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VA Workplace Violence


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  • Transcript

    • 1. VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE VA Police - Reno, NV Slideshow compiled by Officer Eric Alli Department of Veterans Affairs Indianapolis, Indiana
      • Examples of Workplace Violence
      • Review of incidents at VA Medical Centers
      • Terrorism (Domestic and International)
      • Personal Safety
      • Resources for further information
    • 3. What is Workplace Violence?
      • Physical Assaults
      • Sexual Assaults
      • Threats
      • Harassing Phone Calls
      • Intimidation
      • Violation of Protective Orders
      • Disorderly Conduct
      • Stalking
    • 4. Workplace Violence Facts
      • 70% of all workplace violence incidents do not get reported
      • Occupations most prone to violence are Police Officers, Mental Health Workers, Health Care Workers and Social Workers
      • There are 1.7 victims of workplace violence each year in the United States
      • Each week an average of 20 people are murdered and 18,000 are assaulted at work
    • 5. Workplace Violence Facts
      • Government employees have a higher rate of violence than private sector employees
      • Women are over 8 times more likely to be victims of Workplace Violence than men
      • Homicide is the second leading cause of workplace deaths
      • Homicide is the #1 cause of workplace death for women
    • 6. Prevention Strategies that Work
      • Metal Detectors installed in a Detroit Hospital prevented the entry of 33 handguns, 1,324 knives, and 97 mace-type sprays in 6 months
      • A system of restricting movement of visitors in a NYC hospital using identification badges and passes limiting visitors reduced violent crime by 65% in 18 months
    • 8. Salisbury, North Carolina August 3, 2000 6:00 PM
      • Local Sheriffs Department transports an 83 year old wheelchair bound patient on oxygen to the local emergency room for involuntary commitment order.
    • 9. Salisbury, North Carolina August 3, 2000 6:00 PM
      • As Emergency Room employees are examining the patient, the patient pulls out a hidden .22 caliber handgun and shoots 45 year old Dr. Charles Flynn in the chest at a distance of approximately 3 ½ feet.
      • The patient then shoots at fleeing employees without hitting his target. Other employees drag Flynn from the room.
    • 10. Salisbury, North Carolina August 3, 2000 6:00 PM
      • VA Police Officers Stephen Chandler and Timothy Nason exchange fire with the suspect. The suspect is shot in the head and dies in the Emergency Room. No other employees were injured.
    • 11. Salisbury, North Carolina August 3, 2000 6:00 PM
      • Flynn is immediately airlifted from the scene from a helicopter that was on the property to transport an unrelated patient.
      • Flynn survives the shooting.
    • 12. Buffalo, New York August 17, 2001 11:15 AM
      • Parking attendant stops 39 year old army veteran to prevent him from driving down the wrong way on a one-way street. Veteran shoots the attendant in the neck with a .22 rifle.
    • 13. Buffalo, New York August 17, 2001 11:15 AM
      • Veteran Proceeds into the Medical Center. VA Volunteer wrestles with the suspect and is shot in the hand. Volunteer is then stabbed twice with a large knife.
      • Suspect then fires several rounds in the atrium, pharmacy and E.R. A File Clerk is then stabbed in the chest.
    • 14. Buffalo, New York August 17, 2001 11:15 AM
      • The suspect fled the scene and was arrested by the F.B.I. at his residence. All the victims survived.
      • VA Police Officers received their firearms the next day.
    • 15. Temple, Texas October 7, 2001 11:00 AM
      • 73 year old patient enters a domiciliary with a 9mm handgun and shoots three people. 2 patients dead, one injured
    • 16. San Juan, Puerto Rico April 24, 2002 7:15 PM
      • VA Police Officer Jose Rodriguez-Reyes is working an outdoor gate to the facility. He is jumped by two men from behind, who attempt to take away his weapon.
    • 17. San Juan, Puerto Rico April 24, 2002 7:15 PM
      • Witnesses heard four shots. Officer Rodriguez-Reyes is found dead, shot in the head. He is the first armed Officer to die in the line of duty.
