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Teaching staff 2

  1. 1. CLASS CATALOGUE 2012 1
  2. 2. OUR SCHOOL
  3. 3. TEACHING STAFFAnagnostakis Dimitris Kouskouti VasilikiSchool Headmaster Class teacher 3
  4. 4. TEACHING STAFFVacharakidou Antonia Moka EvageliaSUBJECT: English Language SUBJECT: Physical education
  6. 6. ALL-DAY SCHOOLTasiopoulos kostasAll-day school teacher
  7. 7. 6th Grade Pupils1. Andreou Dimitris2. Arbie Efrem3. Arbie Spiros-Everico4. Gika Kaliopi-Alexandra5. Kourniati Ilia6. Krokou Katerina7. Marinou Victoria8. Mihalopoulou Panagiota9. Basha Irene10. Bitsos Aggelos-Rafael11. Nikou John12. Xinogalas Panagiotis-Anestis13. Papageorgiou Stamatia14. Papaharalabous Eugenia15. Pateroglou Maria16. Pantazopoulou Paraskevi-Mariana17. Sotou Stiliani18. Tourtas Nick
  8. 8. “FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL”“My first day at school was fantastic this year. I met my last year’s schoolmates and saw my favorite teacher, Mrs. Vaso again. My classmates and I played in the playground and we discussed about our summer holidays. It was nice to see our friendly and kind teachers. We made jokes in class and we had fun.” Jimmy Andreou
  9. 9. “FAVORITE PROFESSION”“A good football player needs to know the game rules well so that he doesn’t catch the ball with his hands unless he is the goal keeper. A good football player shouldbe fit, run fast and do his best for his team. Every player should help the others and keep calm during the game.” Efraim Arbie
  10. 10. “A PUPIL’S PRESENTATION”“I am Spyros and come from Berat, Albania. I am in my last school-year in the 11thPrimary school of Chalkida. I feel very happy that school is soon over. I have verygood friends at school and my favorite subject is Language. My favorite sports are football and basketball, but I like football the most. I don’t like volleyball or jumping the rope.” Spyros Arbie
  11. 11. “YESTERDAY”“In our book we read about one of the greatest Beatles’ songs, “Yesterday”. The song is about the problems the singer has today that his girlfriend is gone away. It is a moving song and has a touching melody. My version of the song follows: Yesterday was no problem playing out all day Yesterday I ran far away and I was happy to ride my bike And now I study, study and I do English tutorials all the time, study! Yesterday I played with Barbie dolls and Princess Snow-white But now all I do is studying!” Kallia Gika
  12. 12. “THE PAST AND THE PRESENT” “My teacher in the 1st school year was Mrs. Georgia, but this year we had Mrs. Vaso. School was easier and more fun in the 1st year. We had fewer subjects andthere were not many difficult exercises. This year we are studying more hours thanwe used to back then, but now it is better because this is our last year in the primary school and we are the oldest children in school.” Ilia Kourniali
  13. 13. “A PUPIL’S DIET”“A rich and balanced diet can help a pupil keep fit and healthy especially during the last year in primary school. For example, a pupil should eat vegetables liketomatoes and fruit like apples, oranges, bananas. Also, a pupil needs to eat eggs,rice and beans as well as cheese and bread. It is well known that “an apple a daykeeps the doctor away” so all pupils should eat well to have a strong and healthy body to study.” Vicky Marinou
  14. 14. “LOST OBJECT” “Last weekend, I suddenly noticed my book was missing while my dad and I weregoing to the supermarket. When we returned home, I was worried and looked for itall over the house. I finally found it under my bed while my mum was cooking, my brother was playing the guitar and grandpa was sleeping in his bedroom. I was thrilled to find my book.” Katerina Krokou
  15. 15. “INVENTORS/INVENTIONS” “Pierre and Marie Curie were a married couple and very good scientists.They discovered the radium and the polonium, two chemical elements. Theseelements derived from radiation and they used radiation to destroy volumes of cancer so medical experiments and therapies can nowadays use radiation.” Kalliopi Mihalopoulou
  16. 16. “A HOLLYWOOD MYTH” “Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were in prison. They wanted to escape soJennifer had an idea. She suggested they dig through the wall in their cell a tunnel to lead them outside the prison camp. The girls were digging during nights and hiding the rambles under their beds. Every morning they covered the tunnelopening with a bed-sheet so the guards couldn’t find it. One night they ran throught it and got out. The police dogs were running after them in the woods when Angelina lost Jennifer. Jennifer was hurt and couldn’t run as fast as she used to so the police spotted her and sent her back to her cell.” Irene Basha
