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Business support services - Business process outsourcing
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Business support services - Business process outsourcing


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Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Are you looking to setup shop in Nigeria? Do you require first hand information on the Nigerian business terrain...then look no further than Fosad Consulting Ltd. We are a professional business support services firm with a track record in supporting high performing businesses..
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  • 2. Outline2  About Us  Business Support Services  Our Offerings  How We Add Value To Your Business  Conclusion © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 3. Outline3  About Us © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 4. About Us4  Fosad Consulting Ltd is a business support  We assist clients define/revalidate services firm with offerings in Human their business strategy, design, Resource Services, Immigration Consulting , optimize/improve business processes, Learning & Development and Leasing of and strategically position them for Virtual & Serviced Office success  We leverage our expertise and strategic  Our strategy focus is on enabling alliances to support businesses with their clients deliver continuing value to non-core business tasks stakeholders  Our proposition is based on a deep understanding of drivers of high performing businesses and required business solutions that supports it © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 5. Core Values (E. Q. U. I. P3 Value System)5 Excellence Quality Service Integrity People Partnership Professionalism © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 6. Outline6  Business Support Services © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 7. Business Support Services... Rationale7  Realities of government policies, new players and industry reforms pose new challenges to reach consumers  Old, conventional business methodologies and worn out frames are not working anymore…..  Bottom-line, businesses must deliver superior results while ‘wowing’ customers  Companies require solutions which ensure non-core business tasks are expertly handled in order to focus on core business tasks © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 8. Outline8  Our Offerings © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 9. Human Resource Services(HRS)9  HR Outsourcing/Contract Staffing  Contract staffing supplies skilled personnel for short or long term projects/jobs  Organizational and people deployment, employee data management, workforce planning and deployment and human capital services, etc  Human Resource Consulting  Compensation/salary surveys (including analysis)  Gap analysis, Change management, Restructuring etc.  Recruitment  Manpower planning, Search & Selection processes, Due Diligence  Payroll Management  Salaries and Benefits Processing. Statutory remittances  Expatriate Payroll Cycle Management © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 10. Expatriate & Allied Services10  Immigration Consulting  Look & See – Guided tours  Expatriate Quota positions  Best buys, Schools  Temporary Work Permits (TWP); Subject To  Places to avoid (Security risks) Regularization (STR)  Familiarity with terrain –  Combined Expatriate Residence Permit & State briefing Alien Card (CERPAC)  Best areas to set-up an live in  Single/Multiple Re-entry Visa (SRV/MRV)  Advisory Services  Logistics & Expediting Services  Business Incorporation  Immigration Fast – Expediting through Airport Checkpoints  Office Set-up/Relocation  Airport Shuttle (Pickup & Drop-off)  Ancillary Services © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 11. Learning & Development – Training11  In-plant Training  Retreat  Get the best and optimal performance out of your staff through our bespoke training  Facilitate management and courses that would enhance team based retreats in various areas  Efficiency and professionalism  Morale and Motivation among employees  Innovations in strategy and work style  Fosad Training Centre  Customized trainings to enhance  Option to lease training  Organization-specific courses designed to centre complete with state meet training and development requirements of the art training facilities and budget  Open subscription Courses  Creates the platform to network and share experiences with business men and women © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 12. Virtual/Serviced Office Services12  Ideal for business startups that desire to test the turbulent business terrain before signing a lease for an office space  High-tech office environment with a full range of professionally supported office services  Meeting rooms with audio-visual presentation aids and corporate catering at your disposal  Prestigious Mailing Address for your letter heads and business cards  Maximum Flexibility and Great Cost Savings!  Backroom staff to manage your phone answering, message handling and mail forwarding whilst you concentrate on growing your business. © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 13. Outline13  How We Add Value To Your Business © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 14. Why Fosad Consulting Ltd.14  We have done this before - deliver tangible results for clients  Currently, several high performing businesses use our services  We understand the rationale for supporting businesses with non-core business tasks  We know how to address these challenges (we have done same for several clients)  We have done same for over 13 years  We bring deep skills in business support services  We execute at pace, working within your proposed programme structure  Start immediately approval is gotten  We will work effectively with you and your team © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 15. 15 Selected Client Job References Include: © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 16. Clients – NIGERIA Liquefied natural gas (NLNG) - HR Outsourcing/Contract Staffing16 o Fosad worked with Nigeria LNG on selecting administrative staff whose primary role would be to manage the administrative responsibilities of its senior execs. Client & Business Challenge Solution o Sourcing administrative skills to enable it manage wider o Developed and documented procedures for managing staff absences administrative responsibilities of its senior executives o Sourced and managed a database of administrative skills to manage o Managing staff absences, performance, disciplinary and other permanent and temporary employee issues o Search and selection for senior personnel o Provided training support for specific categories of staff o Complete control of payroll functions Benefits o Effective management of staff absences without minimized productivity loss o Readily available skills base – offering less than 2 days lead-time in sourcing replacement staff o Increased focus on senior personnel (fewer numbers) o Less time spent focusing on payroll management o Retained knowledge on payroll issues © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 17. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (BAT) – Immigration Services17 o Fosad has worked with British American Tobacco (BAT) in providing expedited immigration solutions to ensure that its employees enjoy a hassle free stay within the country Client & Business Challenge Solution o Set up system for monitoring expatriate immigration documents to o BAT needed to transfer knowledge to improve its service delivery. achieve: Dozens of expatriate employees were brought into the country with – Increasing quota positions as required several more in the pipeline – Timely renewals o Required increase in quota positions, efficient management of immigration issues including interfacing with the requisite – Document processing with Nigerian Immigration Service/ government agencies and effective travel interview and exit from Federal Ministry of Interior the country – Managing timeline delivery Benefits o Service delivery with unparalleled turnaround time o Complete concentration on core business o Hassle free visa and document processing o Fewer problems managing quota positions © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 18. Limited ReferencesBusiness Support Services
  • 19. Outline19  Conclusion © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 20. 20  For over 13 years, we have delivered hands-on support solutions to over 100 organizations from different sectors of the economy – thats a lot of satisfied shareholders/stakeholders ready and able to make themselves more successful and their organizations more profitable!  We want the same for you as well…… Ask us for a complimentary consultation Call – 01-7358675, 2770853-4 Or visit – © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012
  • 21. Contact Us21  Lagos Office: 2nd Floor, No 8 Apartment Rasheed Alaba Williams Street Off Admiralty Road Lekki Phase 1  Abuja Office: Suit 35, Melita Plaza Off Gimbiya Street Area 2, Garki 2 © Fosad Consulting Limited 2012