    • 18. Murfreesboro, Tennessee October 7, 2003 7:30 AM
      • EMS employee on administrative leave enters the VA with a shotgun, .38 caliber handgun and a .30-06 rifle. He shoots at a Human Resources employee hiding under a desk. Suspect then shot at a vacant office.
    • 19. Murfreesboro, Tennessee October 7, 2003 7:30 AM
      • After exiting the facility the suspect exchanged gunfire with VA Police Officers. The suspect then laid his weapon down and surrendered to VA Police. There were no injuries.
    • 20. Amarillo, Texas November 13, 2003 8:30 AM
      • 42 year old psych patient opens fire on the outside the Emergency Room with a .22 rifle begging for the police to shoot him.
    • 21. Amarillo, Texas November 13, 2003 8:30 AM
      • VA Police Officers respond and disarm the suspect without any injuries to the suspect or others. The suspect was committed into the psych unit for medical treatment.
    • 22. Dayton, Ohio March 31, 2004 07:10 AM
      • 37 year old male patient enters the Emergency Room complaining of a headache. Nurse gives the patient directions to a clinic.
    • 23. Dayton, Ohio March 31, 2004 07:10 AM
      • Patient pulls out a gun and holds the nurse hostage. VA Police respond and order the suspect to drop the gun. Patient refuses and is shot by Police.
    • 24. Dayton, Ohio March 31, 2004 07:10 AM
      • Patient survives the shooting. Nurse receives minor injuries during the incident.
    • 25. Jackson, Mississippi May 12, 2004 11:55 AM
      • VA Police shoot at car thieves who attempt to run them over. Suspect survives and is charged with Attempted Murder of a Police Officer
    • 26. Fayetteville, N Carolina December 12, 2005 8:15 PM
      • VA Employee Arthur James Charland, (Pharmacy Technician) enters the VA Medical Center with a 12 gauge shotgun. He shot fellow employee Linda Levington at a close distance, killing her instantly.
    • 27. Fayetteville, N Carolina December 12, 2005 8:15 PM
      • Charland then turns himself into VA Police Officers and admitted what he did. He walks back to show Officers the victims body.
    • 28. Other VA Incidents October 28, 2002
      • Student Nurse at a VA returns to the University of Arizona, shoots and kills three of his professors for giving him bad grades
    • 29. Other VA Incidents
      • 1995 – VA Nurse Kristen Gilbert is convicted of killing four patients, and attempting to kill 3 others.
      • 1997 – 48 year old patient shoots and kills Dr. Ralph Carter at the Jackson, MS VAMC before turning the gun on himself
      • 2000 – Dr. Michael Swango is convicted of murdering three of his patients at the VA in Long Island, New York
    • 30. Other VA Incidents
      • 2001 – Veteran enters VA regional office in Atlanta, GA and holds a shotgun under his chin for several hours before surrendering
      • 2001 – Armed suspects hold VA Pharmacy employees hostage while committing a robbery in Boston, MA
      • 2005 – VA Researcher convicted in the negligent homicide of a patient in Albany, New York
    • 31. VA Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
      • Police Officer Marvin C. Bland    VA Police – Massachusetts
      •    End of Watch: Friday, September 6, 1985    Cause of Death: Automobile accident
      • Police Officer Mark S. Decker    United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police, US (Ohio)    End of Watch: Friday, January 31, 1986    Cause of Death: Gunfire
      • Police Officer Leonard B. Wilcox    United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police, US (Ohio)    End of Watch: Friday, January 31, 1986    Cause of Death: Gunfire
    • 32. VA Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
      • Police Officer Ronald Hearn    US Department of Veterans Affairs Police, US (New York)    End of Watch: Monday, January 25, 1988    Cause of Death: Gunfire
      • Patrol Officer Garry Ross
      • End of Watch: Monday, December 24, 1990 Cause of Death: Heart attack
      • Police Officer Horst Harold Woods End of Watch: Tuesday, January 9, 1996 Cause of Death: Gunfire
      • Police Officer Jose Oscar Rodriguez-Reyes End of Watch: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 Cause of Death: Gunfire
    • 33. Preventing Workplace Violence
      • Notify the V.A. Police if you are the petitioner or respondent in a restraining order
      • Report any usual behaviors by your co-workers to your supervisor or the V.A. Police
      • Don’t ignore minor incidents of violence. Minor incidents lead to major incidents.