  17. 17. “A DIARY ENTRY”“Last week the school visited the Attiko park. We saw many animals from around the world for the first time in our life. We took beautiful pictures of many of them and later we had a short break at the café. There we had a quick snack and drink ,relaxed and played on the grass. On the ride back to school we said jokes on the bus, took some more pictures and we were happy with all the strange and beautiful animals we had seen. I hope I go there again soon.” Aggelos Bitsos
  18. 18. “SCHOOL SIGNS” “These are some signs I suggest for my school area: -Don’t throw rubbish!(forthe playground )- Turn off the water taps!(next to the water taps) - Don’t write on the walls!(in the classrooms) - Don’t run!(for the school corridors and the playground) -Be careful with computers!(for the Technology room.” John Nikou
  19. 19. “FUTURE PLANS” “I am Panagiotis and in 25 years from now I will be working in a big foodcooperation. I will have my own fast blue car. I may have a family and we will bevery happy together. We will visit a lot of nice and far away places in the country. My house will be spacious and red and my family will have a comfortable life. Iwish for 2 boys and a girl. I can’t wait to take my boys to a football match and my girl to her gymnastics class.” Panagiotis Xinogalas
  20. 20. “DAILY PUPIL’S ROUTINE” “Pupils usually get up around 7.00am on schooldays. After a good breakfast theyget dressed and walk to school or go there by car or bus. School days in the primary school end around 13.15pm or 16.00pm the latest if a pupil stays at the all-dayschool. After lunch, pupils do their homework and watch TV. Some pupils have anEnglish class or other classes later so they are happy when they finish and get backto the neighborhood and play with their friends. Pupils sleep early after dinner and a quick revision.” Matina Papageorgiou
  21. 21. “CHOOSING A FUTURE CAREER”“We read a lot about how to choose a career based on our personal traits and skills. For example, a good farmer needs to love reading about vegetables and plants. A gardener should be patient and well organized to decide, grow and care for theproper in season vegetables or plants. Being a gardener is a hard work and needs a lot of physical work in the fields in the hot and sunny days but also when it is rainy and very cold.” Lila Papaharalambous
  22. 22. “LIFE IN THE PAST” “My neighborhood was a lot different 5 years ago. There were fewer houses and cars. There were more trees and the parks were bigger. The local market was smaller and there was more quiet. I was younger, shorter and had longer hair. I had fewer friends and used to play with Barbie dolls, but now I go out with my friends.I was afraid of the dark, was naughty at home and cried a lot. Now I am a serious and brave girl in the 6 th grade class.” Maria Pateroglou
  23. 23. “OUR CLASSROOM” “There are 18 pupils in the 6th grade 2011-2012. The classroom is big enough,sunny and warm with a blackboard on one side and another white interactive boardjust across it. There are 9 desks and eighteen chairs for the pupils in our classroom. Also, there are three big windows and there are three notice boards on the walls around for our projects and art.” Mariana Pantzopoulou
  24. 24. “CREATURE OR MONSTER” “Hulk is a huge green beast. He is ugly but very strong, as tall as a tree and hisbody is full of muscles. Hulk is friendly with people and he loves helping them. This year, Hulk is playing in a new 3D movie called “Avenger”. As a superhero, he is very very fast and he can run great distances at extreme speeds.” Nikos Tourtas
  25. 25. “FAVOURITE TYPE OF PLANE” “There are various types of airplanes as we read in our book. These are theSeaplane, the Concord and the Boeing 747, but the best of all is the Concord. I likethis plane because it has a very powerful engine and can fly at speeds 5 to 10 times the speed of sound as it orbits. Passengers can reach the furthest destinations in high speeds. I hope one day I will travel to a holiday destination with this plane.” Stella Sotou