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  • 1. Fear
  • 2. Innumerable person have failed or not succeeded in life because of fear Susan jeffer
  • 3. What is fear? • Fear is the result of endless desires, when the desire are not fulfilled people worry & fear. • Fear is felt by almost everyone from time to time, but one must know how to deal with it. • Fear paralyzes us that too when we need to take action.
  • 4. Basic obstacles of fear Fear & worry • Lack of confidence • Lack of persistence • Failure to take action •
  • 5. Fear & worry
  • 6. Lack of confidence
  • 7. Lack of persistence
  • 8. Failure to take action
  • 9. We cannot except a fearful person to do better jobs or responsible jobs
  • 10. Positive think can kill the fear
  • 11. Great men & women have no fear
  • 12. There are people who fear for every things
  • 13. If an employee has fear of his boss he cannot work well
  • 14. If a hunter fears to move in forest how can he hunt animals?
  • 15. Some people fear because they retire from service
  • 16. Some people fear because of accidents and naturals calamities
  • 17. Business men fear that they may have to face loss in business
  • 18. Job hunters fear of attending interviews
  • 19. What are the causes of fear? Anxiety • Nervousness • Worry • phobias •
  • 20. Fear can destroy one’s potential and ability . One who has fear cannot think. straight
  • 21. Symptoms of fear Tense muscles • A dry mouth • Pounding heart • Fast and slow breathing • Disturbed speech •
  • 22. Disturbed speech
  • 23. Fast and slow breathing
  • 24. Pounding heart
  • 25. Tense muscles
  • 26. A dry mouth
  • 27. How to over come fear? • Remember , the whole universe including our life is governed by some divine laws. • Think positively • Fear of things is dangerous but not the things • Avoid fear. Identify things with which you fear. • HAVE TRUST IN YOURSELF. • Don't have inferiority complex which may lead to fear. • Think to elevate you mind, but not depress,(control your mind so that you can control fear ) • Faith is a powerful force to dissolve fear. • Have firm belief in God.
  • 28. Exercise to over come fear • Take control of your body • Inhale slowly but deeply
  • 29. Two ways to overcome fear • Questions yourself. • Get yourself involved in the activities with which your fear.
  • 30. Questions yourself. Why should fear? let see what will happen. Stick to this attitude
  • 31. Get yourself involved in the activities with which your fear.
  • 32. How can a mother give birth to her child if she has fear of the pain during delivery?
  • 33. Fear is coward. It only attacks when you are weak and confused
  • 34. Chef.Bharathan