      • Use code words if necessary to indicate potential violence to your co-worker
      • WORK AS A TEAM!
    • 34. Personal Safety – At Work
      • Keep Your Personal Property Locked
      • Do not keep your purse in your desk drawer
      • Don’t leave valuables in plain view to ‘invite’ a thief
      • Lock your office, even if you are gone for a short period of time
      • Keep personal property secured, even if you are in your work area
    • 35. Personal Safety – At Work
      • Call the VA Police if you are working in the building outside your normal work area. If an emergency occurs, we will know where to locate you
      • Veterans Affairs Police Officers will provide you an escort to your vehicle, anytime you feel your safety is at risk!
    • 36. Personal Safety – On the Street
      • Stay in well lit areas
      • Avoid walking in known trouble spots
      • Carry only what you need
      • Avoid carrying your purse
      • If you believe you are being followed, do not walk home. Try to stay in a public area
      • When approaching your vehicle have your keys ready
      • Carry a whistle
    • 37. Personal Safety – At Home
      • Always keep your doors and windows locked
      • Repairmen should never be let in unexpectedly. Always verify identity
      • Keep exterior of house clear from shrubs and brush blocking windows
      • Never give out any information over the telephone
      • Participate in a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program
    • 38. Personal Safety – Your Car
      • Always be alert!!!
      • Keep your car in good working condition
      • Keep your windows up and doors locked
      • Keep your cell phone ready and charged
      • Try to travel in well populated areas
      • If you feel you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station
      • Don’t leave valuables in plain view
    • 39. Prohibited Items / Activities
      • Firearms / Ammunition
      • Knives (blades over 3” in length)
      • Mace / OC (Pepper Spray)
      • Brass Knuckles / Other Weapons
      • Alcohol
      • Unauthorized Photography
    • 40. Contacting VA Police - Reno
      • EMERGENCIES Ext. 7777
      • Ext. 1234 Non-Emergency Calls
      • External Line (775) 328-1234
      • The VA Police Office is located in the hallway near the Outpatient Pharmacy (next to SPD) Room GD136
    • 41. TERRORISM “It is the duty for every Muslim to kill Americans, civilian and military, who can do it in any country” – Osama Bin Laden
    • 42. Terrorism
      • F.B.I Records from 1980 until 1999:
      • 272 terrorist incidents on U.S. Soil
      • 55 suspected terrorist incidents
      • 130 terrorist preventions
      • 2001 there were 348 attacks, 4,655 dead
    • 43. Terrorism Tactics
      • Biological Attacks (Smallpox, Anthrax)
      • Chemical Attacks (VX Nerve Agent)
      • Radiological Attacks (dirty bombs)
      • IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
      • Kidnappings / Murder (Conventional)
      • Hijackings
      • Cyber-terrorism
      • Threats of any of the above
    • 44. Terrorism in the U.S. September 6, 1901
      • First terrorist act of the 1900’s was the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901 by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist.
    • 45. Terrorism in the U.S. August 24, 1970
      • In a protest of the Vietnam War, a car bomb explodes outside Sterling Hall at University of Wisconsin. One dead, one injured
    • 46. Terrorism in the U.S. December 29, 1975
      • Bomb detonated at TWA Terminal in LaGuardia Airport. 11 Dead. Case remains unsolved. International terrorist are suspected.
    • 47. Terrorism in the U.S. June 3, 1980
      • Bomb explodes at the Statue of Liberty causing $18,000 damage. No injuries Case remains unsolved.
    • 48. Terrorism in the U.S. February 26, 1993
      • World Trade Center hit with a car bomb. Six people killed, over 1,000 injured. Al-Qaeda terrorists take claim to the attack.
    • 49. Terrorism in the U.S. February 23, 1997
      • Palestinian gunman opens fire at the observation deck of the Empire State Building killing 1, wounding 6
    • 50. Terrorism in the U.S. September 11, 2001 Attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., over 3000 dead
    • 52. Bay Ridge, NY September 23, 2001
      • Two terrorist suspects arrested at the VA Medical Center in Bay Ridge, NY by VA Police and FBI agents
    • 53. Bay Ridge, NY September 23, 2001
      • Suspects were found in possession of fake passports, VAMC floor plans and other material inside the parking garage
    • 54. Washington D.C. VAMC October 25, 2001
      • Anthrax found at the VA Medical Center in Washington D.C. Five employees placed on precautionary antibiotics.
