from book Content Rules) Recognize problem Compare solutions Purchase Is this an industry trend? How are others dealing with this? What can I get? What do others have? Are other customers happy? Industry issues overview User Understand possibilities Analyst reports Best practices Case studies How-to guides Solutions overviews Case studies Testimonials Buyer Worth the investment? Customer User guides Best practice guides Renew reminders New products New features ROI measurement Price list ROI studies/calculators Case studies Company facts Tech How it will integrate into infrastructure? 9 Tech white paper Case studies Demo Datasheet Installation manuals Implementation tips Renew reminders New products New features @Vanessa _Bright
  • 10. Buyer’s Journey (adopted from book Manufacturing Demand) Awareness Education Evaluation Justification Purchase Post-purchase What prospect is doing Beginning solutions search Has identified key solutions and is examining each Evaluating solutions against needs Assembling short list Has made selection and is ready to buy Using, updating, upgrading/ expanding What prospect is asking • What is the scope of potential? • Who are the suppliers for my need? • What do they offer? • Are their customers successful? • Do they fit my needs? • Can I easily see a demo? • Do they meet my expectations? • Is the company viable? • What is the cost? • Is this a leading, solid product? • Does it meet or exceed my needs? • Can I afford to buy and implement? • Why buy now? • Do they have a partner in my area? • How can I easily purchase? • Company and product white papers • Produce spec sheets • Recorded demo • Educational tips • Features / benefits • Competitive and cost comparison • Free trial • Live demo • Company awards • Product / customer reference site • ROI tools • Customer stories • Product awards • Partner locator • Promotions or deals • Service and support information • How to get training? • What resources are available? • How / why should I upgrade? Best content types 10 • Industry white papers • Customer stories • Press releases • Training and user information • Service and support information • Cross sell / up-sell • User community @Vanessa _Bright
  • 11. Buyer’s Journey messaging example 11 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 12. Content Strategy • Content Strategy supports Marketing Strategy through content • Content Strategy can not exist independently • Common issue: concentration on the channel rather than objective 12 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 13. Great Content Marketing examples • Content asset beneficial for the target audience • Content asset beneficial for the marketing objectives of the company Wonderful examples of content materials Marketers created many excellent assets; HubSpot examples are good from many perspectives and company’s product is easily understandable for a marketer 13 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 14. Content Marketing campaign example Buyer’s Journey Landing Page Thank You Email Content Asset General Thank You Page Landing Page Thank You Email Thank You Page Landing Page Talk to us! Content Asset Specific 14 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 15. Great Content Asset features • Irresistible for the target audience – Unrelated incentives can attract different audience • Useable in the medium of distribution • Clear calls to action for the next step 15 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 16. 16 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 17. 17 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 18. 18 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 19. Easy to read on a computer screen Desktop computers are still the most widely used method of accessing content • 68% - desktop • 41% - smartphone • 30% - tablet B-to-B Magazine – June 10, 2013 19 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 20. 20 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 21. 21 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 22. 22 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 23. Very clear calls to action (and clickable buttons) at the end of the content asset 23 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 24. 24 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 25. 25 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 26. Content Example – personalized content Irresistible content: Shows information about company’s competitors 26 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 27. Content Example – prospect’s data Evaluation of the current state of the company’s “business” Identification of what is missing Showing potential Excellent call to action, which is easy to read 27 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 28. Content Example info to keep Content is useful to keep for the entire year Additional information on the same page with the calls to action Several calls to action leading to more useful tools file:///C:/Users/Vanessa/Downloads/Worldata%202014%20B2 B%20Email%20Marketing%20Calendar.pdf 28 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 29. Content Example automated follow up Very attractive email with links to videos and calls to action Based on the recipient's behavior automated follow up email is sent asking for a meeting 29 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 30. Content Marketing Platforms • Organization and distribution of content • Coordination within the organization • Wonderful source of resources related to content marketing 30 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 31. Content Platforms Excellent e-book The Blueprint of a Modern Marketing Campaign Excellent presentation: 6 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Factory 31 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 32. Content is King! Social Media Content SEO 32 @Vanessa _Bright
  • 33. Questions Vanessa Bright @Vanessa _Bright