    • 55. Albuquerque , New Mexico April 1, 2004 09:40 AM
      • Manuel Medina, arrested for planning to blow up the VA Hospital after his failed attempt at blowing up the Federal Building downtown with over 1 lb. of explosives in his vehicle
    • 56. Salt Lake City, Utah May 20, 2004 3:50 PM
      • Veteran upset with his treatment makes an small bomb out of fireworks and shrapnel.
      • Approx. 100 patients evacuated. Device is disarmed by local Bomb Squad. Patient was arrested by VA Police and the F.B.I.
    • 57. Seattle, Washington August 22, 2005
      • Federal Agents arrest Veteran Charles Whitaker for planning to blow up the VA Regional Office in Seattle, Washington.
    • 58. Seattle, Washington August 22, 2005
      • Agents found guns and manuals for bomb making and booby traps after raiding his apartment. Criminal trial is pending.
    • 60. Al-Qaeda
      • Al-Qaeda “The Base”, lead by Osama Bin Laden has the goal of killing US Military and Citizens anywhere in the world
    • 61. Al-Qaeda Attacks against the U.S.
      • November 13, 1995 bombing of US Military complex in Riyadh (7 Dead)
      • June 25, 1996 car bomb explodes outside of Khobar Towers Military Complex in Saudi Arabia (19 dead)
      • August 7, 1998 car bombs in Kenya and Tanzania (224 dead)
      • Bombing of U.S.S. Cole (17 dead)
      • September 11 th attacks around US (2985 dead)
      Khobar Towers
    • 62. Hezbollah
      • Hezbollah, has the goal liberating Lebanon from Israel. Opposes administration of Arafat in Palestine.
    • 63. Hezbollah Attacks against U.S.
      • April 18, 1983 bombing, US Embassy in Beirut (63 dead)
      • October 23, 1983 bombing US Marine barracks in Beirut, (299 dead)
      • April 12, 1984 bombing of restaurant near USAF base in Torrejon, Spain (18 dead)
      • September 20, 1984 bomb attack, US Embassy in Beirut (23 dead)
      • November 20, 1984 bombing of US Embassy again in Beirut (24 dead)
    • 64. Hezbollah Attacks against U.S.
      • July 14, 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 killing US Navy diver Robert Stetham
      • February 17, 1988 kidnapping and execution of Lt. Col. William Higgens
      • Also involved in kidnapping of Terry Anderson
      • Kidnapping and the execution of Col. William Buckley
      • Involved in the bombing attack of military complex at Khobar Towers
    • 65. Hamas
      • Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) based out of Palestine and opposes any peace movement between the US, Israel and the Middle East.
    • 66.
    • 67. Unsuccessful Terrorist Attacks
      • Millennium plot to bomb L.A. International
      • Plot to bomb NYC Subways
      • Plan to blow up 13 U.S. airliners
      • Assassination of President George Bush
      • Richard Reid “Shoe Bomber” plot to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic Ocean
      • Nuradin Abdi plotted to blow up an Ohio shopping mall in Ohio for Al-Qaeda
    • 69. Domestic Terrorism
      • Oklahoma City Bombing was the largest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. History
    • 70. Domestic Terrorism
      • 168 people were killed along with 19 children. 842 injuries were reported, 50% were from flying glass
    • 71. Domestic Terrorism
      • Timothy McVeigh once sought treatment at a VA facility but was denied because he didn’t want to use his real name
    • 72. Domestic Terrorism
      • Eric Robert Rudolph, Olympic Park bomber, bombed a nightclub, abortion clinic Killed 2 injured 150
    • 73. Domestic Terrorism
      • Theodore Kaczynski “Unabomber” , killed 3, wounded 29 over a period of 18 years
    • 74. Earth Liberation Front
      • Unknown number of members, no centralized office location
      • $100+ Million Dollars damage since 2000
      • Claimed responsibility of arson in Bloomington in 2000 and 2002
      • Suspected in damage to Wal-Mart in Martinsville, Indiana under construction
    • 75. Earth Liberation Front
    • 76. Earth Liberation Front
    • 77. Earth Liberation Front
    • 78. Earth Liberation Front
    • 79. Animal Liberation Front
      • Unknown number of members, no centralized office location
      • Against all animal testing including for medical purposes
      • Claimed responsibility of 2002 arson of Bloomington Poultry Farm Truck
      • At the end of the 90’s, they were responsible for $3 million damage to Medical Research Facilities, $500,000 at a VA Facility in AZ
    • 80. Animal Liberation Front
    • 81. Animal Liberation Front
    • 82. Animal Liberation Front
      • Identify potential targets in your area
      • Know your escape route and practice it often
      • Know your best chances on surviving an armed encounter
      • Surviving a Hostage Situation
      • Bomb Threats / Finding a Bomb
      • Surviving in a collapsed building
      • Familiarize yourself with all stairways in your area, use them on a regular basis
      • Use more than one way to leave your work area (combination of hallways and stairs)
      • If possible set up your office for quick escape route
      • Know your emergency numbers
      • Moving targets are more difficult to hit than stationary. Run in a zig-zag pattern
      • Use of cover and concealment in a shooting
      • Mental Survival after the incident (seeking professional assistance)
      • First few moments are most critical. Remain calm and do not speak unless absolutely necessary
      • Do not attempt to escape unless death is imminent and there is a good chance your escape plan will work
      • Try to stay low to the ground and avoid sudden movements
      • Memorize physical traits of your captors
      • Do not complain. Avoid being belligerent
    • 89. Finding a Bomb
      • Bombs can be manufactured in any way, shape or form. They can also be detonated by any means, such as by remote, motion, light wires, timers etc.
    • 90. DON’T TOUCH A BOMB!
    • 91. Finding a Suspected Bomb (VA Policy 07B-07)
      • Do not touch anything, leave everything how you find it (lights, doors, etc)
      • Call VA Police Emergency at 7777
      • Assign an employee to prevent anyone from touching or moving the object
      • Question area occupants for ownership
      • If you’re not trapped get out as soon as possible and remain calm. Stay low to avoid breathing smoke or fumes
      • Stay in your area so you don’t kick up dust. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth
      • Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can hear you. Do not scream or yell as you may inhale toxic dust
      • ARTI recommends not hiding under a desk as most recent studies conclude most victims are crushed underneath their desks
      • ARTI also suggests not staying in your vehicle. They recommend immediately outside of your vehicle in a ‘void’ area
    • 95. Domestic Terrorist and Anti-Government Websites
      • - Opposition of psychiatric care
      • - Anti Social Workers website
      • - Indiana Militia
      • - Anarchist and Activist News
      • - Police Officer Directory
      • - “ Pushing the limits of free speech”
      • – “Constitutionalist” candidate site
      • - Anti-Government Website
    • 96. International Terrorist Sites
      • - Official Hamas Site
      • - Official Hezbollah Site
      • - Jihad site for Afghanistan, Chechnya and Palestine
      • - features a 30 minute recruiting video from Bin Laden
      • - Postings of statements and readings from Bin Laden
      • - featured quotations from bin Laden and religious legal rulings justifying the attacks of 9/11 and other assaults on the United States and Israel
    • 97. Internet Sources for VA Employees
      • - Semi annual reports from the VA Office of Inspector General includes crime at VA’s
      • - Online Publications of terrorist reports and other resources
      • - Independent institute dedicated to the research and prevention of terrorist acts
      • - U.S. Department of Homeland Security
      • - U.S. State Department
      • - Center for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
    • 98. Publications from VA Police (available by e-mail in .pdf format) [email_address]
      • Global Patterns of Terrorism, released April 2004 (US State Department)
      • Responding to a Biological or Chemical Attack (Bureau of Diplomatic Security)
      • OSHA Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care & Social Service Workers
      • OSHA Workplace Violence Fact Sheet
      • VA OIG Semi-Annual Report to Congress
      • Violence – Occupational Hazards in Hospitals (Center for Disease Control)
    • 99. Questions ?